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Gomorra: La serie

there are thousands in NETFLIX feel lucky find this
New to NETFLIX... and confuse why most are mediocre just there to fill slots.. and especially so little for 52 years old that look for good story, good acting. kind of Soprano... than after searching at YOU TUBE for the best netflix show, find this. Netflix need more show out from HOLLYWOOD like this..

Game of Thrones: Dragonstone
Episode 1, Season 7

can not ask more from this great series
year after year, GoT delivered it is promised as the greatest TV Series .. expectation is higher but it always meet i just simply amaze how can movie like this you can enjoy with you regular TV Cable subscription. thank you HBO and feel sad to think that you guys must find a replacement for this show next year

if you like movie...if you like story teller...if you like imagination... will not find anywhere

Fargo: The Castle
Episode 9, Season 2

a new high standard for TV
This is the best I ever saw on TV. I can not understand how come it is perfect in every piece. Writing, production design, music, acting, directing. Many 'big' movies include the current mega hit Star Wars spent so much money to produce but you can still feel something not fit with story with scenes. But this, all parts click. I do not why, even UFO I can accept. I can imagine after this the cast will appear in many new movies. Hoping 'Gerhardts' may appear in kind of Godfther with Jean Smart as patriarch

The problem after this is ... the new standard is there.. against what great show will be judged

thank you for all of you that spread that great show


it touches deep on my heart
the story, stars, picture all look ordinary. However, overall, this movie is very good and recommended. It touches me and will stay with me for long.

It teaches about fatherhood, heritage, compass of Past, Present and Future. How son missed a great love of his father because of misjudgement or by rebelling because felt could not match fathers expectation

Garret Hedlund, Jessica Brown and Rihard Jenkins are superb

It must be low budget movie..but its impact not. Quite surprise how people rated it even under 6..

Taken 2

how it can be so bad ??
I have just saw this movie and in rush to tell anybody that still not seen it please Don't... not only to save money but more important to not make you angry.

How can the Director, the Writer to not use the common sense ?? It will not increase cost. The movie assumes that its audience are stupid enough. All in all it is against common sense and the crews are irresponsible to spend money that way.

How can an old man from somewhere in Albania bring tens mob to istanbul with all resources needed arrange everything but failed to kill one person?

Taken 1 was superb. Taken 2 is rubbish.

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