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Escape Plan: The Extractors

The movie could have better action
Since, this prisonesque brand has shifted to action the movie needed more action aswell Sly and Dave really outdid themselves but tbh all actors were underused and the movie could have been better with an amazing cast. What happened to prison escape plan, it became straight out action?

WWE: Roman Reigns - Iconic Matches

Worst waste of money ever
I have never seen worst wrestling, this guy sucks and has only 2-3 moves. He can't act, can't cut promos, can't even wrestle without jumping like an ape. I don't know what vince see's in this clown, tbh wwe has better underused, underpushed talent, if you want to talk about samoans somoa joe is x100 times better than this crap. If you want to talk about sheild members looks at John Moxley(Dean Ambrose) and Seth they are both better than chump. Actually my cousin gifted me the dvd, so i said lets watch some matches half way through it made me sleepy


Ridiculous Attempt to show Muslims as the Bad Guys
Just a ridiculous attempt to flag Muslims as the bad guys. I mean the writer tries to show that Muslims reek havoc everywhere, the story is all crap. The heroin of the movie has sex with the villain, means the movie shows women as whores. What the hell? It's a copy of Once upon a time in Mumbai, that movie was 10 times better and original. oh dear, oh dear...where to begin.... i read previews about this being a new 'Satya', a gore-filled gangster movie, gritty and exciting.... Well, its definitely not any of these. A relative of mine even watched the film and warned me about how bad it was, but did that stop me from watching this pile of dog poo? I've never seen so many gunfights in a movie were the shooters keep missing the targets, maybe except Commando and Rambo, but they don't claim to be 'realistic', like this rubbish does.


Most Overrated and Crap Story
The entire movie is about sex, in the plot they don't tell anything about that. Probably the most over-rated and senseless movie i have seen. The story basically revolves around a few people, all looking for sex. The acting however is fine because the main character, Michael is a pretty fine actor. There's a lot that could have been done with the story. For the rating i am very very disappointed.

Perhaps the only good thing about this senseless, worthless movie is that it tells us about how disconnected we are even to our siblings. The main character is a villain of sorts because he couldn't be the guardian of her 1 and only sister. The movie should be rated as a blue film, because of the filthy scenes.

Bajrangi Bhaijaan

One of The Best
Rating isn't everything this movie is one of the best I have ever seen, and in the end It made me cry. Ovbiously, this movie isn't as perfect as Hollywood Oscar winners but It deserves many Oscars. While the topic of the movie is serious, the movie is very funny and also involves action, Salman is at his best in this one and the cute little girl acts perfectly. The plot is really heart-touching and realistic with minor flaws. Bollywood is known to copy Hollywood, but believe me Hollywood would copy this film. The writer has tried to end religious hatred between Pakistan and India, and that is a good thing. One of the most important aspect of the movie is that it tells us the importance of Wali-Ulla's (pious people). It also shows that humanity comes first.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Flat-out Epic and Worth the Wait
Can't say much without spoiling but the movie is awesome, absolutely loved it. The effects and animation looked very realistic. This is the best "planet of apes" movies to the date. All the action, drama and Caesar's heroic character had me excited on the edge of my seat. This movie should have at least been nominated for Oscar. The movie truly depicts flaws in human nature, and also warns that "ebola" was preplanned. The cast of the movie is also amazing and I hope the next part also includes them. Thanks for the fun writers and direction, although the movie could have been even more trail-blazing. But, lets expect that from the next part.

The Marine 3: Homefront

Didn't expect the movie to be this awesome...
I really can't believe that Mike The Miz from WWE can act that good; throughout the entire movie his expressions were really awesome and he acted just like another great professional. The movie was so unpredictable I saw on the edge of my seat, and all the time I watched the movie it was totally worth it never expected WWE to make such a great movie. In fact, every Marine related movie is really awesome. This movie was really action packed, blockbusting and damn it was fun watching it. Come on people you must purchase this movie because its awesome, I ain't no official of WWE or something its just that Mike the Miz has really impressed me to that state that I am writing my third-ever review for a movie on IMDb. The soundtrack for this movie is dynamic, the last song is just so awesome you would want to download it and listen to it over and over again. The Miz had a really great role in the movie, he really has showed that he can play lead roles really well and I have seen several John Cena movies but this just shows that Miz is better in the field of acting.

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