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Fruitvale Station

Amazing..Just amazing
A man who has never been the victim of racism will never know how truthful this movie really is and many still believe that it has ended or that only a handful of people are still racists. How this movie is better than other movies related to racism particularly against Black community is that it shows what is happening as we live and breath and not in some Texan town hundreds of years ago thats what I loved. It shows us that progress for the black man is not a president that belongs to the Afro-American community but true progress is the treatment of every black man with respect and equality and until that is achieved like it or not there will be more & more incidents like these. So open your eyes stand up for injustice and wake up.

How I Met Your Mother: Last Cigarette Ever
Episode 11, Season 5

One of the best
I have a feeling that Jason Segel(Marshall Eriksen) was one of the few people who was responsible for the production of the episode, simply due to the fact that he is a bona-fide smoker. So much so in fact that Alyson Hannigan( Lily Aldrin) refuses to kiss him on the lips because of his smoking habit. But all in all this is one of the episodes of HIMYM that I have seen like a thousand times. But it is polarizing in the sense that only people who have smoked in a part of their life(especially with a group of friends) or have observed a smoker will understand it. It shows what makes smoking so addictive and hard to leave i.e. the fact that it is kind of ritual which stays with you and helps you bond with a group I mean I know this might sound weird but it is true and that is the very reason it is difficult to let go and I am sure that many smokers or ex-smokers truly understand and clearly remember their many "Last cigarette evers"

The Line of Freedom

Nothing but the truth
The Line of Freedom is a very important feature because it represents the current circumstances in Pakistan's largest province, Balochistan. It tells the true story of a Baloch student who was abducted, tortured and shot but was fortunate enough to survive only to be shot and dumped later on. This film shows the reality of the secret war being waged in Balochistan against the Baloch race it pays homage to many Baloch youth who were killed and dumped in various parts of Balochistan without any valid reason in short it is in fact similar to the story depicted in the movie "Taxi to the dark side" where an innocent man is tortured even when the oppressors already know that he is not guilty. David Whitney is indeed a brave man who is not afraid to show us the harsher realities which exist in places most people are not even aware of...

The Wolf of Wall Street

Best Movie I've seen in a very long time...
The Wolf of Wall Street should have secured at-least 3 Oscars the first one obviously for DiCaprio the second for Scorsese and the third one for both of 'em. Its truly a very special movie its just different from almost all of the movies out there. It has brilliant direction and it is in my opinion by far the best movie Scorsese has made and DiCaprio has starred in. It is common knowledge that adapting a book is like using a double-edged sword but Scorsese as always handled the sword like a true samurai. I liked it so much that I am currently reading the book. A must watch film for anyone and everyone and I am sure you will be just as thrilled as I thankfully am. Thank You and I hope that Scorsese and DiCaprio do something like this again...I REALLY DO!

The Dark Knight Rises

Head to head with Dark Knight
After watching Dark Knight Rises I concluded that if there is anybody who can make kick-ass sequels its Nolan. The film contains everything, from brilliant acting, raw action, out of the world one-liners and amazing cinematography. It is already very hard to make a sequel for a film which was just good enough hit but to make a sequel for a film which will always be remembered as the best you have to do a very impeccable job and that is what is done in this movie. From the beginning to the end you have some very beautiful and emotional scenes like the mob fight between the police and the thugs, the rise of the Batman from the prison and the chants "Deshi Deshi Basura Basura" towards the end where Alfred and Bruce see each other for probably the last time and both know that he has made it.

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