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Sa-rang-eui bul-sa-chak

Absolutely Fabulous Series!
Wonderful story, beautifully directed, brilliant writing, and incredible film locations and scenery in every episode. Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin were exceptional in their performance together. Their characters Ri Jung Hyuk and Yoon Se Ri coupled with their acting made for one emotionally compelling, heartwarming love story. Similarly, the story would not have been as powerful if it were not for the entire cast: they were all amazing! Bravo to this fabulous production! Netflix does it again with their outstanding Original K-Drama! Cheers to a fantastic viewing selection! Loved it!


Absolutely Fabulous Heartrending Drama!
This was truly an emotionally compelling love story: extremely touching, endearing narrative! Yoon Kye Sang and Ha Ji Won were exceptional in their performance together. Their characters Lee Kang and Moon Cha Young coupled with their acting made for many a heartrending, tear-jerking moment (have plenty of tissue handy). Similarly, the production would not have been as powerful if it were not for the backstories, OST list, cinematography, supporting cast, and fabulous storytelling--all were amazing! Bravo! Loved it! Netflix does it again with their collaborations with JTBC Network for another outstanding Netflix Original K-Drama! Cheers to an absolutely fabulous viewing selection!

Qing yu nian

Fabulous Wuxia Costume Drama!
Wonderful historical costume drama! What really captured my attention to this series was the comedic references throughout each episode: very well integrated into each characters' execution. Similarly, Zhang Ruoyun was brilliant as Fan Xian: his character's expressions and dialog were extremely entertaining and amusing-exceptional performance. Likewise, there were many high-quality, multiple-layered characters that contributed to the amazing production of this narrative: fantastic supporting cast. Fabulous CG worldbuilding, writing and story. Loved the journey! Cheers!

The Witcher

Wonderful Medival Dark Fantasy!
Absolutely fantastic epic fantasy production! This series definitely lives up to its books and video games. The 'Blood of Elves' was my favorite novel, and the short stories, which this series is based, are equally great, must read. Witcher 3 is my game of choice, specifically, because of the graphics and story itself, and this narrative follows wonderfully in storying telling of this hunter's adventures. Just love the elven and all their creature's realm. Outstanding performance by Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia! Wonderful narrative, excellent writing, intriguing CG cinematic world building action scenes, and great cast. Netflix does it again with their fascinating entertainment and cinematography. Brilliant! Loved it!

Naui Ajusshi

Absolutely Fabulous Drama!
Amazing story! This was truly an outstanding, emotionally compelling drama about everyday life: extremely touching and heartbreaking. (You only come across one of these gems once in a blue moon.) The entire narrative and writing were purely brilliant! IU and Lee Sun Gyun were exceptional in their performance together. Their characters Ji An and Dong Hoon coupled with their acting made my heart bleed throughout each and every episode (many tear-jerking moments)! Similarly, the story would not have been as powerful if it were not for the entire cast: they were all amazing! Bravo to this fabulous production! Loved it!

6 Underground

Great fast-paced, action-packed flick!
Ryan Reynolds' performance was fantastic: he enacted the same obnoxious sadistically humorous character as he played in Deadpool. The other five main characters where just as incredible in their part of this narrative. The annihilation and the hunt of the totalitarian ruler by the six-member special forces team was an action-packed pandemonium chaotic story of deadly violence in the name of freedom and justice for the citizens. Intriguing cinematic action scenes, wonderful writing and story, and captivating adventure. Netflix does it again with their fascinating entertainment! Brilliant! Loved It!

The K2

Ab Fab Action Series!
Fantastic political crime drama! Wonderful narrative, excellent writing, intriguing cinematic action scenes, and great cast and crew. Ji Chang Wook's performance as Kim Je Ha was outstanding: I'm always fangirling his works (he's that good). Cheers for an absolutely fabulous action-packed series! Loved it!


Intriguing Conspiracy, Corruption Thriller Drama!
Fantastic action, suspense, spy thriller! Amazing narrative, wonderful writing, exceptional cast and intriguing cinematic action scenes in every episode. Bae Suzy and Lee Seung Gi were absolute brilliant in their performance together (once again): bravo to the outstanding execution of their characters as NIS Agent Go Hae Ri and her sidekick, Cha Dal Geon. Absolutely fabulous action-packed drama! Loved it!

Put Your Head on My Shoulder

Absolutely Adorable!
This was truly a delightfully entertaining lighthearted, coming-of-age romance drama! Xing Fei and Lin Yi were brilliant in their performance together: their characters' (Situ Mo and Gu Weiyi) innocent attraction development was so naively cute. *swoon* By far, an extremely enjoyable and heartwarming narrative. Kudos to the writers and director! Loved it!

Naui Nara

Absolutely fabulous costume drama! Amazing narrative, wonderful writing, exceptional cast, and intriguing CG cinematic world building: really beautiful epic battle scenes. Yang Se Jong and Woo Do Hwan were brilliant in their performance together: bravo to the outstanding execution of their characters as Hwi and Seon Ho, respectively. Their brotherly love for one another, while captured throughout the series as adversaries, was truly spectacular and breathtaking in the final episode (have a lot of tissue handy): incredible ending! Best series of 2019 ever! Bravo! Loved it!

