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The Rhythm Section

I'm very eager to share my opinion about this movie I think it's absolutely fantastic lively does a wonderful job with the superhero fighting action/everyday unbalanced emotional woman transition!

Law is staid and gorgeous as usual... they are both accomplished enough actors to bring a riveting belief to the somewhat wild premise.


Terrible stupid gratuitous fake violence
I am so disappointed in Abigail Spencer because she's a fantastic actress and here she is in this piece of crap. I couldn't get past the violence stupid gun shooting people dying all over the place for no reason with blood everywhere scenes. Then

Then there was the usual gratuitous disgusting sexist ridiculous strip joint scene!

I had to turn it off. what a waste of money.

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

Powerful Beautiful Ending
I was not impressed by the trudging sexist violence of the first three-quarters of the movie... however the last quarter BLEW ME AWAY. Starting with the scene with Aaron Paul & Bryan Cranston and then the scene with Kyrstin Ritter ... They were unbelievably powerful and wonderful and poignant and lovely. Mr. Paul did a spectacular job of coming through at the end as a fully robust emotional and sophisticated character. Wow.

Gentleman Jack

Absolutely perfect
Suranne Jones is so believably electrically fabulous in this great mini-series written by the brilliant genius Sally Wainwright!!! The sets, the acting, the authenticity of the historical lexicon ...everything is absolutely perfect! It's a real pleasure and there's a lot of laughing and crying - it's wonderful

Locked Up

Terrible soundtrack terrible acting terrible scenery terrible editing oh my God and it's sexist to boot

Four Weddings and a Funeral

Silly and incomprehensible
As a lifelong fan of the 1994 classic I was understandably excited and anticipatory about this much the talked about TV series... what a let-down... it was random at best with people jumping all over the screen and no coherent dialogue. The stars did not connect with each other at all...and I'm very sorry to say that it was a huge disappointment for me

The Operative

Luscious intrigue drifts off
Star-studded European actors grapple with exciting action and we are privy to titillating exacting espionage secrets here... Sadly a weak plot fizzles out into a character study of one tortured spy LOL Kruger does a brilliant job however and it is a pleasure to see her in action!

The Hot Zone

Disjointed failure OMG
After recently watching the British show Chernobyl and glorying at it's absolutely incredible realistic scenarios and beautiful acting...I unfortunately tried to watch this American production of a fictional disaster. It is the worst most boring, badly acted, disjointed show I've seen in a long time. I'm sorry to say it because there are some great stars - Ms. Margulies and Mr. Cunningham are still wonderful although Mr. Grace falls flat as usual... as do all the other B actors in the series. Terrible production.

The Hummingbird Project

Freaking Fabulous
This riveting, brilliant expose of deeply intense, psychologically profound relationships made me cry with happiness several times - and often fear-shocked me! Mr. Eisenberg is absolutely believable in his brutally deep depiction of the protagonist. Mr. Skarsgaard does a complete and utter transformational role with his physicality. Mr. Mando's loving poignancy brings a breathtaking familiarity to his character. The sheer beauty of the technology exploration is enough to pique any science buff. Mr. Nguyen's gorgeous values make this the most beautiful movie I have seen this year. Thank you to all that worked on this amazing film.


Gruesomely real. Totally believable. Explains the shocking realities of this extremely brutal accident that killed and ruined the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. Horribly sad. Bureaucratic bungling. The true catalyst for start the collapse of the USSR.

Zone Blanche

Scary as OMG!
A lot of serendipitous occurrences with incredible realistic acting but it's all too horrendous and horrible to believe! I can't watch it oh my God it's too too scary

The Professor and the Madman

Fascinating story but
Sean Penn and Mel Gibson did a great job acting the bazaar characters in this film which must be a compilation of several stories. Unfortunately the treatment of the women in this screenplay was abhorrent... portraying two brilliant British actresses in real dummy roles. No lines for Dormer or Ehle here Gurrls.

Triple 9

Absolutely stunning
Tense action; deep trauma; pure drama and close beautiful relationships between complicated characters make this action thriller a fantastic ride. Editing and timing brilliance are apparent throughout... Now this is a fantastic cop action movie!


Sexist crap
Yes the filmmakers were going for a interesting surreal approach to a ubiquitous story and that would have been great except for the utterly wasted talents of Ashley Judd and Anne Hathaway. McConaughy does a good job in a creepy role however the whole thing reeks of ancient dumbing-down the women film practices and it really made me sick. I had to turn it off.

