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Funny movie if you understand the English.
I really enjoyed this movie but then I am from a Northern English City where it's OK to laugh at ourselves. Seems a lot of people (mainly Americans) are slating this movie, saying the humour and gags missed. No they didn't, you think they missed because you don't understand it. That's why American television got hold of Shameless an amazing working class series and remade it so Americans could get it. I really don't wish to be rude here but try getting out more, or reading more. For example, I know the history and reputation of Detroit, so if a joke is made about it referring to hard times, or poverty I get the joke, or reference. Why? Because I read and learn about other things other than my own back yard.

Anyway, with respect to people from Grimsby, it's a pit. Been there a few times, it stinks of fish, it has very poor areas and yeah there are a lot of fat people. But I tell you what, they are good funny people who will do anything for you.

I agree with some the movie didn't really have a point, it was just funny. Like I have said, funnier if you understand something more than the comfort of your own back yard.

Some good actors came together here to make a very decent comedy. Give it a try, it will make you laugh.

Movie 43

Sick, shocking but hilarious.
I really can't understand the negative reviews of this movie. I watched a different version of the synopsis that was written. But basically it's the same movie.

Yes it's a bit sick and shocking and at times I couldn't believe what I was seeing. But man was it funny. I was laughing out loud through most of the movie. I was also saying no, OMG no, this can't be happening. It was hilarious. A damn sight funnier than Jackass that's for sure.

Jam packed with stars, original and extremely funny. What more do you want from a comedy?

Give it a try. It's a movie, what have you got to lose?

Silver Linings Playbook

Jennifer Lawrence Outstanding In a fantastic movie.
I've been a great fan of Jennifer Lawrence. I've watched all her movies and always rated her highly. With the exception of The House At The End Of The Street. I think a poor script was more to blame. She is a beautiful and very hot Actress. I first saw a review of her on and have been hooked ever since. So about the movie....I like movies with a strong story line, this delivers on that score. Bradley Cooper plays a guy who is released from a mental institution and goes to live with his parents. He meets up with Miss Lawrence (Tiffany) and it's kind of a relationship that build only 2 crazy people can develop. I can't say much more than in fear of spoiling it. Just do yourself a favour and watch it. You won't regret it.

The Inbetweeners

We can all relate to some part of almost every episode. Classic!!
Unfortunately I didn't start watching this until the third series. My daughter made me watch it. I laughed so much but also squirmed a bit too as it reminded me of the things we would do and say as kids. I love this about movies or television series. Great work and no doubt awesome memories from the writers.

The Americans have made a version of this, don't even bother. I can't understand why they do this, they don't even have inbetweeners. They should just let it stand as the funniest programme to be made in a very long time.

It's so good when they can pick out unknowns and produce magic like this. Kudos to the whole acting and production team.

It's a shame they are no longer inbetweeners and we probably won't be seeing anymore series being made. But what about the next class of inbetweeners? Make another one channel 4, it worked well with Skins. So why not?

Safe House

More we are great the rest of you arn't from America.
For the fact as someone else pointed out that there are thousands of fans wandering around a stadium while a football match (yes the rest of the world call it football) is going on. Beggars belief. Is Hollywood really this ignorant to the real world? Do they not understand that there are other countries much older with culture and traditions that go back way beyond their comprehension? It's like they said we'll have a football match to add authenticity or diversity to this production. Then asked if anyone knew anything about it. Evidently not.

OK, the movie was same old. America is great everyone else is stupid. We rule the world so there. I'm a little sick of it to be honest. I've lived in America and believe me it's not that great. They live in wooden houses, don't have affordable health or education systems in place. Don't understand the concept of chip and pin. Spend Billions on invading oil rich countries but can't control their own borders. Makes me wonder how many terrorists have sneaked over the border with the latins. Where's the CIA then? Surely to have an intelligence agency you have to have to some intelligence? Or maybe they can't see the wood for the trees?

The movie was full of this kind of action. The shooters can hit a target from God knows where and God knows how far away when it's a small (non American) character but can't hit a barn door from 5 feet away when it's the American heroes who are the targets.

Just for once I would like to see the American movie makers be humble or eat humble pie like their nation has had to do on many occasions in real life. I'd like them to look outside their borders and realize that there is a whole world out there. 330 million Americans (and a fair percentage not even Americans) compared to 7billion world population is just a splash in the Ocean. Give the rest of the world a break for the love of God.

Freaks and Geeks

One of the best T.V shows I have ever seen.
I had read a lot about this show and was dying to see it. I have watched all 18 episodes 4 times over. The first time I saw it I did a marathon run and stayed awake until I'd watched the lot. It really is that good.

The thing I liked about it most is I could relate to the characters whether they were freaks or geeks. It was shot in 1980 a year before I left school. I was one of these characters even though I was in another country, it didn't make a difference. School is school no matter where you are.

If you haven't seen this masterpiece then do so. Then tell everyone. Linda Cardellini is fantastic in this as are all the cast. There are so many future stars in this show it's amazing. I will leave it to you to spot them. Enjoy.

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