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  • Warning: Spoilers
    We met Selcuk Aydemir with Calgi Cengi and Isler Gucler.They were great works.Selcuk Aydemir's works have a quality who you can't see very often.Because of that we all buried some bad thoughts about works.

    Before i criticize 2 things i want to write Kardes Payi is best show in Turkish televisions right now.

    1-Aydemir must give up glorifying violence almost every episode. There's no episode you ran a dialog like this: -oh how they beat me good i'm like reborn......

    2-Main characters problem M.Cemcir and A.Kural came to us as a inventor brothers.They got ideas like no physic professor can find.In the series we have no idea how this two guys could be scientists\inventors.

    We didn't see them watching a documentary,we didn't see them reading a book or quoting from some science men in a conversation.Nothing!!They are typical unemployed neighborhood boys have suddenly an invention about ending oil problem on the earth plus save the environment.

    Probably they saw problem about that and after 10 episodes we learned they are not inventors they're just two guys who tries to improve they're father's invention by the way we learned after 10 episodes they're father was a retired physic professor.

    So I want to ask then why first 10 episodes they act like they've got an invention? plus even they're not inventors they must know great physics for improving invention.

    Finally i want to congrats Sinasi Yurtsever,Ali Ihsan Varol(one of my favorite guys),Berfu Ongoren,Ipek Yaylacioglu and Korhan Erduran from cast.

    If show still best in the Turkish TV.All crew must be thankful those 5 actors\actresses.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Behzat Ç. was great series.Behzat Ç. Seni Kalbime Gomdum was an average movie other hand i really like the story but i guess some problems happened about transporting the story to viewers.

    Behzat Ç.Seni Kalbime Gomdum about a kid tries to get revenge to people who killed his family. Unfortunality Behzat Ç.Ankara Yaniyor's story almost same with Seni Kalbime Gomdum.Besides,side stories weaker than Seni Kalbime Gomdum. I am not saying Behzat Ç.:Ankara Yaniyor was a bad movie but after the disappointment of Seni Kalbime Gomdum i expected more powerful movie from this crew plus they don't have a TV series must be wrote last year.So they've a lot of time about Ankara Yaniyor's script but unfortunality this time wasted
  • Warning: Spoilers
    When Ted says 'that's how i met your mother' i thought that's it if that was end i probably criticize like why all 9.season about Robin and Barney it was oblivious they'll divorce maximum in 5 years also Ted and Tracy's story like Ted's consolation award.There is no big love in here maybe good,descent relationship but not fireworks. Then that 2 awesome minutes came out and pieces all got together.

    It was meant to be

    Of course that's not a thriller series even if HIMYM made a bad finale.It will be one bad episode opposite of over 100 good episodes but that was a great finale put itself onto pie like a cherry.
  • I just watched the too big to fail and i log on to IMDb for just vote then when i looking at the comments,there's a lot of criticism about Paulson's way of show.

    I didn't know even name of Paulson until the movie but i didn't describe him as a hero.Movie clearly telling the viewers 'What cause of the crisis?' and 'Paulson didn't do anything about that' (for the remind Paulson says:'because we did a lot of money)that's one part -coming crisis- but managing crisis is another part of the story.Movie tells us a very brief time -its starts a few days earlier of Lehman Brother bankruptcy ends with a congress decision about banks- i mean when system in the crisis.

    Let's say The movie showed Paulson as a great crisis manager,its very little thing if you can block the crisis before.Also early meeting scene 2 bank of CEO blaming Paulson with not understand the size of problem.

    Skip comments and Paulson.

    Movie has very smooth,understandable (even for me)language with a great cast and director of course it could be some minuses but in a 100 minutes its really hard to find a story tell better.

    Must to watch i think
  • Behzat Ç.one of the best realistic shows in Turkey maybe the best.As writers says:what's happening in life it must be in Behzat Ç. to because of that the show has pressures from a lot of different organizations so producers decided to end the show in 100 episodes.You can see reality in everywhere from Actors's language to extras-es.Behzat Ç. is fiction part of the show.He's a police who doesn't care politic,religion,ideology.He's just want to do his job.He also just watch documentaries in TV(i guess there's a joke behind it to) but in that job you can't escape from politics and some dark relationships when show gone forward Behzat finds himself a lot of dirty jobs,danger,puzzles and of course murders.

