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Reasonable Doubt

Decent flick!
I watched this movie the other day and this was a decent flick worth watching. The acting was good and the plot was kind of neat. I have always been a fan of Mr. Jackson. His best roles are when he plays the bad guy. This movie might not win any awards but overall this movie was good to watch.

I gave this movie a 7 out of a possible 10. If you are a fan of Jackson and enjoy his bad boy attitude then this movie is right up your alley! Sit back open up a bag of popcorn and enjoy the plot. Me and my GF had a good time trying to figure out what was really going on. Just when you think you got it figured out something a new twist tricks ya!


Well done!!
SOLID 8 out of a possible 10! This is one of the best remakes I have seen right beside the Evil Dead remake. Great acting as well. If you are a true fan of horror this is the movie to watch hands down! Me and my girlfriend watched this and were both drawn into the movie from beginning to end. I will be watching this one again with the lights out.

To anyone that said this movie was bad really needs to give there head a shake! This movie was not only well done but it was way better then the original. Steve only wished his book turned out as good as this remake turned out!! Well done!! Well done, and well done!!!


Thor: The Dark World

I was never a really big fan of Thor to begin with and this movie just proves it to me again. This movie was so slow and boring. The first hour I almost fell asleep a few times. The special effects were really well done but other then that I really do not think this was a great movie. I gave this movie a generous 6 out of a possible 10. Normally these types of movies at least earn a 7 from me but this one at best was a 6 only.

You can tell that this sequel was made for the sack of making some more money off the very boring Thor. I for one will not waste my money on a third that is for sure. They really need to stop wasting everyone's time with Thor. He is boring and other then his looks has very little going for him. Good day!

All Hallows' Eve

Decent horror flick!
When you first start to watch this movie you think this is going to be another low grade B movie. But to my surprise this movie turned out to be rather good. Very interesting way they filmed it and this is a movie I actually would recommend to any true horror fan.

I rated this movie an 6.5 out of a possible 10. It had pretty decent makeup, the acting was not what you would call top notch but it was good enough for this type of movie. Overall worth the watch. The movie was interesting enough to watch it to the end. As long as you are going into this with horror in mind you should enjoy it overall. Give it a try you might just like it like I did!


Just finished watching this movie. The few written reviews this movie has received so far are a little on the harsh side. Although this was not a great movie it certainly was not a bad movie either. It was stuck someone in the middle. I really loved how this movie is set in Ontario, Canada. I am from Ontario myself and so it is refreshing to see movies from home so to speak. The idea behind this movie is solid enough the acting was a bit weak even for a big star like Brandon. I would say the best acting was from Dominic Purcell who is best known for his role in Prison Break.

I rated this movie an 5 out of a possible 10. I was not bad but it also was not that good good either.

Scenic Route

Loved it!!
I just finished watching this movie and I also just finished reading the 3 pages of reviews here on IMDb. It is rare to read only one (1) negative bad review while the rest gave it positive here on IMDb. having said that, this leads me to the obvious question why is there only an average rating of 6 only? I gave this movie an 8 out of a possible 10. The ending was simply brilliant! The acting was top notch. Do you guys realize how hard it is in movies these days to fool the viewer? Most people can see the ending in the first 20 minutes...

Well, this movie will fool you. It fooled both me and my girlfriend. It was great, we both looked at each other and came up with the same thing at the same time, Priceless!! To the one single person that so far gave this movie a bad review, maybe you are just upset you got fooled by a movie?

A Matter of Justice

Decent movie overall!
I just finished watching this movie and I thought it was a really well made movie overall. Filmed in my home town Toronto, Canada. If you are looking for a decent suspense-thriller type of movie then this one should fit your bill!

I gave this movie a 7 out of a possible 10. The acting was good as well as the plot. The story while sad happens far too much these days. These type movies are always hard for me to watch because it deals with children being abducted. This one even comes with a nice twist to the plot. Go rent this movie, sit down and make a bag of popcorn you should enjoy this movie like I personally did.

Under the Dome

Really wanted this show to be great but...
I just can't get into this TV show. My girlfriend thinks it is the best thing since slice bread, but I do not feel the same way at all. The idea behind the show sounded really awesome but after watching this show this "dome" has just become silly at best. This is a great example of the book is better then a movie, or in this case series. When I watch the show I have no connection with the characters and I really could not care if they lived or died. I also feel the "dome" is nothing more then smoke and mirrors to hook us in at the beginning.

The best I can muster is 5 out of a possible 10 and that is pushing it really. I will be surprised if this series last more then two seasons to be honest...

World War Z

Pronounced Zed not Zee!
Just finished watching this movie. Being a big fan of zombie movies having faithfully watched "The Walking Dead" since release I have to say this is a really well made zombie movie. The idea behind the cure was actually really well thought out. It was simple yet very convincing and possible. I also liked the speed of the zombies in this movie. The zombies in the Walking Dead T.V show movie slow and in this movie they can run which is a refreshing change for zombies. I also loved the fact that there was no one single person in charge.

I rated this movie a 7 out of a possible 10! Worth the watch! Don't believe the posters that rate this a 1 or a 2 because the CGI effects alone make this movie a 5 as a starting point...


Men In Black with different actors?
Just finished watching this movie. Pretty much through this entire film I couldn't help but think of the movie Men In Black. This movie just feels like a cheap knock-off of that movie. I also don't think there was any real good chemistry with the main actors. They just don't seem to hit it off so to speak like Will Smith did with Tommy Lee Jones. I also thought the CGI effects were below par for a big box movie in 2013.

I rated this movie a 6 out of a possible 10. Too bad as I really wanted to like this movie but walked away feeling almost cheated on. This movie was not a bad movie, but it was not a great movie either....

