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Deliver Us from Evil

"Deliver Us From That Movie!!!"
I wish to start by saying that I am not a film critic. However, I am a lover of horror flicks. When seeing the previews for this movie, I felt I just had to fork out money to go and see it. The movie did have a few scenes that made you jump and I mean a few scenes. Despite the few suspenseful scenes, the movie made no sense to me. I especially became very "pissed off" at how the movie ended. I wanted to go and get my money back. The exorcism scene was the worst exorcism scene I had ever seen; it couldn't hold a candle to The Exorcist. The movie felt like it was jumping all over the place and at some points went from horror to comedy! The only reason why I am giving it a 3 rating is because of the few "jump scenes." To end, this movie was very disappointing. The preview of this movie where they show the people in a theater jumping and screaming is misleading!!!!! In addition, I am very puzzled with the reviews on this site. I couldn't be the only one who thinks this movie was not all that it was made out to be.

Autumn Blood

Movie was Okay!
I don't understand why there are so many harsh reviews of this movie. I feel that the people who rated this movie so low are being overly critical and reading too much into the movie. The movie was simplistic and left you wondering what is going to happen next. Isn't that what a thriller is supposed to do? Make you wonder or guess what's happening. I do agree, I didn't understand why there wasn't much dialog but that just adds to the mystic of the atmosphere of the movie. I felt that it was good due to the fact that the actors/actresses barely spoke a word. In which dialog is what we are so use to hearing in movies and surely was expecting to hear from this movie and perhaps that's why it was rated so poorly. The location where this movie was shot was breath taking. I recommend this movie but I also recommend that when you watch it don't expect a lot from it. Just enjoy it for what it is and don't try to make it be more than what it is. Just keep in mind, you will barely hear a spoken word in this movie...

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