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That's So Raven

Angell Conwell as Andrea
This girl (Angell Conwell) is just talented! She really draws you into whatever character she plays. "Dissin Cousins" was a great episode. Good work by all the regulars and adding Angell Conwell was the icing on the cake for a sweet show! It's repeated several times and I laugh each time.

One on One

Angell As Amanda = Awesome Acting!
The performance by actress Angell Conwell was comical, cute and classy. She played a 21 year old believingly as well as a 17 year old believingly, in the same episode "2 Young & 2 Curious" last night. Her range has no boundaries. I've seen her play both classy and ghetto and she really rocks. That's what you call ACTING. Congrats to the Producers, Director and Casting of One On One for having the EYES for true talent. There is hope for Hollywood. As a writer myself, it's good to know that TRUE TALENTED Actors still have a shot at the good roles.

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