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Transformers: Dark of the Moon

I felt my intelligence being sucked away
Wow! It is truly amazing what special effects can create and how far technology has come... That is the only positive aspect of this movie. It feels like the script was literally wrote by a second grader. The acting was passable, however what each actor had to work with was utter rubbish. The A D D generation is very much alive and kicking and now have entire franchises focused toward them. I'm going to resist placing the blame for this waste of 2+ hours on anyone person, because I know $$ talks in this industry. It is time Hollywood stops trying to see what they can do and start thinking about if they should... Clearly they should have not in this case. Very poor movie.

The Walking Dead

Fantastic Surprise of a show!
Caught the premier Halloween night was very impressed with the quality of the show. Great acting and great gore (for TV). Haven't seen so many headshots before on television. Being based on a Comic I was a bit nervous going in, but my fears were put to rest about 5 minutes in. The premier starts out like "28 Days Later", but quickly goes off on its own story. I would also like to add that the premise for "28 day" was taken from this comic originally. I would highly recommend this show to anyone looking for great late night horror and gore. I hope the rest of the series stays at this high level consistently. I can see a high turn over rate for the stars of the show, (don't see anyone staying alive very long).I will be tuning in everyweek now. A+


Wonderful fun!
Loved every minute of this movie. Was it Oscar material? NO! However, it was entertaining and fun to watch from start to finish. The characters are pretty thin and not much story develops outside of just staying alive. Royce is the "cool" guy in the squad and all the best lines come from him. Although the Topher Grace and the "death row" inmate have some classic lines also. I just want to add how nice it was to see the Predators doing what they to best again. No more Alien hunting. This is a true follow-up to the original and everything is kept very simple. Shoot a lot of bullets, miss every time and get killed in a horrible way. Perfect!

Battlestar Galactica: Razor

Now that's good television!
Watched the movie last night was very entertained throughout. The space battles were the best I've seen on television to this date, and ranks in the top 5 for movies as well. The acting was top notch and it was very refreshing to see the "vintage" cylons and ships again. You won't see to many familiar faces here though. Adama / Apollo / and some Starbuck, is about it. Others make very brief cameos and the actor that plays a young Captain Adama is a dead ringer. The only fault I could find is the length of the movie. 2 hours was short and should have explored more of the young Adama story for everyone that did not catch the four or five two minute shorts that lead into the movie. It's funny to me that so many people are turned off by this show because of it's dark and humorless atmosphere. Sometimes it hard to watch a show about the true nature of humanity and our shortcomings as a society. This show has been true to itself throughout and continues to set a higher standard for television. Kudos to the team and gets me excited as hell for the season 4. Rumored as the last season and ties everything together. Who will be the finale Cylon!


Now we are rolling!!!
Fresh new series! Not CSI or Law and Order Clone (finally). I watched the two hour premier and was nicely surprised. Then the next two episode really took off. The show kinda spins it's tires (forgive the pun) and then really hits you with a shocking scene or plot twist. Episode 4's car crash really catches you off guard. It should also be noted that this series has two main characters and a bunch of supporting actors. the two main ones being Nathan Fillion and his Dodge Challenger. Everyone else is just there to take up time and support the afore mentioned main characters. Very nicely down new series. I'll be tuning in weekly!

Ultimate Avengers

Lets be honest!!!
OK, I've watched it now 3 times...with my kid. I have to admit it's a guilt pleasure. Especially being a huge Avengers and all around Marvel fan in my early days. But lets be honest here. The movie starts on a sub-par note. I was actually a little worried after the 1st 15 minutes that this is just going to be another cheesy comic turned animation movie for the the kids. But then...WOW! The last 20 minutes made the movie. So be honest with ourselves. The Hulk vs Avengers show down is the real reason we come back to watch this thing again and again. Honestly the best animation fight scene I've seen for comic characters. This is a must own for every comic book fan young and old.


Don't be fooled by the haters!! Great Great flick!!
Yes it's short. Yes there is minimal character development. But when you go to a movie wanting to be entertained with edge of your seat adrenaline and fantastic special effects, WHO CARES!!!! This is a pure roller coaster ride and nothing more. Poseidon sets out to do one thing and one thing only... entertain the hell out of you.

I understand that some people need the underlying plot and deep character development to be satisfied by any movie. I have just one thing to say to those kind of people. "Stay home and watch "Waiting to Exhale", or "The Patient". Poseidon is not made for you! Doesn't want your money, and doesn't even want you watching it. nuff said...

The Dark Redemption

Not a "bad" fan film
Just watched it last night on DVD. Not bad quality at all I was happy to say. This film by far does have the best quality of actors in it, but not the best acting. The story is paper thin and very "campy" at times. I watched this movie right after "Knightquest", and "Broken Alliance". That was my fault I admit. KQ and BA are the two best fan films to date in my opinion. Dark Alliance is very average at best, but never falls into the "poor" category. Mara Jade is perfectly cast here. The actress that plays her really fits the part. One can tell the Villain is a fine actor, but not given much chance to really shine. Vader's voice is done very well I have to admit. Boba Fett was a bit short and pudgy here. Pretent he just left the Galactic Chinese Buffet. That worked for me. This is a must see for all SW fans. Just don't expect anything special.

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