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Days of Our Lives: Episode #1.13570
Episode 13,570, Season 1

Jennifer the Criminal
In today's episode, Jennifer put on some sort of Hazmat suit, entered Jack's apartment, and began to spray some sort of chemical everywhere. I do not know if Jennifer has been alive since 9/11, but the Department of Homeland Security takes a dim view of spraying chemicals in someone's apartment building. Matter of fact it is now a federal crime. So when ICE shows up at Tripp's wedding to arrest Haley, they can also pick up Jennifer at the same time.

The Bob Newhart Show

One of The Very Best
Life will never be as good again as it was in the middle 70's watching television on Saturday night. On CBS, Saturday night, 1973-1974 season you could plop down on the sofa and enjoy, in order, All In The Family, M*A*S*H, Bob Newhart Show, Mary Tyler Moore Show, and Carol Burnett. My favorite of the 5 had to be The Bob Newhart Show. Dry, sophisticated humor, with every part perfectly casted. Even the supporting cast was perfect. If you were alive in 1973 you know what I mean. If you did not live through this period, I feel sorry for you.

I've Got a Secret: Episode dated 11 November 1953

Early Episode
This episode of I've Got A Secret is available for viewing on YouTube. I watched it recently, and was not really impressed. Joan Bennett was still a panelist at this time, and later she would be replaced. The first contestant was a young college student who claimed to have had a dinner date with Marylyn Monroe and that she picked up the tab. The man offered no proof, and frankly I am skeptical. The second contestant was a World War I flying ace who shot down 12 German planes. Finally, Patti Page came on stage to sing "How Much Is That Doggie In The Window" (a popular song in 1953), as a duet with a dog howling while she sang the song. Pretty Weak. All in all not too bad, an above average show.

The Middle: Vive La Hecks
Episode 1, Season 9

All Right
First show of the last season. Can't believe that 8 years have passed so quickly. I thought they might keep going until Brick graduates from high school, but alas, it is not meant to be. There will be a big void in my life after the Hecks no longer visit my home on Tuesdays. But at least there is always reruns. But back to this particular episode. The meat of the show is the conflict between Axl and his dad over Axl getting a job. He has a degree, he has taken the summer off, and now it is time to go to work. But apparently Axl does not share that thought. We will see how it plays out over this final season what type of job Axl finally procures. The writers are casting hints about Sue's love life, that I think will be wrapped up before the end comes. Do yourself a favor and check out the final season.

Radio Days

Great Movie
This is one of the greatest movies I have ever experienced. Every thing about this movie works, the players, the music, the scenery. New York has never appeared lovelier, just beautiful shots of Times Square supposedly in the 1940's. There isn't much of a plot, just loosely joined vignettes, but that is enough. When the end of the movie comes, it makes you wish it would go on and on. Do yourself a favor and catch this movie if it ever comes on TV.

Sky King: The Wild Man
Episode 1, Season 4

Good Solid Episode
Sky King and Penny are on routine flight patrol when Penny sees a car go over the ledge of a steep roadway. After finally finding a place to land, Sky and Penny make their way to the crash site along with a tow truck driver. The car is a long ways down from the roadway, but the driver, Charlie, is caught on a tree right below the road. Using the tow line, Sky King lowers himself to Charlie and rescues the injured man. Charlie tells Sky that a person known locally as "The Wild Man" fired a rifle at him causing the wreck. He says the large payroll is still in his automobile below. But a search does not turn up the payroll. What happened to the payroll, and who shot at Charlie? Stay tuned to the rest of the episode for these answers. Good, solid, adventure show.

Malibu Country

I loved, loved, loved, Reba McEntire's show "Reba". That show had just the perfect blend of comedy, pathos, family, good actors and good acting. When this show was announced, I never expected that it would be as good as her last show. Mostly because, I guess, Reba would have a different supporting cast. But I also never dreamed the show would be this gawd awful. I am confused as to their target audience. Half the actors are Southern Rednecks, and half are gay. I guess the producers of this show are shooting for the Rednecks who want to see a lot more gay shows on TV niche. Reba and her husband, Narvel Blackstock are listed at executive producers, so there is no way I can blame the left coast liberals for this mishmash. It is beyond my understanding that Reba would allow a show that she is starring in to become such filth. I taped the first two shows and previewed them before I would allow my 12 year old granddaughter to view them. After I saw the shows, I erased the tapes. There is no way I am going to let any of my grandchildren view such filth. I can remember when MASH began, and MASH started off slowly before finding their footing. A lot of the characters in the first years were later written out. Reba, if you have any hope of your loyal fans watching your show, you need to change the direction of this show and do it immediately.

