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This movie made me think there may be hope for the industry.
My mind was blown. This takes a bizarre supervillain character and brings it to "Taxi Driver" level quality. I honestly did not see it coming. Thank you to everyone involved with this movie. I enjoyed the psychological slant to this movie.

The River and the Wall

Because Feelings.. Feewings for crying out loud!!
This was a beautifully shot piece of socialist propaganda. You can't build a wall, because they like having free access to another sovereign country's land dammit! I mean look at us.. we are swimming in water and laughing and playing heartwarming music in the background. What more could you ask to leave the border wide open? These people have feelings! I'm sick of these puff pieces full of questionable science and no legal or substance based argument of any kind.


A bunch of trust fund babies take a HUGE amount of expensive surfing equipment to remote beaches around New Guinea. Then talk about the conditions of the people living there. Add in some dramatic music to make it seem as if they are making ANY kind of contribution to these people's lives and then leave to go surf some more.

I can't get over how arrogant this all is. Most people have to work for a living. Your mission was to SURF?!>?!?! really? You took a film crew and half a dozen surfers across the world to find some WAVES>?!>!>!> the hubris of this is unbelievable. Then I see the budget was 1.1 million dollars.. GRRRRRRRR... maybe you could have made a real contribution to these people and not just made a self aggrandizing film about how great you are for filming people living in fear of genocide and other atrocities.

Phew.. I feel better. Thank you for your time. and if you made this movie and are reading this, please re-evaluate your priorities in life.

The Captains

What a great movie...
I have fallen in love with the documentaries on Netflix.

I found this movie, and was very pleased with it's insights and depth. People love to have an easy target, and William Shatner has been that for a lot of critics, but I think this movie will show his deeper side. William Shatner seems to have such an easy time talking and getting people to interact with him. Seeing the scene where he walks through the convention floor shows his talent for identifying with people.

It was a wonderful glimpse into the lives of these great actors. Thanks William for making this film.

You should watch this film, and I hope when you do you enjoy it as much as i did.

Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!

Worst thing on TV
I feel compelled to write reviews for shows like this because I want to be the voice of reason.

I read that people declare it "High art", but I have yet to see one reason why it would be so.

I want Adult Swim to know every time it comes on I change the channel and I glad to see that others agree. That's how it will change.

If you hate women, or like creepy humor with constant undertones of gay innuendo, then this is the show for you. If that is not your bag, then you will agree with me.

I look forward to this blight on TV airing it's last episode.

The Devil's Rejects

HORRIBLE!!!!! the suckiest suck that ever sucked
I just bought this movie, and I am so disappointed, I just have to write about it. This movie sucked horribly!! Anyone who has any idea of a linear story line, or knows what a real character is will hate HATE this movie.

Man, what a lame duck. I don't even know where to begin. When it is convenient for the story, the main bad guys shrug off every hit, every beating, every gunshot, without even breaking a sweat, but the people that they are torturing crumble at every turn. In several scenes, using the same weapons used on bad guys, but when the script calls for it, the people just willingly give up and politely die.

ARghhhh I can't believe people are giving this good ratings. To tell you the truth, I am shocked. It makes me feel like society is collapsing or something.. knowing that people thought this was a deep or meaningful movie. Get real people.

So sad, and I wanted to like it, too.

-10 overall.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

By Far, The WORST Movie If You Really Like The Books:
I can't help, but to compare the Harry Potter movie to the books. If you want to re-write the books don't call them "Harry Potter" anymore.

Whoever put the last two Potter movies together, has kicked the books right in the butt. I know there is an extreme amount of material to cover in a movie like this, but if Peter Jackson can do such a wonderful job on the "Lord of The Rings" series, they could do a better job on these as well.

Not everything in the movie sucked. For instance... I thought the portrayal of Lord Valdemort was very good. Probably the best acting of the whole movie. Followed by Mad Eye Moody. I wasn't too pleased with the look of Moody, but I still feel he was one of the stronger characters.

There were several critical areas of the book that weren't covered. Especially the character of Rita Skeeter. HORRIBLE casting for her, and they completely skipped the whole point with her. There is more involving Rita in the following books, and it won't make any sense because they left that stuff out. The worst character by far was Dumbledore. Dumbledore has an extreme confidence that oozed from his charisma and knowledge in the books, but in this movie, he is a short tempered angry confused old man. Not the character everyone describes in the book as "The only wizard that Valdemort ever feared."

I have to say the movie really went south for me in the heavy metal goth scene at the Dance. Complete with crowd surfing midgets!! WTF? Where in the heck did they come up with that? I am thinking someone in the board room was saying "we need something with Moxy for the soundtrack... whadda ya got for me? Nine Inch Nails impersonators? I Like it! Make sure you put some magical Harry Potter looking stuff on the drums and guitars. Bits of cloth and such... LAME!!!

Then there was the complete disappearance of the blast ended Scroots, No mention of the Dursleys AT ALL. The hedge maze scene was completely revised, No follow through on Hagrid's interaction with Madame Maxime and their link to the giants. The list goes on and on.

