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Billa 2

Billa 2 Fails to Satisfy the Expectation
The movie moves at a painstakingly slow pace that you might fall asleep in a while. It is a bad bad sign for a film with such an iconic character. It is a blunder to say the past or history of Don Billa in an uninteresting manner. The film is technically sound and also stylish at times.Content is too weak that those plus points couldn't lift the movie up. Except for Ajith's stellar performance even Tamil audience doesn't have much to cheer.David Billa might appeal to audience who like to watch slow action dramas. There are so many Gangster dramas in Hollywood and this film follows the same suit. Ajith is the saving grace for this slow paced flick.

Billa 2 however doesn't capitalize on all these plus points. Chakri Toleti's screenplay turns the hero into the formulaic figure of the '60s, where he's a demi-god and pretty much no one can touch him. The only difference is that here, Billa is supposedly a villain.Billa 2 is stylishly shot, and Ajith carries the film on his shoulders, but that's all there is to it. When it comes to screenplay, logical plots and characterization, it fails to meet expectations.


Velayudham - Mass Entertainer
Vijay is back to what he does best; mass entertainers, and what better time to unveil a mass entertainer than Diwali. With the music already a rage, the excitement was palpable as fans headed in droves to theatres on the festival of lights.

Raja has done a fine job of mixing all the elements that go towards making a mass hero film, though he has lost the balance a bit in the last hour. His adeptness at placing comedy, romance, sentiment and the mandatory 5 songs into a script that has an alter-ego(istic) superhero should be commended. Nothing looks out of place, as we enjoy Santhanam's wisecracks, Vijay's dances and the brother-sister sequences. It is a while since we have seen Vijay excel in an emotionally heavy scene, Raja gets it out of the actor, in Velayudham. Also, placing 5 songs in a movie with none of them sticking out like a sore thumb is quite an achievement; though we should say that Vijay's presence is a major factor in ensuring this.

Everyone in front of the camera has done a fine job. Vijay is sprightly, energetic and every bit the way we love to see him. He has experimented a bit with his look in the songs and they have come out well. Hansika is there in many scenes, but for most parts is a silent spectator, being called upon once in a while, mostly for glamour. She does not look out of place as a village girl, but the makers' claim that she would remind us of Khushboo is an overstatement. Genelia gets quite a significant part and looks convincing. A laugh is guaranteed every time Santhanam is on screen. Saranya Mohan too deserves a round of applause for being good enough to make the audience feel the depth of the siblings' bond.

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