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Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer

I saw monster last year, and tonight I just saw this documentary. Wow. There is so much more to this woman. Charlize Theron did a good job portraying Aileen, for a glamorous Hollywood actress of flawless beauty--of course it took pounds of added weight and makeup. But the real Aileen isn't as grotesque as Charlize looks in the movie--really. There is a certain charm about the real life woman that I saw in this doc. And a lot more anger.

In this doc, we see the woman laugh and joke, she is quite playful at times. But then you look at her eyes change when she talks about her life and you can the whites and it is frightening. And sad. And raw, emotionally powerful. The real life woman she loved betrayed her. And another thing, Charlize has a deep voice, while the real Aileen has a high pitched shrilly voice. The real Aileen seems a lot crazier, a lot angrier. Like that girl in Freeway, a movie I just saw last night. Especially in the scene where she gets picked up and robs the john, and she says, "Cause I'm pissd off and the world owes me." Definitely the same kind of crazed anger and hate. Raw. That's all I have to say.

Muertos de risa

so absurd it's scary
I enjoyed this film, if not for its comprehension, then at least for its outrageous, odd characters and plot. I love the surreal imagery, and although it has some dirty, disturbing scenes, the point of view is so unaffected and indifferent that its even humorous. This movie is a dark comedy, because it deals with many issues that in reality would be disturbing: death, insanity, loneliness, envy, hatred, etc....And yet the film attempts quite indifferently to use these motifs in its humor.

There are also many subtle details in the movie that catch you by surprise, disgust, or shock. For example in one scene when nino is talking to his manager in prison, in the background you will see a woman with her top open and....well, you get it.

I don't think this movie is perfect, but I appreciate the artistic freedom it took to make it, and the violent, absurd, insane, vile shocks from its twists and turns that leave you strangely and happily confused.

The Ref

Embarrassing attempt to be funny and smart (warning: spoiler)
I LOVE Kevin Spacey. His acting is remarkable in Glengarry Glen Ross, American Beauty, on theatre, etc. I also love Denis Leary with his smartass biting humor. I saw this film for them and it was rather disappointing, to say the least.

The script is sickeningly pointless.....I know its a comedy but couldn't it have made a little sense? What stupid couple could argue so much to drive an armed man crazy? The scenes with the burglar sympathizing with the son made me laugh more than anything else because it was so phony and stupid. I just couldn't buy the whole tough image Leary was trying to sell and at the same time believe a family would let go and help a man who had just kept them hostage while the police were right in front of them. And the fights between Judy and Spacey were WAY overacted and unrealistic.....and I hate that stupid whiny kid.....anyway...that's my opinion.

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