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Bullet for a Badman

Who IS the Badguy?
A great movie that twists and turns as the characters in the movie are confronted with opportunity, regret, revenge, loyalty (or lack of).

It pumps along at a great pace, providing entertainment all the way.

Murphy's wife in this movie may be the 'pointy-est' woman I have ever seen in the old west (you will see what I mean lol) a miracle that no one loses an eye!

Lots of fun...enjoy :)

The Quick Gun

Good Movie
This is an enjoyable Audie Murphy western.

Simple story with some nice drama but the highlights of the film all belong to the 'Spangler' character. He is dynamic, boisterous, over the top and often hilarious (intentional or otherwise).

Nice way to spend an afternoon :)

Cattle Empire

Get Them Cattle Moving
This is an enjoyable western that hits the spot in all the right places.

The movie kicks of essentially in the middle of a bigger tale (you will understand what I mean) which works well as you try to understand the motivations of the key players in the film. As the movie roles along it does start to become more predictable which is a shame but still retains the viewers (mine) interest.

Solid piece of western movie making that adds to this excellent genre.

The Big Ugly

Not Ugly Enough
This is an ok movie at best. The cast is actually quite good but sadly under utilized. For this type of movie there needed to be a lot more action than the film ultimately delivers.

Hats off to the villain, he really does deliver but its not enough without the moments of combativeness to capitalise on the heat that's been generated.


John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum

Unpopularity Here I Come
John Wick has proved to be a welcome breath of fresh air in the action/spy/hitman genre.

The movies have been bombastic with a really nice undercurrent of layers of character mystery underneath.

I enjoyed Parabellum, I gave it a 7 BUT, the awesome fighting sequences (that I love) are starting to be overused and repetitive. Halle Berry is cool in this movie but why is she using the same moves as Wick? She could have had her own unique style that would have been great, instead her character reduces the Wick character because his moves become less HIS moves.

Totally great movie but I will be interested in a fourth to see if they realise that the action is great but the Wick character is greater?

Now You See Me 2

Yes You Saw Me...Now See Me Again
This is essentially the same movie as the first.

Its still entertaining, the characters are fun, especially Woody but they basically took the ingredients of one cake, moved them around a little and made another cake. I love cake but aside from making coin I feel like this movie needed more of an artistic reason to exist.

Its same same but enjoyable :)

Now You See Me

Insert Funny Magic Themed Headline Here!
Now You See Me is an intelligent, fun and creative movie that most people should find enjoyable.

Its very slick, keeping you on your toes for the inevitable twists that this kind of movie needs to provide to be a success.

The cast are all engaging, sure not very deep, but deep enough to get the job done.

Makes a nice change from most of the movies being made in this era :)

Doctor Strange

The Best of the Marvel Universe
This movie is a winner.

Spectacular visuals, creatively represented that incorporate into the story side by side with the drama of a man searching to discover all he thinks he has lost.

I can't imagine anyone else than BC playing this role, it is perfection.

It keeps moving forward with a fantastic pacing that is fast but never feels rushed.

Great touches of action/drama and humour.

Staggered the sequel has been so long in coming!!

The Martian

Who Doesn't Like This Movie?
The Martian is a clever, sophisticated movie, designed for the viewer who knows how to read! This is NOT a baddies v goodies melodrama.

Realistic science incorporated into a desperate plea for a man to get back home, using his brain.

Its quality story telling that latches you to our protagonist as he moves back and forth between success and failure.

Will he find a way home?

A must watch!


So Very Good!
John Cho leads the story of Searching with an earnest performance of a man looking for his daughter. I was immediately connected and invested with the story.

Unlike other movies such as Unfriended, the use of technology as the prism the movie takes place (largely) within, works really well here, adding contemporary moments reflecting the current way of life, to the story.

But it is the desperation of the Cho character that really drives this winner home.

You won't be disappointed with Searching :)


Homer's Troy...not quite but close enough
Rarely these days do film makers attempt to make movies on such a grand scale that involve characters of legend. Its a daunting undertaking.

Troy sits in that zone of pretty good, could have been better and thankfully not worse.

It does have its flaws but they are easily overcome, generally by the credible performances of the cast and the strength of the core story.

I'm also thankful that this is a long movie, much shorter and the compression (or omission) of story elements would have had a major negative impact. As a longer film it does deliver well with pacing, never allowing the view to get bored.

Have fun with it :)

The Revenant

A Gripping Movie
DiCaprio is super impressive in this movie, drawing us into the struggle for both life and vengeance that is The Revenant.

