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The Irate Gamer

Truly awful...
Now, when I write a review, I like to write a positive and negative paragraph...There is no way I can do this on this review. So I guess this interview will be only two paragraphs, the introduction and what is bad. This is because there is no good that comes to mind when I think of the Irate Gamer.

The show, if you can call it that, is nothing but a shameless knock off of the "Angry Video Game Nerd". Even with that aside, the show is without a doubt thoughtless and horrendous. The jokes are predictable and dull, the information is downright inaccurate at some points, and the production is half hearted. To conclude, this show is to the AVGN what Turkish Star Wars is to Star Wars.

The Brain That Wouldn't Die

It's bad, unless you like that kind of thing
What can I say about this film that isn't blatantly obvious.It's silly, it's from the 60s, it's cheese-tacular fun. I'm going to try to give a thorough review, but what do you really expect? I'll give one paragraph of what's positive, and one of what's negative.

What's good about it? It's good old cheesy fun. It has a hilariously stock story that would make even Ed Wood say, "That's a little stupid". The performances (Especially Virginia Leith) are hilariously horrendous. I know it sounds like I'm poking fun at it, but this is what happens when you try to be serious...

The plot, is just downright dumb and mind numbing. The effects are below fourth rate, even for the time. The acting is horrible, but to the actors credit, 90% of their dialog is poorly written exposition (and I swear some of them are intoxicated). Everything about this movie seems rushed, and as one final insult the title of the movie changes to "The Head that wouldn't die" in the films ending credits. As if to say, "We didn't care about this movie either." And that's my final thoughts on the matter.

Child's Play 3

Okay, The second Child's play wasn't that good but what is this?!I'm going to try to be fair and write a positive and a negative one. But to be honest, there is a lot more to talk about in the negative section. I know it looks like I might be being unfair, but to put this in perspective, I'm a fan of the original and didn't even mind the second one.

The only thing positive I can think to say is that the ending was very well done. For those of you who watched the movie, I'm referring to the carnival segment. It's dark, it's creepy, it's what a voodoo slasher flick should be. They seem to take Chucky seriously in this final act and to be honest, it's one of the scariest segments in the whole franchise. Also Brad Dourif is back, which is always a good thing.

Now it's time for what's bad. EVERYTHING ELSE! I detested the first two acts entirely. First of all, Military school isn't a creepy setting in the least, and Chucky looks more out of place than ever before. It's like someone wrote Chucky in at the last minute to some bad drama about a troubled teen in military school.Also they try to make Chucky scary, then funny, then scary again. Unfortunately no one told the producers they couldn't have it both ways.The death scenes are over the top, but not in a good way.

If I could summarize this movie up it would be this-It's an insult to the original, but it's not the biggest one unfortunately

Child's Play 2

Eh, just eh
When I first saw child's play, I was 10 years old, and I loved it! It was the first horror film I had ever seen which considering 70% of my movie collection are horror movies, it's fair to say it changed me as a movie goer. But when I saw Child's play 2 I think I had the same reaction that any horror fan did, "Eh, just eh". In order to do this movie justice I feel I should write a positive paragraph and a negative paragraph.

What's good is that it's a classic bad horror film. There are some classic deaths and some clever lines. It's nice to see Alex Vincent return as Andy Barclay, but my favorite casting call is bringing back Brad Dourif as the voice of Chucky. It has a half decent story and it wraps together quite well. The best part is the carnival music at the end.

Now for what's bad. It's not as good as the first, by a lot. While this one was a classic bad horror film, the original was a classic good horror film. The voodoo aspect, besides the chant, has been annihilated and otherwise written out of the story. Brad Dourif and Alex Vincent are back but Chris Sarandon (Mike Norris) and Catherine Hicks (Karen Barclay) are no where to be found, and those were my favorite characters! So bottom line, this movie is pretty bad, but hey, it's better than what the producers did to chucky in the OTHER sequels.

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