    It's really hard to review about Behzat Ç. but in the end I just can say a great Drama including great writers,actors and great puzzles.

    I don't know what more can i say but i know a year later from now.

    We all feel emptiness of Behzat Ç. its very special and hard to fill its spot.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    That's just average show.I give 4 stars for Cem Yilmaz's talent.He has a talent who shows funny jokes even it doesn't.I can't believe people give more points fundamentals more than C.M.Y.L.M.Z.First of all C.M.Y.L.M.Z a mix show of Cem Yilmaz's old shows so you can't blame him like 'always same old jokes' but unfortunately fundamentals not that lucky.It's a new show and you're waiting new jokes but you can't find it.Entire show about sex and woman-man relationships maybe different stories but same jokes.Only 2 parts of show not about sex,1-food and tourism business (which only part in show what i like) 2-Cem Yilmaz's tries to look cute his snub attitudes.Last couple years Cem Yilmaz turn to a snub who mean to people and media.He turns to Okan Bayulgen lately.Cem Yilmaz wants to give him a credit about that for example some people wants to take a photo with him but he's not even answer.Excuse;he takes a lot of photo lately.A lot of celebrity people don't go until last person take a photo with him(i can give a lot of exam about it) because they know if these people doesn't exist they're job been meaningless. two criticism more 1-Why so much English language? Cem Yilmaz saying something Turkish and translate it English like if you're saying something English it gets funnier.

    2-Historical and scientific faults. For example Graham Bell part;first of all there's a lot of doubts about Graham bell and finding telephone.OK let's give it a side,Graham Bell's wife can't talk with Bell from another room because she's deaf person. but if you're look at the Cem Yilmaz works you use to that kind of bullshits like 1.000.000 years ago people and dinosaurs live together(in A.R.O.G)but it comes to other movies,Cem Yilmaz highly critic it like Day After Tomorrow,2012....

    I am not kind of snub guy who says if sex and comedy come together its just bad but even Cem Yilmaz's sex jokes way away from creactivity.
  • I can't say any bad things about Ang Lee.This movie couldn't filming beautiful more than this.I am amazed from some scenes,i can't believe how could shoot that scene but if you're a director and you don't write your own screenplay you could face some problems.If you had average screenplay,you could turn to good movie not amazing movie.About screenplay i don't get why writer even put to god into the movie if this movie about just Pi's life i think,it will be more effective than this.There's nothing wrong little Pi's religion search but adult Pi has a big headline 'when i finish my story you'll believe God.Sorry,adult Pi but end of the story i think your success rate 0/1.000.000.If we back to Pi's story why its end Pi was a teenage?Yes Pi's survive is a big story but end of the movie we leaving Pi in Mexico's some hospital with nothing.A huge nothing,no family no money no home....How Pi turn to a successful academician in Canada or USA(we don't know that either) We have no idea.

