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The Dark Crystal

Well worth the wait for those of us who loved the original movie.
When I first heard this was in the works I had mixed emotions much like I did as a huge Tolkien fan when I first heard of them making movies of Lord of the Rings, the series of Game of Thrones ...I was afraid they wouldn't get it right. I was gladly surprised to realize they did magic with this Dark Crystal series.

It did not disappoint on any level. It stayed true to the movie we knew and loved and made it even better. If you've not seen the movie and you love fantasy, you should love this. It's a wonderful vibrant world, rich in history. The stories and plot are great. There's nothing not to love. If you have seen the movie, well, you won't be disappointed either because it remains true to the original story only gives it more history and depth (in my opinion).

I could not be more pleased in how this turned out. I'm thrilled with the results. I could only hope there will be a continuing series of post Dark Crystal (the Movie) in the land of Thra.


Love this series..
I love this series. Acting was good. Locations and plot lines were good. Stayed interesting never lagged or slowed. All the characters were fleshed out fairly well. If you like period pieces very loosely based on history then you're likely to enjoy it. I'm a history snob normally, but I had 0 expectations of this being accurate so I found myself relaxed and enjoying the series the whole way and looking forward to the next season.

Gentleman Jack

What can be said that's not already been said?
HBO hit it out of the park with this. Stellar cast, stellar script & story based on the real Anne Lister who refused to be left behind in her time nor conform to what proper society thought a lady should be or do. Leaves one to wonder how many other brave women stepped up like she did, but didn't leave a diary behind or no one cared enough to save it for prosperitys sake, sadly. I'd hate to think she's the only one. Thank you HBO & BBC for bringing this to life. It's by far the best of period pieces we've had to choose from in a while...I applaude BBC for always getting behind great period pieces and HBO for supporting BBC this time round for bringing this wonderful series to fruition.


Great start..
I absolutely loved this episode & the story lines. I'm a great fan of Sci-Fi and,sadly,there are no great,not even good,shows in this genre at present. I'd think with the millions of Sci-Fi fans,more shows would be on or in production. This was one with great story,good, solid actors and has/had much promise.

Other than Westworld (which I really don't consider "Sci-Fi"),there aren't any others out and Westworld's popularly should be an example of people wanting something less vanilla. I think had Amazon shot a full season instead of just a pilot,they would have realized just how many people are drawn to & love these type shows. Out of the box is risky,but I'd think it would have a better pay off than just another random vanilla series we're now overwhelmed with.

Hopefully, it's not buried.

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