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Secta satánica: el enviado del señor

Rare gem in an era of bad mexican cinema
Having grown up in mexico in the 80's i remember most of my weekly cinema sessions with dissapointment, the movies of that decade were extremely formulaic and very low budget straight to video fare. Secta Satanica (or el enviado de el senor) broke that mold in my opinion. THe strugle between the good i.e. traditional religion versus the percieved evil of a new religion was more of a critique of mexican society in that era than a warning of the horrors of satanism in my opinion . the movie succesfully succesfully relies on suspense and intrigue instead of rampant gore as other movies of the era. German Robles as the "Enviado" is excellent , he looks evil , you dont trust him ,but nevertheless his arguments are very convincing on the town's population teh personification of the devil. The priest played by Joaquin cordero is lossing grip of the people, perfect example of the problems of the catholic church in mexico at that time losing ground to alternative religions which shook mexican society. if you are interested in a realistic view of mexican rural society in the late 80's with an intrigung suspense story . i recommend this movie

El apando

Mexican prsion movie ahead of its time
this movie show a raw look at the brutal conditions which to this day exist in the Mexican prison system. the dialogue does not ommit any profanity or references to homosexuality,drug abuse, and corruption; unthinkable in a mexican film of the seventies.anyone interested in knowing about life in the mexican penal system should watch this film.

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