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Agent Vinod

The slickest spy movie to come out of Bollywood..
I am compelled to write a review for this movie seeing how the critics have written off the movie, as well as most of the reviewers on this site. I am usually very critical of Bollywood movies and yes, Agent Vinod is not a movie without its faults, but its a damn good effort in the right direction.

First, the negatives: a. Some scenes are too long, could have been edited better b. Kareena's character is not developed enough c. The underlying story about the world's richest and most influential businessman-nexus is not fully-developed either, its just a concept that is brought out in the end..

Now for the positives: a. The movie starts rolling from the word go, and highly-stylized opening credits set the stage for the rest of the movie.. b. Saif looks and plays the part to a tee, he is a spy who is charismatic, wears his clothes well, fights well, has his flaws and can be a smart-ass with a subtle sense of humor (which is Saif's trait).. c. The locations and how the story keeps shifting is very well done... d. The fight scene with the Tamilian in Sri Lanka and in Morocco..and how the scene jumps back and forth between the location - brilliant.. e. The Ratba soundtrack on an intense fight scene with a long shot, no edits the camera seamlessly flowing around the motel - fantastic. f. Great soundtrack..and the video with the end credits is the cherry on the cake..

This movie has everything you want: glamor, action, good background score, great soundtrack, an actor who plays the role convincingly - unlike another Khan we know whose wet dream this movie must be now...

Its not perfect, but it is a damn good effort, and really sets the standards for future action/spy thrillers. Even mission impossible has its share of faults and loopholes...

PS: I saw this movie another time, after reading so many negative reviews on this site, and I still stick to my review above...

The difference between this and Don, is that Saif manages to carry it off well and look convincing in the role. I think the sequel should be where Agent Vinod is put on a mission to capture Don!! I would pay bucks to watch Saif beat the crap out of SRK...


Disclaimer: OK I have to admit I am not a big fan of Shah Rukh Khan, no wait, take 'big' out..OK take fan out as well...I used to like him during Fauji/Circus days and then for the first couple of movies, till he joined the Yash clan and went that lover boy route. There were moments of brilliance from him in the form of Swades, Paheli and Chak de but that required a very strict director at the helm to keep the Khan in control. Which brings me to RApe.One which truly is a rape of all senses!!

Let me start off with the good points: a. There IS a story - structured thorough storyline. b. Technically it is good, not brilliant, but good. c. Arjun Rampal as the Ra.One does add some style to the movie, he does what he can with the script given, with mostly an angry constipated look.

Now for the bad points: a. Shah Rukh Khan - he can just about pull off the lover boy roles, you know the ones where he runs out from a castle, which is his house in UK, lands on his knees, pushes out his chest and arms in the air..and then does that look with his eyes, like he is trying to hypnotize a pigeon to land on his head. Why would anyone let him play a Tamilian character? The accent is atrocious but what I find the most obscene and offending part is in a scene where he is eating noodles with yoghurt using his fingers - really? Is the kind of cinema we can expect from Bollywood in 2011, and that too from someone who is supposedly the King of Bollywood?

b. Anubhav Sinha - a bad choice for a director who, to be fair, has not had the best run at the box office so far. This movie required a director who would keep the Khan in check, and totally under control and now allow him to exercise any of the pathetic expressions or over-acting that is allowed in his other movies. Furthermore, this movie required tight editing, remove all the fluff and scenes like wanting to know what karva chauth is and there is a movie in there somewhere but in the process the viewer is left feeling no connection with any of the characters, style takes over substance and the story is G(.)ONE.

c. Background score - Most of the time I felt the background music was from the 70s, loud and screechy. Every time G.One appears on the screen, there is a loud shouting noise sounding something like 'eeerraaaaa', this gets repeated so many times that towards the end of the movie you are secretly hoping for to look towards the camera and shoot a fireball at the crew.

d. Story - I did there is a story in there somewhere. Unfortunately it is surrounded by so much of that Bollywood fluff that the whole movie turns into a very expensive joke. Sample some of these: 1. Shah Rukh Khan is shown to be a Hindu Tamilian, but when he dies, he get a Christian burial with everyone dressed in black..CLASS!! 2. In the beginning of the movie, the scene is set in London for a conference on 'some-nonsense' to a mixed group of individuals from different parts of the Hindi!! 3. The whole movie sits on the foundation of a video game that is designed by Khan to take action to the next level - this video game which has been funded by a huge conglomerate has only two characters and three levels..whatay beauty!! 4. Ra.One can take any bodily form, yet when he is broken upto into pieces and needs a body, he decides to take arjun rampal's shape from a poster of a perfume, but not an actual guy who came to put up that poster.. You get the idea, watching this movie is like watching a brainless David Dhawan comedy, don't even try to make sense of it

e. CGI - the CGI is not great, but good. But because they had the budget, they tried to do everything in one movie. The speeding train - SPEED, Shah Rukh Khan landing on the ground holding Kareena - Batman, the train crashing out of Mumbai central - any US disaster movie, the blue HART thingy in the chest - hello major Iron Man rip-off, the whole train sequence - inspired from Robot and the list goes on and on..

It truly is a shame that a movie that has taken so long to make with a budget of 175 crores really fails to stay with you once you leave the theatres. This could have been the right opportunity to present what Bollywood is really capable of when it really puts it mind, effort and talent behind it..if anything this movie is a lesson for future film-makers in how NOT to spend your money and if you are going to make a serious movie, do it by avoiding stereo-typing (which is so 80s) regional or sexual differences, by taking a serious actor who can become the character completely (aka Aamir) and with a director who has the balls to stand by his vision and not be led by a narcissistic actor.

Word for advice for Shah Rukh: your days are numbered, stick to dancing at weddings - no one will judge you for that, you still make a buck and spare us the torture.

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