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The Scorpion King

For the nostalgia
This movie is good for the nostalgia, its early 2000s and the Mummy franchise is happening. Upon closer inspection, characters have no depth, storyline is basic, and acting is bland.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Not bad, not good
This movie lands somewhere in the minefield of good characters bad movie. There is a lot of potential but it all falls just short of ordinary. The CGI is bad and the plot very basic.

Wentworth: The Bitch Is Back
Episode 2, Season 5

Suit up
Two bad ass crazy ladies suit up to take on Wentworth. Well developed storylines and some great character moments. While a bit on the unbelievable I'm properly invested.

Wentworth: Scars
Episode 1, Season 5

Moving on
I won't lie, this had me in my feels, it was hard to watch the women deal with loss, most are reeling, but life moves on. Well developed storylines and decent acting.

Trial by Media

Even though most of these stories took place in the 80s/90s the trial by media aspect seems even more relevant in todays society with social media. The stories were well put together from a documentary aspect and brought up controversial topics.

Trial by Media: Blago!
Episode 6, Season 1

Who cares
I know bribery is a serious crime and it effects our government, but it's so expected that a whole episode dedicated to it was like "who cares". Though the episode fit the vibe of the show, it didn't carry the same weight.

Trial by Media: Big Dan's
Episode 5, Season 1

The undertone of this episode was just sad, and the epitome of why rape and its accusers are such a hot topic. Victim shaming and persecution are just as prevalent today as they were back then. Sad to see it's toll on the victim in this case.

Trial by Media: 41 Shots
Episode 3, Season 1

Hard to watch
This episode was hard to watch because not having any previous knowledge of this event I foolishly thought "there's no way they got away with this". Well put together doc, short and concise.

Wes Craven's New Nightmare

Trapped in the 4th wall
An inventive way to basically scrap all previous sequels and bring Freddy back to basics. The main cast returns and the chill factor is kept up from minute one.

Wentworth: Seeing Red
Episode 12, Season 4

I can't even
While a compelling ending, it breaches past what I would deem an acceptable level of prison shenanigan's, like there is just no way that these showdowns could occur. From a tv side, I'm riveted. From a reality side, it doesn't add up.

Wentworth: Eleventh Hour
Episode 11, Season 4

Why that ending
A great episode right up until that absolutely ridiculous ending, straight out of a cheap novel. Character developments worked really well to progress the story and set up season finale.

Wentworth: Smitten
Episode 10, Season 4

I enjoyed the mostly hopeful tone of this episode, it was a nice break from the hard hitting storylines that have been going on. I had a bit of an issue with the logistics surrounding procuring someone else's spoof, but I digress.

Wentworth: Afterlife
Episode 9, Season 4

Moving on
A bid midseason shakeup that causes the whole prison to re-evaluate their place. Well developed storylines and a few great moments. Acting was decent from the whole cast.

Wentworth: Plan Bea
Episode 8, Season 4

Well this episode wins the award for the most tense five minutes ever made. I almost forgot to breath a few times. Well done. Good acting and storyline developments.

Trial by Media: Subway Vigilante
Episode 2, Season 1

Which side are you on?
A controversial act changes the course of NYC and the lives of many. On one hand you have the right to defend oneself from an attack and on the other the devastation of actual human beings lives. A well put together doc that did a good job of trying to remain objective.

Trial by Media: Talk Show Murder
Episode 1, Season 1

My favorite part about this episode is the layers of watching a documentary exploiting an incident about a tv show exploiting people who then took the show to court and the resulting trial was exploited. It brings up a controversial moral question. Well made doc with relevant interviews and follow up.


Interesting stories
A unique and different take on true crime, the heist. The first two stories were well told and the documentaries well made. Didn't care for the bourbon one. Overall though, well made episodes that were interesting to watch.

Heist: The Bourbon King: Part 2
Episode 6, Season 1

Bourbon blues
Kind of a cheap way to get caught and sold up the river by everyone and their brother. But at the end of the day... it's just bourbon and roids, and unfortunately guns. Mostly filler to stretch out the episode.

Heist: The Bourbon King: Part 1
Episode 5, Season 1

A bit dramatic
We're talking about bourbon and good ole boys here alright, I don't think the excessive dramatics were all that necessary. Lot of filler to make this story two episodes.

Heist: The Money Plane: Part 2
Episode 4, Season 1

The end of the joyride
Not an unexpected ending, but still worth watching for the heck of it. Blowing money on all kinds of things while trying to keep a lid on the wild one.

Heist: The Money Plane: Part 1
Episode 3, Season 1

The perfect crime
Great documentary style and easy to follow storyline. Interviews were relevant and profiles what appears to be practically the perfect crime. Fun watch.

Real Crime: Diamond Geezers
Episode 10, Season 7

Short but concise
I kind of felt bad for the robbers, their mind was in the right place but man did they have bad luck. Decent re-enactments and a numerous true crime story.

America's Funniest Home Videos: Episode #32.22
Episode 22, Season 32

No honorable mention?!
A decent episode and all, though of course a lot of time spent on the grand prize and vying videos, some funny montages. But I draw the line at no honorable mention victory reel.

Wentworth: Panic Button
Episode 7, Season 4

Making money moves
Times are changing and the prison is ever shifting. It was nice to see Bea kind of getting back to being herself. The tension is slowly building which should make for an epic showdown.

Class Action Park

Funny... yet not?
The underlying tone of this documentary is summed up in "it's funny, but like not". The first hand stories told are so wild they almost seen unbelievable. A really captivating documentary that's well put together in both footage and interviews.

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