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Noir is one of the finest animes there is. The animation is great, the plot is difficult, but good and it has lotsa, and i mean a lot of shooting. The character's are somewhat hollow at beginning, but just watch. Intresting plot i must say. Music plays the biggest part. It is beautiful. Classic music.

And thats funny cos i hate classic music, but it fits in Noir just perfectly. Nearly every episode has this great, powerful music and I LOVE IT! The shootings are not violent, altough there is much of it. It's very moderate, but still intense. And one thing to say, Noir is a bit feministic, nearly every man is evil and women are heroes. And something about the plot, Noir is about two female assasins. Yeah thats what im saying about the plot, cos its rather difficult to explain. But its a action-drama about these two assasins. Dont expect this to be pure action, even if i said it has lotsa shootings. Its not. Its rather slow, but still great. Its not an ordinary anime, its like a beautiful masterpiece.

If I must discribe Noir with one word, it would be beautiful. nothing more to say. Check it out.

Huo shao dao

Great film
First of all, this movie doesnt really have main character. There are five of them. Like the original trailer says, "five stories in one", the film is about five main characters, whose life are somehow related to each other. Jackie Chan does a different role in this movie. Role is similiar to Heart of the Dragons. There are only few fight's, but it didnt bother me. I didnt watch this as a Chan movie.

Movie is touching especially the ending. Surprising is the violence level in this movie. Endings big shootout and some other brutal violence too. The way jail-staff(movie happens in jail)treats the main character's made me wanting them to die. Guards are real a***oles.

Movie success as a drama too. Samo Hung's character is most touching. He desperately escapes from jail to meet his son and pays for it, with pain. Ending is surprising and shocking. This movie is very very good. I can recommend this movie to every one who likes HK movies. Great actors. Great plot. Great emotions. I loved it.

Jûbê ninpûchô

Gory, Bloody, Violent. Awesome!
First of all, i loooove anime movies. They are best (right after Jackie Chan of course)! Ninja Scroll is without a doubt one of the best anime's i've seen. It is very gory, i must say. It is rated R and 18 in many countries. Here in Finland is 16.

When i first saw Ninja Scroll, i was about 10-11 years old. I had seen Pokemon's and other kids anime, and i saw Ninja Scroll in the rental store. It was then rated 12! I dont know why, it must have been a big mistake. Well i started watching it alone. Like i said, i was just a kid and stopped after 20 minutes. It was way too violent for me. I literally was shocked. I didnt watch it until year ago. And it didnt shock me. At all. It's a good movie and that is true, its damn true!

Watch it if you like anime, and you are older than 14.

Qi mou miao ji: Wu fu xing

Well, i bought Winners and Sinners, then i heard, Jackie has a pretty small role. It's true. Jackie appears only in couple fights. He doesnt take part to the final fight. But it doesnt matter. The film is great! I like Samo hung's films a lot. Especially i like the 'lucky stars' series, cos the humor is simple, funny and very unique. Humor is stupid and childish, but it fits in just right. I personally like Richard Ng. He is so funny! Of course there is good fight scenes and stunts. And the massive car crash is great in a low budget movie! Dont let Jackie's short appearance spoil the movie. Dont think this movie as a Jackie Chan movie. Think it as 'The lucky stars' movie!

Sing si lip yan

Crazy Jackie Chan humor at its best
Well, this movie is unusual Chan movie. It's more crazy comedy than a martial arts movie. Of course there is couple of fights, but they are also very funny! Against all expectations, in a crazy comedy like this, there are some shootings. With machine guns. Gunfights and bloodshed doesnt fit in this movie. First Jackie entertains you with some good stunts, humor and fights, but suddenly someone pulls out MP-5 and starts shootin' people. That doesnt belong to crazy, wacko humor-movie. But it doesnt bother really. Just a bit. But if you're a Jackie Chan fan, you must buy it, but if you want to see martial arts ONLY, dont watch it. Its pure Jackie chan comedy.

8 out of 10

Xia ri fu xing

A good good movie
'Xia ri fu xing' is a very good ending to Lucky Stars trilogy (Winner & Sinners, My lucky stars, twinkle twinkle lucky stars). Jackie is not the main character. He only appears in fight scenes. But it doesnt matter. Samo and his friends are really entertaining if you like crazy hk humor. There are only three or four fight scenes in this movie but they are magnificent! It is a pleasure to watch Jackie and Yuen Biao beating up bad guy's. Young Andy Lau is Jackies assistant. Fight's are well cordinated and fast! Awesome!

Samo and his buddies are funny! Samo beats women assassins, Richard Ng tries voodoo on some girls and one of the female character's plays blind to not get shot as a murder witness! Really Funny! I recommend.

The Tuxedo

sucked BIG TIME
When i saw a commercial of this movie, i was like wow, a new Jackie Chan movie!!!! But sadly, this is not a Jackie Chan movie... there are NO good fights, NO good stunts and NO good humor! Fight scenes are made with computer (at least most of it). Jackie walks in the ceiling, survives long falls etc. They must have paid a s**t lot of money to get Jackie in this movie. Jennifer Love Hewitt cannot act. She sucks. And the plot also sucks.

Jackie once said: "They dont make action movies in hollywood, they got computers". Well i agree, its true. But why Jackie agreed to do this movie? Its one of the worst movies i've ever seen! Jackie's physical comedy is lack in this movie.


Kuai can che

8 out of 10
What can i say? It was great. Second best movie from Jackie, Sammo and yuen have done together. The best is Dragon Forever. Movie includes awesome stunts, great fights and a few cameos by the "lucky stars". end fight sequence has been titled the best! Although, i dont understand the name. Wheels on Meals? It would have been better as "Meals on Wheels".

Fei lung mang jeung

Absolutely one of the Jackie's best ones. No doubt about that! There is nothing to say. Im stunned! Movie includes several fights and every single one of them are one of the best Jackie has ever made. Sammo and Yuen plays their part good too, but Jackie does mainly the best stunts, fights and slapstick. Jackie, Sammo and Yuen fights each other several times! The main event is a re-match fight between Jackie and Benny "the Jet" (someone, cant remember the last name, its really hard). Last time these guys met in "wheels on meals". Did i mention, that the stunts are incredible! Definetly one of the best!!!!


The Protector

Not the best from Jackie
Okay.. Jackie Chan is the greatest action star EVER! Thats why i bought Protector. Here is some history: Jackie made Protector in USA. well, it sucked. Big time. Glickenhaus was a poor amatour and Jackie didnt choreograph the fights. Well Jackie told Glickenhaus to let Jackie edit the movie. But answer was no. So Jackie went back to Hong Kong and re-made it. And believe fans opinion: the HK version is lot better! but still, its one of the worst Chan films ever. It is a low-budget, SO WHAT? But Glickenhaus tried to make it look like a very expensive one. Jackie does hes role by routine. Other actors suck. Well not every one but most of. Jackie re-made fights, extended fight scenes and other stuff. So if you see the US version in the store: dont buy it. And if you arent a true Chan fan (like me), dont rent the HK version either. Its not that good. But i bought it. And i now almost have every single Jackie movie! If you want a real Jackie film, watch Drunken Master or Dragons forever. But there is one very very positive thing about the Protector. After that, Jackie made Police Story to show how to make a REAL action movie!Though Jackie has made a few bad movies (protector, all Lo Wei movies), he is still the number one and will allways be!!

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