Star Trek Into Darkness

I don't consider myself a die hard trek fan. Yes, I have watched every single ST movie as well as most of the original TV shows but I vote not from some bias like others have done here, my vote is purely on what I saw, heard and felt watching this movie. Hands down by far and large this movie is a solid 9 out of a possible 10! Everything was just right in this movie. The effects were simply top notch! The new twist with the villain was amazing to say the least. This is one of the few Star trek movies that have a real intensity about it. From start to finish it was all action. Not once was I bored.

To all the people who voted 1's and 2's for this movie, please do us all a favour...GIVE YOUR HEAD A SHAKE! After I submit this review I am going to watch this movie again as it was just that good!!

Zombie Massacre

Bad movie good makeup!
Well, the acting was sub-par. The special effects were low-end. I have played video games on my home PC that have better visuals then this million dollar movie! The plot had no depth worth talking about. One of the things that made me laugh the most was the group of mercenaries that are supposedly top notch in there respective classes didn't even check the ammo count in there weapons before moving into the city? LOL the bomb expert never even looked at the bomb till it was too late only to realize the bomb was wired into the truck...

The only saving grace to this movie was the makeup which was well done. For effort in the makeup department I gave this movie a 5 out of a possible 10.

THX 1138

What did I just watch?
I honestly tried to like this movie I really did. Everything about this movie was bad. Heck, even the music and sound effects became annoying after 30 minutes. I am really not sure what George was trying to tell with this movie? If he was trying to say this is what things are like after taking LSD and smoking some weed, then he did a great job! I gave this movie a 4 out of a possible 10 only because I like Robert Duvall. If it was not for him I would have given this movie a 2 or a 3 only.

One of the few movies I actually turned off before it was over! This is no Star Wars that is for sure... Oh well, can't win them all George. I just can't recommend this movie to anyone really.

Pain & Gain

Be a doer and not a don'ter!
I watched this movie last night and it was one of the few movies that made me laugh all the way through! Turns out this movie is based on a true story. After doing my own research it really turns out this movie is loosely based on the real story. Some things were changed and some scenes where completely fabricated but at the end of the day the meat and gravy of the story was true. Mark did an amazing job in this movie. He can play serious roles and comedic roles but by far his best acting is in comedic roles. Dwayne Johnson I find is a really good actor. This movie has been given some harsh criticism not because the acting was bad or the plot was horrible, but only because the events on this movie actually happened to real life people. My thoughts on this are so have so many other movies so why make such a big stink? I gave this movie a solid 8 out of a possible 10. Worth the watch and I might add worth adding to your movie collection too!

I Didn't Come Here to Die

My first awful one!
Writing this review because this is the very first movie I ever rated an awful 1! Bad acting with the kind of plot, well no plot worth talking about. I had to keep watching because I wanted to see if it could get any worse. This movie is by far the worst movie I have ever seen! Did the actors actually get paid for this? LOL!

I have to write at least ten lines of text for this review. I am seriously at a loss for words as this movie was so bad. I honestly think it messed up my Bluray player that is how bad it was. One more line to go I can do this. Just an awful movie hands down! Avoid at all costs...

After Earth

Just bad, bad, bad!
I really like Will Smith always have, but ever since he has been pushing his Son (or I should say holding his hand)in movies has made me kind of lost the urge to watch his latest movies. This movie has one of the worst plots I have ever seen! It was just bad, bad, bad!!! Jayden to me is not a convincing actor. Every time I see this kid in a movie the first thing I say to myself is, this kid is just trying too hard to "act" like his father. I almost get the feeling that Wills son never really wanted to become an actor in the first place but was pushed into it from his dad...

I gave this movie an earned 3/10 because to me that is all the acting is worth. A turd is still a turd no matter how you dress it up!!

The Conjuring

The moon is made out of cheese (based on true events)
If I told you the moon is really made out of cheese would you believe me? Well, that is exactly what this movie is trying to do-that being make us believe in some evil presence that decided to torment a family back in the 70's. I have some news for you people, the moon is not made out of cheese and this movie did not convince me of some evil (whatever) you want to call it.

I can't understand why this movie so far is an 8/10 rated movie on IMDb! I gave it a 5 out of a possible 10 only because of the child acting. The story has been done a million times before *incert movie name here* but hey, the moon is made out of cheese right?

Evil Dead

Well done!
I actually watched this remake before I ever watched the original. Having said that, my review is not biased on anything other then what I saw on my 46 inch screen. I gave this movie a solid 9/10. Great gore with solid acting! To all those who rated this movie a 1 star or 2 stars, give your head a shake seriously! There is no way this movie is worth anything less then a 7! After I watched this version I quickly downloaded the original. Both versions rocked-but hands down this version was more scary as the visual effects were more convincing...

I am glad that Bruce was not in the remake. Bruce has a comedic spin with his character, and comedy has no place in this film. Well done!!


Another Jericho?
Well, currently I am half way through season 4. Great show, although I will admit I am starting to get sick of the "flashbacks" Sometimes I just want to watch what is going on, on the island you know? The only two other shows that have made me addicted to watch are "Jericho" and "The Walking Dead" Lost for me so far was worth the Netflix fee I pay every month!

If you are looking for good TV entertainment then you really can't go wrong with Lost. I remember back in 2004/2005 while the show was live I never really gave it a chance. Now 8 years later I ask myself why because this is good entertainment! I rate this series so far an 8 out of a possible 10. The "flashbacks" start to become annoying after 3 seasons and some of the decisions the main characters make are truly really silly at times but other then that this is a well made show!!

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