The Kominsky Method

Funnier Second (Season) Time Around!
This 2nd season was hilarious! My kind of laugh-out-loud comedic bantering of life's ups and downs. Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin were paired perfectly: outstanding performances by both! Delightfully entertaining! Loved it!

Joseonroko Nokdujeon

Extremely Entertaining!
Absolutely fabulous costume K-drama! By far, the BEST this year 2019! Amazing narrative, wonderful cast and intriguing CG cinematic world building: really beautiful! Jang Dong Yoon and Kim So Hyun were fantastic in their performance together! Bravo! There just aren't enough adjectives to describe how delightfully entertaining this series was. Definitely, A MUST SEE! Brilliant!


Wonderful Christmas Flick!
Absolutely fabulous story, brilliant writing, heartwarming narrative & delightful adventure to begin the season. Best Holiday animation ever! Bravo! Loved it!

Nal Nokyeojuo

It was ok...
This series started out interesting enough for me to watch: the concept was intriguing. But the drama turned out to be rather slow and juvenile. The writing and directing were below standards. I'm usually sucked into Ji Chang Wook's works just from his name alone, but this wasn't one of his finest. That said, I still liked the story, just not how it was staged. It was an okay filler drama while I await my wuxia costume dramas to become available.

Let It Snow

Adorably cute holiday teen relationship flick! Great cast, wonderful narrative. Liked it!

Love And Destiny

Wonderful Series!
Absolutely fabulous costume drama, love story! Chang Chen's performance as God of War Jiuchen was over-the-top incredible! Hopefully, his entrance into a TV series like 'Love & Destiny' will have him opting more of these C-dramas in the future. He is just amazing! Likewise, Ni Ni's performance as God of War's love interest Lingxi was so adorably charming and alluring: I was mesmerized by all her expressions! Both actors complimented each other perfectly to create a breathtakingly brilliant drama: really beautiful chemistry! The CG and world building was undeniably fantastic! Wonderful story, great writing and exceptional entire cast & crew! Bravo! Loved it!

Jack Ryan

Absolutely Fabulous!
Intriguing conspiracy, espionage thriller warfare! Wonderful story, fantastic writing & awesome cast! Loved Season 2!

The King

Fabulous Flick!
Wonderful story, excellent writing & extraordinary performance by entire cast! Loved it! Cheers!


Whimsical Historical Drama!
Absolutely fabulous young male warrior historical drama! Just adored the comedic bantering and comradery among all the guys: the brotherhood-esque narrative really made this series unique, and extremely enjoyable. (Sure wish more of these all-star male humorous genres were created.) The entire cast's performance was over-the-top extraordinary. I initially began watching this drama because of my fangirling Park Seo Joon, who is brilliant in all his works. Cheers to the outstanding costume drama and fantastic cast and crew. (By the way, excellent ending!) Loved it!

Wooahan Ga

Captivating Drama!
Fabulous murder-mystery, crime drama! Im Soo Hyang and Lee Jang Woo's performance was extraordinary. I initially tuned in to the series because of Soo Hyang (she's my fav), but I have to say, the first-rate performance by Bae Jon Ok (villainess Je-kook, MC group leader) kept me on the edge of my seat throughout the series. Fantastic narrative--cheers to the writers, cast and crew. Brilliant! Loved it!

Geunyang Saranghaneun Sai

Simply Marvelous!
This was truly an emotionally compelling drama: exceptional narrative! Wonderful performance by Lee Jun-ho and Won Jin-ah Their character relationship interaction was so dynamic and extremely tender. Cheers to the writers, cast and crew. Brilliant drama!

Chen qing ling

Absolutely Fabulous!
Amazing story! The entire cast was fantastic. Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo were brilliant in their performance together. I definitely will be fangirling them both in their future dramas. Cheers for this outstanding wuxia-fantasy costume drama! Loved it!

Uisa Yohan

Fantastic Medical Drama!
Absolutely fabulous medical drama! Incredible story: I did not expect such an amazing narrative! Every episode was completely captivating. The entire cast was so incredibly talented: the chemistry among all was unbelievably enthralling and endearing! Ji Sung's performance as Dr. John was extraordinary: he is such an exceptionally brilliant actor. Bravo to the cast, crew & writers for a wonderful emotionally riveting show! Loved it!

The King's Avatar

Incredible Adventure!
Online gaming competition, by far, is my favorite genre. Combine that with Yang Yang's excetional performance and you have an absolutely fabulous series! Outstanding video graphics, fantastic world building, and wonderful narrative! Brilliant!

Mubeop Byeonhosa

Intriguing Crime Drama!
Wonderfully captivating crime drama! Stellar acting by the antagonist Lee Hye Young (Judge Cha). Her character sure kept me on the edge, and intrigued my curiosity as to what antics she was going to produce next. Extraordinary performance by Lee Joon Gi and Seo Ye Ji! Like others, I initially was drawn to the series because of Joon Gi (*swoon*), but I have to say, the entire Lawless Law Firm cast was marvelous! Brilliant writing and narrative! Absolutely fabulous drama!

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