Last Man Standing: Voting
Episode 1, Season 2

Amanda Fuller Has To Go
What were the producers of this show thinking? Did Alexandra Krosley (the actress who played Mandy Baxter last year), ask for a million dollars or something? One would only suppose that Alexandra Krosley has moved on to better roles, however her IMDb listing does not show her with anything new going on. For whatever reason, the producers of this show replaced the eldest Baxter daughter, who in real life was 21 years old last year, with an actress who is 28 years old!!!! WTF? On top of that, they aged her son about 6 years, and brought in a new baby daddy that is not only old, but annoying. This, maybe, could be overlooked if Kristin was made a peripherial part of the show. But, no, in the first 2 episodes of the fall 2012 season, she is the main character. And the annoying baby daddy is the secondary character. If this is not fixed, and fixed quickly, there will be several good actors and actresses on this show out of a job by January. Do all the fans of Last Man Standing a favor and have Kristin marry the annoying baby daddy and hit the road for LA. It would be OK to leave the baby behind.

The New Normal

Wrong Title
The title of this sitcom is "The New Normal". Actually this is the old abnormal. None of the jokes are funny, the writing is terrible. The actors are wooden and the show is contrived. There is actually one normal person on this show, Jane Forrest, played by Ellen Barkin. This woman is the only person on this show that actually has a grip on reality. So naturally Jane is ridiculed, scorned, and put down. I mean, after all in the new normal world, intelligence and common sense derided. Powers that be at the networks do not seem to understand that it is older viewers that are their main consumers. If they did, they would not make fun of traditional family values. I give this mismash 10 weeks at the most. Do yourself a favor and skip this pile of garbage trying to pass itself off as normal.

Earth 2100

Leftist Propaganda Crap
I (unfortunately) stumbled on this crapola while I was watching "The History Channel" this morning. My first thought was "What the h%!! is a show about 100 years in the future doing on "The History Channel" in the first place? After I got past that I just sat there amazed at the stuff in the show that passed for facts. The show purported to be following this one person "Lucy" who was born in 2009 for 100 years. But in fact the whole show was just an excuse to try to shove green/liberal propaganda down America's throat. I will give you a couple of examples. In their liberal scenario, Lake Mead has completely dried up. Well I guess there goes Las Vegas. Further the whole northern part of Arizona is covered with solar panels. Was there not even one sane person around that said "Hey, you know what, we could produce much more electricity, at a lower cost, and use less land if we built a nuclear reactor"? To continue my story, this family motors from San Diego to New York City. While passing through Texas and Oklahoma, they notice thousands of people streaming away from Texas and Oklahoma due to water and food shortages. Has anyone noticed people streaming away from the Southwest lately? California, yes, Detroit, yes, any city in New Jersey, yes, but Texas, not so much. So the family arrives in New York City where the father finds work. My first thought was "If the people of Texas and Oklahoma (where there are millions of acres of rich farm land) are suffering a food shortage, who exactly is feeding the 12,000,000 people piled on top of each other in New York City. In fact, since there is now no gasoline, what is propelling the farm tractors in the first place? I mean can you envision a Chevy Volt pulling a plow? In conclusion, this show did not make me mad because it is 100% liberal propaganda, it made me mad because it is poorly done liberal propaganda. Anyone with an education above the 6th grade can see right through this crap.

2016: Obama's America

I saw this movie the first night. It is an excellent, powerful movie. The theme of the movie is that no one knows anything about our 44th President. This man has snuck into power under the radar without being vetted by the mainstream media all because he is an African American. No one has ever seen any of his educational records, and apparently the mainstream media has no interest in digging into the records. The mainstream media could come up with Obama's transcripts if they wanted to, but they are afraid of being called racists. Barack Obama has been given a pass for 50 years because of the color of his skin. Every one and every organization will not touch this story for fear of being called racists. Dinesh De Sousa is not afraid, he presents the facts here for the viewer to make up their own minds. Very powerful movie, I highly recommend it.

The Spanish Earth

During the time this documentary was made, Hollywood was rife with Communists. For some reason there were scores of Hollywood types who thought that Socialism was the way to go despite all evidence to the contrary. The production company that made this documentary was made up of a whos-who of Communist sympathizers, Jos Dos Passos, Lillian Hellman, etc. As a result this documentary is completely slanted to one side, the side of the Republicans, which were supplied and supported by the Soviet Union. There is absolutely no attempt to be even handed in the presentation, Republicans=Good, Nationalists-Bad. If you decide to view this documentary go into it with the forewarning that none of what you are seeing is in any way even handed.

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