    Ang Lee do his best but is it enough to get best motion picture award? We'll see
  • I just watch Uzun Hikaye;first of all movie has something to tell us its not waste of time.Movie has some pluses Tugce Kazaz's and Batuhan's acting,A strong star role,Dynamic scenario,some critics on Turkish political and Justice system....but also movie has some minuses to.1- There's a lot of overrated character in the movie,good people like angels,bad people like son of Satan,i really feel emptiness of gray also we see some reflections on the scenes that.2-Ushan Cakir recently play a character like this(Dedemin İnsanları)Casting could easily find someone else for this role.3-I personally love real life stories on the movies because in the life surprise things happens we can't imagine.That's the dynamo of life but in the movie you can see where screenplay goes in some scenes.4-Its a historical movie who tells the 3 generations in some scenes director could easily gives a date but he's not.For example:Prosecutor says 'its bad time for been communist?i mean its could all 70's or start of the 80's we have no idea.5-In the movie poster Tugce Kazaz like lead actress but she's role not that kind of big.
  • Entourage about a movie star and his gang.Isler Gucler is about 3 actors and they're relationships but its just that because there are huge differences between;been a movie star in USA and been a movie star in Turkey.Isler Gucler basically tragicomic stories about TV and movie business.What's made Isler Gucler unique series? a)Selcuk Aydemir(Director,Screenplay)Selcuk Aydemir is very smart and talented director and writer. b)Lead actors(Murat Cemcir,Ahmet Kural,Sadi Celil Cengiz)Ahmet Kural make great performance on the series,this role made him one of the greatest actor in Turkey also Murat Cemcir and Sadi Celil Cengiz has a great chemistry with Ahmet Kural. c)Other Actors/Actresses:Burak Satibol(Salih)be a star in very short time because there's some taboos on Turkish TV series about sex,politics,religion .... so you can't see some real people on the TV bu not Salih.He's one of us,you can easily see a Salih Abi in some neighborhood in Turkey.Yilmaz Gruda's character another real character in the show,he's an old movie star who suffers about money and getting new jobs.There's one surprise performance from Ceren Moray,I really hated her character in Kavak Yelleri but she show to us how an actress could getting to the role,change herself completely.

    It's just a few things who made Isler Gucler awesome.
  • Actually this seasons a few episodes of how i met your mother doesn't give me what i expect actually( i don't know,maybe because of Hımym greatness my expectations gone up) but this episode and episode 16 not one of that episodes.This episode started a big question 'what will Robin says to Ted.In the beginning looks like a new start for Robin and Ted but in the end Ted find out what he wants?he doesn't want to a wife who doesn't love with him.He wants to a real love between him and her.Other hand this episode was really extraordinary,as fun and creactivity.There's no a little overrated act in this episode.Robin and Ted's deal-if we don't find anybody until 40 we'll marry each to other-a set for show(because show couldn't go over 5-6 years more)because we all know from first episode Robin wasn't the mother but the other hand there was a deal.Creators-i don't know how many seasons they wanna go? but- break that set very cleverly.

    I mean you clear it out a lot of things 1-Ted won't marry Robin 2-Barney doesn't wanna be with Robin 3-Ted breaks a wall for reach out love of his life and that episode doesn't give a little bit tolorate no fun nor creactivity.I mean what can expect more a 20 minutes sit-com. Thanks guys.
  • We can say a lot of things about Leyla Ile Mecnun.Great script?of course Great acting? no doubt but Leyla Ile Mecnun did a thing to nobody's done.You can't surprise anything in Leyla Ile Mecnun.Time traveling?done.Travel to the space?done.Because of a comedy series you don't surprise that like lost's finale.About the script i can't go away saying just great.Burak Aksak really great writer,sometimes there's been a joke on Leyla Ile Mecnun.First of all you can't understand it but later you realize there's a quote behind it(Big Lebowski,İncir my case)Leyla Ile Mecnun has a big lost like Arda,Leyla(i miss her a lot in the show by the way) but Sirin,Sirin's brother and Sedef really made a fresh breath on the show because of that the show still one of the greatest.Last one, i realize Leyla Ile Mecnun's American votes are low.I should say that there's a lot of local joke on the show.I hate to say that but if you vote 4 or 5 to Leyla Ile Mecnun you don't understand it.
  • 10 days ago Genis Aile made its final episode.The series should be a mini-series for summer but its turned a very popular TV series since first episode.Incredible and unique dialogs,great writer,a lot of great characters,great cast made the show a phenomenon and the show made more than 100 episodes.More than that,Genis Aile one of the a few shows to one episode,one event.I know its usual thing on American shows but not turkey.A lot of Turkish series is like this one event,3-5 episodes but Genis Aile couldn't keep the quality for a long time.A few characters left the show.Character named Ulvi and Sevim done very bad job on the show.One writer must write 100 minutes for every week a few thing more but at least Genis Aile still one of the Turkish show which i still watching(Leyla İle mecnun,5'er Beser,Behzat Ç.,Bizim Yenge).But channel canceled show and Genis Aile made its final but still Genis Aile left us more than 100 episodes which we can watch and laugh.