The Front Runner

Missed the mark
This film was sold under the premise that it was an expose of the early days of total Media domination and the privacy implosion that started around this time in the 80s. I was interested in this historically; but found the film to be lacking in any kind of analysis or critical deconstruction in terms of what did actually happen to that poor Gary Hart. Did he believe that adultery was evil or a "sin"? It was never clear. I found Vera Farmigo to be quite weak in this dumbed down role for her; as she is a very good actress and was wasted in this film.

The Old Man & the Gun

Beautiful poignant
Although the women's roles are weak in terms of the ubiquitous supportive female boringness LOL Redford is absolutely beautiful and lovely and such an incredible actor and I cried all the way through because it's his last role ...I grew up with him LOL Casey Affleck is stunningly amazing he is such a true method actor.

The Mule

Beautiful poignant FÀBULOUS
What a beautiful experience to watch this film! Clint is so real and true and believable! Bradley Cooper of course shines as the most gorgeous man that ever walked the planet Earth LOL LOL Mr. Eastwood is so spectacularly wonderful as a director... it's a slow burn... it's deeply touching around family issues; the acting is perfect! It gets exciting! All around wonderful film

One Strange Rock

Absolutely Wonderful
This is a mind-blowing cacophony of splendid! Every episode is beautiful. I can't believe the photography and the amazing incredibly interesting angles and scenarios that photographers have caught. The astronauts are wonderful! It's just so good! Everybody should watch this to gain a critical beautiful perspective on our Fabulous living pulsating gorgeous planet Earth!

Dirty John

A true story of child abuse.
Yes this is a truly sad story. Exploitive chronicle about a child who was systematically psychologically and physically abused by a father that grew up into a heroin/narcotic addict.

The spiraling nightmare of his life as he lived from fix to fix affected innocent people and their families with horrific and unfair circumstances.

The script has presented this abused person as evil and thoroughly at fault for his actions. I'm disappointed that there was not more sympathy and attention paid to the violent child abuse manifesting into a drug problem. There is no sympathy for this arc in the series.

I fear that those who are not educated in these issues will watch the series and become hardened against drug abuse in terms of it being a health issue rather than a criminal issue.

I understand this is a true story; however I believe that the producers could have being much more responsible about the issues at hand and presented a more educational viewpoint... instead of giving in to the usual exploitation of innocents by the media... the practice that currently dominates our society.

State Like Sleep

Sleep like state - YES YAWN!
So boring, so predictable...the flashbacks were ridiculous and too many. Nobody felt real even the veritable genius of Mary Kay Place was dumbed down into a ubiquitous old lady role. Gratuitous sex; boring violence; dull dialogue.

The Long Song

Can't watch past EP 1
This is such a gross piece of fiction! There are zippers on dresses (not invented yet) and the blackness of the main character changes with each generational switch... I feel that this show is an insult to the terrible history that they are trying to depict. Also I know that only "lighter coloured" Peoples were used in the houses of the oppressors as domestic slaves.


Arrogant & evil 'Breaking Bad' rip-off
Although the acting seems superb at first; and the tension is fine... this unfortunate caracature of the most excellent series "Breaking Bad" falls apart halfway through... into an evil trek through this arrogant Director's superhero complex. This film gratuitous and quite disgusting. I had to turn it off halfway through.

Death and Nightingales

Theatrical Drama
Skelly, Rhys and Dornan heavily invest in their formal Theater training for a deeply emotional rendition of Eugene McCabe's historical novel of the same name.

The agonizing dialogue will either put one off immediately or serve to capacitate an intense immersive process into the emotional auras of that time.

Escape at Dannemora

Ben Stiller has reached deeply within the Shakespearean duality of a priori tragedy and comedy that exists as a psychological platform for all the brilliant jestor actors of that venerable ilk. Starring the excellent Mr Benecio; Ms. Patricia and Mr. Paul who all fill their roles with immense reality and poignant impact; this series reaches plateaus of excellence in so many different directions and at so many different levels... it is tight, compelling, fascinating, brilliantly acted, beautifully produced and spectacularly filmed!!! This is modern awesome Television at its best!


Feminine Kick Ass!
Although it is wonderful to see a woman hero smashing her way through tough guys who look like they come from the other side of hell...this movie sadly does not have very much of a plot. It is just one long parody of all action movies; with Garners excellent physique slashing and trouncing everything in sight...Go Gurrrl!

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