Struggle is perhaps the keyword, the director allows us to share in the intensity of the fight for life making the audience feel the pain that DiCaprio's character is having to endure.

The movie is real and sometimes quite harrowing and very nicely put together.

The Hangover

Its Just Funny!
A very funny movie that is packed with good times, providing excellent entertainment.

Yes it's over the top but that is a big part of why this movie works so well.

The cast work together well without any weak links, Ken Jeong is an absolute highlight for me :)

Stick your brain somewhere that you can find it later and enjoy The Hangover :)

The Hateful Eight

Middle of the Road for QT
8 is a good movie that fails to deliver its brooding, tense promise.

QT sets the scene in a movie possibly better than anyone and he does it again in this movie.

Yes its dialogue heavy but that's normal for QT, where it fails with 8 is that the dialogue sets up to this monumental event that never really arrives.

Worth watching for sure but temper your expectations :)

Monte Walsh

A Different Western
Very little action or drama, more of a character study looking at the disappearing cowboy in a time of change.

Its a bit bleak in many places with the majority of characters feeling despondent and hopeless as things change.

This film does contain the most ridiculous horse related scene I have ever watched!

One thing this film does do is it gets better as it moves along.

Don't expect a great shootout movie and you may find this quite enjoyable :)


Very Enjoyable
A tremendous movie packed with a super cast throughout.

This movie has everything you could possibly expect, well developed characters, great set design, good story and so on...

The best summation I could make of Glory is this...

Glory runs for 2 hours...I wish it had run for 4!


Slick Predictability
This is a pretty stylish movie that borrows bits and pieces from The Matrix.

The cast if effective and well chosen for the movie.

Its a little shallow and a bit predictable but enjoyable enough none the less.

A Quiet Place

What a good movie looks and sounds like
This is quality film making.

Yes it does have plot holes and yes some of them are pretty big but for the sake of entertainment, allow those to pass. If you do you will be taken into a world full of drama and fear that is so well expressed by both the director and the actors.

The design of the baddies is really cool and they are super terrifying.

I wish I had watched it on the big screen.

Tears of the Sun

Better Bruce
Always good to watch one of the better Bruce Willis movies.

Tears of the sun offers nothing that is overly deep or dramatic but its an entertaining movie.

I sat down with moderate expectations and was pleasantly surprised.

300: Rise of an Empire

Good enough to not ruin the original
Given the choice ( I don't know why I wasn't asked) I would never have made a sequel to 300. Too much risk.

But the $$$ spoke loudly and a sequel we have.

Its an ok movie, Eva Green is fantastic, Sullivan Stapleton is average at best.

The story is ok, the visuals are good, the movie as I mentioned is good enough to not have caused harm to the original but not much more.


How do movies get any better than this?
What a film!!!!

The story is simple and yet provides more than enough, history, pride, ambition honour blending together to lead us to battle.

The character acting is ok, the lead actor in this movie is Frank MIller. The over the top visuals of this movie are as good as any I have ever had the pleasure to see. They are so dramatic, rich, dirty and dark, drawing the viewer into this historically based alternative universe.

Ultimate entertainer :)

Apocalypse Now

More Cuts than a loaf of Bread!
I have watched this movie maybe 10 times and it is epic.

I can't recommend which version to watch, they all have merit, although I do wish someone would just pick one and delete the rest :)

Its dark, confronting, different, deep, too deep and mindblowing.

Its hard to write a summary for something so wonderfully large.

To make your cinematic journey complete I highly recommend watching Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker's Apocalypse, the documentary about making the movie that is as good if not better than the movie!

The Green Berets

Not a War Movie...its a John Wayne Movie!
Not Platoon, Not Apocalypse Now, Not We Were Soldiers...it is John Wayne.

The story is almost irrelevant, this is John Wayne climbing down from the horse and dusting off his duds and stepping into a jeep and a nice shade of green. He is still playing the same character.

So this is really simple, if you like Wayne you will like the movie otherwise its just a movie.

Black Hawk Down

WOW an amazing blend of true story (with adaptations) mixed with exciting action that creates one hell of a ride!

The movie is quite long but never feels like it. The action/drama propels the story forward without let up.

The performances are great, the visuals are striking and the audio puts you write in the middle of the action.

Is there anything that Scott can't do?

Good Morning, Vietnam

Energetic Rollercoaster
There are few movies that are able to so smoothly move from humour to drama to action, sorrow and joy. GMV wonderfully explores the emotions of war.

GMV is also a transformative move for Williams' career moving him from comedy to drama all within the one movie. Hard to imagine anyone else making this movie work so well.

A very unique piece.

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