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Heart-felt film out of nowhere!
Honestly, I was surprised to see that the overall rating of this film was a mere 4.7! This film has an original, heart-felt, solid, though somewhat predictable, story that keeps the viewer interested. The little-known cast perform wonderfully together to make the film realistic and make the viewer attached to them. Though technically a "romantic comedy", it does not have any of the mushy, stereotypical clichés, so much so that the viewer actually wants the two main characters to end up together instead of wanting to claw their eyes out. With some well-placed and well-written drama portions throughout the relationship, the characters grow and fight with each other, leaving the viewer to wonder if their relationship will last, right up to the climax of the film. A real treat!

Sins Expiation

What just happened?
In a plot that doesn't make sense, using the standard jumping from the present to the past to explain, and using music that gives the movie an edge, the viewer is left wondering why they just wasted an hour and twenty minutes of their life and, more importantly, why Danny Glover accepted this this role. The movie is rife with "build-ups" that lead to nothing, relationships that lead nowhere, and confusion galore. But the most confusion thing about the whole movie, like chalked up to "artistic freedom", is when two people have a conversation. Typically, one is talking in Italian while one is talking in English, with no translators. Why don't you just talk in one language? Clearly you understand both languages. Did the director just have a friend who did subtitles for movies that needed a job? About the only good thing about the movie is the fairly realistic gun firing.

Antfarm Dickhole

Brilliantly horrible
For a B, or even a D movie that this is, there are some wonderful aspects to such a low budget, poorly acted movie as this. First, the plot is original and hilarious. Second, it has just what D movies are made for: lots of people dying, and lots of naked women. Third, it has one of the most obvious and offensive titles ever. Fourth, everyone's name and many of the words have "ant" substituted in it, such as "ant- nihilation" instead of "annihilation" and "ant-ticlimatic" instead of "anticlimactic". Fifth, the dialogue surrounding evolution and relationships is very well written and deep; juxtaposed against the poor acting and strange script makes it stick out and brilliant.

These actors own the terribleness of the story line, the people dying own being eaten alive by ants, all the while centralizing around a man masturbating a lot and shooting ants from his penis to get revenge. Oh, and the girls in the bikinis are the smartest people in the film? Classic.

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