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Something to Talk About

One Of The Worst movies I have ever seen
When this movie came out where I live it played for about a week and disapeard. That has never happened I believe and I understand why. This film isn't worth of renting, even better it isn't worth seeing because literally there is nothing interesting going on in this film. One - dimensional characters in a poorly written Julia Robert's crapfest.

No wonder nobody remembers this movie. It was one of the most pieces of turd I have ever seen. Why the film company wanted to spend money on this is beyond me. This is like on of these movies that the actors did when they didn't have anything else to do. Nothing in the script made them want to job but they needed some extra buck.

Opinberun Hannesar

A Fun movie that doesn´t try to be something it isn´t.
Opinberun Hannesar is not a cinematic masterpiece but isn´t trying to be either. It is a fun little movie based on a story by our beloved Prime Minister and is directed by his old time friend and controversial director Hrafn Gunnlaugsson. A movie about a guy who has a few days of living hell. In Iceland people complained about the acting and it was done by amteurs ( this film has at least 3 trained actors in big roles and the lead actor is a man who has been doing movies, plays and television for years) and the script being rubbish and such well compare it to many other Icelandic film and this one is an oscar material. And I can tell you a few Icelandic movies that are with amateurs in the leading role. I give it a 7.

A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2: Freddy's Revenge

Freddy´s Revenge
A Nightmare On Elm Street part 2: Freddy´s Revenge.

The first sequel to the massively aclaimed Wes Craven´s hit A Nightmare On Elm Street.

Most people know the plot by now.

I have to say I quite liked the movie. It was different than the original. It had quite many scares and was very exciting. Storywise it was very good, sometimes silly but it never got to the point that you just wait a minute. The acting was good for the most part which is rare in these kind of movie and the special effects were also good considering its budget.

The movie is short. Only 80 minutes long but it manages somehow to tell an entire story in these times and managed to do that perfectly. Freddy is still dark and scary and the make-up is excellent.

Some fans of the series have complained about the gay undertones and indeed there are some but it isn´t all that bad and some of those part were perhaps important to the story in a way.

Overall: a scary and an enjoyable horror flick that isn´t near as bad as everyone has said and is indeed a perfect rent for a lonely movie night. Check it out.


A Nightmare on Elm Street

A Nightmare On Elm Street
A Nightmare on elm street is an intelligent horror movie about a girl who does everything to stay awake and not fall asleep. The reason is because she´s afraid that a man in her dreams is going to kill her there which means that she will be dead in real life.

The idea for this movie is fantastic. The movie is fresh and exciting and keeps many on the edge for the entire time.

The character Freddie Krueger is scary in this one. A Former child molester and a killer whose afterlife is about killing all the children of Elm Street.

The acting is okay for the most part. The movie is done very well on some levels merely cinematography and direction but somehow they didn´t spend too much money on special effects. The movie still manages somehow to overlook that factor and give the audience what it came after. Scares, excitement and originality. The music is horrid for the most part. The Dream scenes are great and are indeed dreamlike.

Overall this film is a splendid movie for horror and movie fans who want to see blood, guts and excitement as well as a movie about an interesting subject.

Sibling Rivalry

I liked it.
Sibling Rivalry is one of those typical late 80´s early 90´s movie that came along. Some people saw it in the theater and some people rented it but never came a cult hit or a box-office smash and has now been forgotten.

This does not mean that this movie is bad or movies of this sort are bad. On the contorary these films are actually quite entertaining and help you to get into good mood and this film falls into that category.

It is short, funny, exciting and has some great acting. Jamie Gertz and Kirstie Alley are great as the sisters and the supporting actors and actresses to a good job.

One of the things that bothers me is that they don´t show the cover that was used on the tape where I live where you see Kirstie Alley covering up her face with a blanket or a sheet. It is one of the all time greatest movie posters I have seen.

Englar alheimsins

Englar Alheimsins
Upon first viewing I liked this movie but I didn´t think it was all that great and very overhyped. The acting was good no doubt about that but it seemed to lack in something and some things were missing. I read the book few months later which this movie is based on and I fell in love with it. The book is a bit different from the movie and we get to know the character from he is born until he´s dead as opposed to this movie we only get to see few years in his life.

What I didn´t like about it was it tried to be so depressing when it didn´t have to be. The music by Hilmar and Sigurros tried to do something to us that obviously the film makers thought they weren´t able to. This was way too distracting. It was also very and I mean very annoying. The movie was also far to heavy. The book had much lighter tone to it and even though the movie had some funny scenes in it there and there it felt like a drag and sometimes it were just snapshots and more.

There seemed also to be lack of character developments and you couldn´t get to know him quite well to understand what he was going through. Why did he go insane in the first place.

This was however a difficult task for both the writer and the director considering that it is based on a person that they knew. Einar Már writes the screenplay which is based on his book that is based on his brothers life that wen´t insane and eventually killed himself but the movie just didn´t capture the wibe of the book. I didn´t feel all to sorry for the characters or anything.

overall grade 6.5/10.

Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore

Alice Doesn´t Live Here Anymore
ADLHA is Martin Schorcese´s fourth film and his first movie that became a commercial success. I Wont go into the plot or anything for that matter considering that you have already read about what this movie is about. I really liked this movie. It was enjoyable well acted little movie that I liked very much and think it is one of the best movies I have ever seen. 9/10.

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