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Van Helsing: Liberty or Death
Episode 5, Season 4

some answers at least
This episode at least answered the big question looming, but the main storyline is just bordering ridiculous. The four all powerful vampire elders just sitting around chilling in tea time attire. The prisoners surmount a rebellion only to be thwarted by this series' most useless villain.

Van Helsing: Broken Promises
Episode 4, Season 4

Nice specs
Gotta love Sam ditching the devil horns for a hipster pair of specs, which he's never worn before. I can see wardrobe just being like "here - put these on - oh yes, very mysterious". The Axel/Vanessa grudge match was underwhelming.

Van Helsing: Love Less
Episode 3, Season 4

Three's a crowd
This season more than ever feels meaningless, there really isn't a main plot anymore and the sublots have very vague directions. Hopefully these will all tie together at some point.

Van Helsing: Dark Ties
Episode 2, Season 4

can you karaoke?
This episode answered a question I have long been wanting to ask, does Vanessa do karaoke? Solid storyline and an interesting twist.

Van Helsing: Dark Destiny
Episode 1, Season 4

Back to the same
I cant say I'm surprised, but maybe a bit disappointed that after a mediocre season 3, its back to much of the same starting up S4. This is largely in part because no storylines were wrapped up at the end of S3, but I digress.

Van Helsing: Birth Ritual
Episode 13, Season 3

Poor script
The ending of season three is a culmination of a seasons worth of bad writing. Scarlett sacrifices herself for nothing, Axel just up and leaves, and the rising at the Denver camp results in nothing. Oh, and a long dead Lily just wakes up?

K-9: P.I.

A good word to describe the third installment in the K9 series, retired. The jokes really didn't land and the storyline was predictable and anticlimactic.

Van Helsing: Christ Pose
Episode 12, Season 3

Shut up Wilson
So I guess we're supposed to believe that Scarlett has been on that island for 23 days and Vanessa hasn't reached the dark one yet? And Scarlett didn't look for a lifeboat before? And Axel just happens to be driving by as she pops out of the woods? This episode was sloppy.

Van Helsing: Been Away
Episode 11, Season 3

The storyline has thus ground to a screeching halt with two filler episodes in a row. There was no time to form an emotional connection to Axels past, so it made it hard to care about anyone in this episode.

Van Helsing: Outside World
Episode 10, Season 3

She just keeps hanging on
This added not a single thing to the series, no story development, and (as hard as they tried) no character development. The Mohamad/Sam storyline needed to be killed off two seasons ago, its weak and unnecessary.

Van Helsing: Loud Love
Episode 9, Season 3

Frankie says relax
I guess all good things must come to an end... and there were quite a few endings in this episode. Decent acting and storyline development, I'm kind of starting to like Doc.

Van Helsing: Crooked Steps
Episode 8, Season 3

Going off the rails
Loved the Vanessa/Scarlett chemistry in this episode, the acting felt authentic and the storyline had great flow. Eklund was in his element as creepy vampire elder.

Van Helsing: Hunted Down
Episode 7, Season 3

Calling all vampires
They seriously need to kill this Mohamad/Sam storyline, its stale and boring.

Van Helsing: Like Suicide
Episode 6, Season 3

two down
Decent storyline progression in both San Fran and Denver, solid action coordination, and acting was pretty good. The flesh side plot feels a bit forced.

Van Helsing: Pretty Noose
Episode 5, Season 3

They're here
Glad to see everyone made it to their intended locations, but are we supposed to believe that they walked to san fran? Decent storyline progression and some surprisingly heartfelt moments.

Van Helsing: Rusty Cage
Episode 4, Season 3

Why stop the momentum of the Vanessa/Elder storyline to focus on the almost forgotten Sam and the Johnson's? This subplot is limping along, and while the origin story was answered... was anyone really asking?

Van Helsing: I Awake
Episode 3, Season 3

Save me, san francisco
Fairly good episode of van helsing. While this was more filler than anything, there were some good action scenes.

Van Helsing: Super Unknown
Episode 2, Season 3

Asylum seekers
Other than a nice ode to Boris Karloff, this episode was a drastic falloff from its predecessor. The plot meandered and the neon blood and telekinesis were a weird addition.

Van Helsing: Fresh Tendrils
Episode 1, Season 3

Fresh cuts
Okay, yes - this is literally the best episode of this show so far. The cast all have fresh cuts and are slaying with some badass action. Storyline was well developed and acting was decent.

Van Helsing: Black Days
Episode 13, Season 2

The race to elder mountain
Decent season finale in terms of finishing a few main storylines and leaving a few plot holes to hopefully be filled later. I kind of wish the final battle scene had been more epic, bad guys just kind of went "meh" and gave up.

Van Helsing: Crooked Falls
Episode 12, Season 2

its all coming together
We're heading into the home stretch of season two and a few loose ends fall into place. Good storyline progression and decent acting.

Van Helsing: Be True
Episode 11, Season 2

why cant we be friends
Interesting decision to narrow the focus to just Sam and Mohamad's storyline. Though some good stuff happening, this didn't need to take up a full episode.


lacks charm
K-911 lacks the same charm as its predecessor. The new recruits lacked chemistry and the storyline was a stretch.

Wipeout: OMFG Girl Run!
Episode 3, Season 1

For Luxembourg!
A solid episode with some good wipeouts. Though tbh I fast forward through all commentating and interviews.

Underworld: Blood Wars

All hail Selene
Another awesome underworld as Selene and David take on Lycan and vampire alike. The storyline was surprisingly well developed and had a few good twists I didn't see coming. The action scenes were well coordinated and the effects worked. Selene is as badass as always, making this a solid addition to the series.

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