I also want to say, they couldn't stick with trimming out stuff from the book, they had also to add items that could have been easily left out that had no importance whatsoever. The nearly boob popping Mermaid on the wall in the bath chamber for one. WAAAY too much attention was put on that lame unimportant item. Another was the entrance of the girls from Beaubaton. I know it is hard to portray girls that are supposed to be so beautiful, but the way they handled it in the movie was terrible.

Okay, I will get off of my soap box now. I just felt the need to voice my disappointment with the movie, and more so, my disappointment with all of the Rave reviews by people saying how great it was.. Are we really that out of touch, or do people not care about good character development and a good story, over scads of special effects? I want to say I noticed. Not everyone bought into the Potter Hype, and it does a disservice to such amazingly good books. Thank you for listening to my rant. If this makes sense to you, we should probably become movie critics together. I'd love to lay it on the line without buying into the corporate spoon-fed formulaic garbage they try to force down the gullet of the American movie goer.


AVP: Alien vs. Predator

Why Do The Movies I Look Forward to Always Suck??
I really wanted this movie to be good. But it wasn't. I am trying to put my finger on what is bothering me. I think the movie looks like young kids developed the plot. Flashy looking, but if given any deeper thought than "that's pretty" It falls apart.

I want to relate this to something completely different in hopes that the 30 and over crowd may relate. I went to a teeny bopper concert a couple of years ago, and the people in the audience had a mosh pit. I was horrified. that concept had been bastardized so heavily, that people didn't even know what kind of music it went with.

Okay, now that I have completely digressed, I will get back to AVP. I felt similar disgust to the lack of suspense, or character development in the movie. They have all the gore and the chest bursting of the original Alien, but you just don't care, because the characters are so thin, you don't miss them. The way it looks to me is the writers said okay, in the Alien movie we have people getting attacked by face grabbers... Check. People having aliens burst from their chests... Check. We have Aliens hunting.. Check. But never tried to tie any of it into the story to make it compelling. So it's like the concert with a mosh pit for lame ass top 40 music. It looks the same, but the meaning is completely lost.

I won't even try to get into the inconsistencies in the movie, or the bad choices the characters make, because I will be here all day. So I will just say I really loved the first two Alien movies and the first Predator movie. I feel it has been an ever worsening item since. With this blight being the garbage masterpiece. If you go see it, leave your brain at home, and you may like it.

Hope this helps you decide on whether or not to see it before it comes to free broadcast TV. If you care for the first Alien movie, don't go see this junk.

The Chronicles of Riddick

I Thought It Was Very Good
I have read some negative comments about Riddick, and feel compelled to give the opposing view.

I went in to see a good Sci-Fi movie. I didn't see Pitch Black, so I have no input on that movie. I went in with an open mind, and left feeling very fulfilled.

What I hate when I go to see Sci-Fi movies is too much timely modern crap thrown in just to "appeal to the masses". Such as a gangsta type black guy who uses a bunch of current day lingo, and acts like an idiot, or some lame reference to skateboarding which seems to be in every movie I see. Does everything have to be a formula? I thought they made a very timeless Sci-Fi movie that had some compelling background going on inside of it. I really like the way it ends. ( I won't spoil it) but I left wondering what I would do if I was in his position at the end of the movie, and it makes me really excited to see where Riddick 3 might go.

That's my two cents on this issue. I did feel like ideas were used from other stories, but good luck creating an entire universe of new ideas. In closing, I would like to encourage you to go to see the movie with an open mind.



Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

How Could They Allow This Terrible Potter Sequel?
I disliked this movie enough to write a review on it. I want to start out by saying I have been an unsuspecting fan of the Harry Potter Books. I picked one up as a test, and couldn't put any of them down since.

If you liked the books and remember any of the content in Prisoner of Azkaban, you will find this movie insulting. They added dialogue that wasn't remotely like the book, focused on unnecessary special effects that did nothing for the movie, and worst of all, there was ZERO, "I mean zero" character development.

There is a scene with a creature called a "Hippogriff" that depicts Malfoy just exploding verbally at the creature, with no impetus whatsoever. The two people and I who went, were staring at the screen like "did I just miss something?"

The random jumping of scenes and character moods was so un-potteresque that I am intrigued that they got away with releasing the movie. I would think that JK Rowling would be very angered by this movie. She has done an incredible job on her books, and this movie is just stupid.

I realize that there was a lot of ground to cover in this movie, and I was wondering if that lead to the destruction of the actual storyline, but if that was the case, they should have broken the movies up differently as they did in "Lord Of The Rings"

I know I am probably biased by reading the books first and comparing them to the movie, so maybe I just can't step far enough away to appreciate this movie for what it is. But that isn't my fault. I loved the books, and so did millions of people.

So in closing I beg the true "Potter" fans who read this to skip it. Wait for it on free TV, don't even rent it on video. Sorry to squash this movie so hard, I really wanted it to be good. But it was terrible. If I have to give one good note on closing of this review, I would say the special effects were very good.

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