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If Only

Not Good
Silly and superficial Rom Com without much in the way of laughs or involvement. A sort of by the numbers formula Rom Com really and fails.

Finding Forrester

Long and short
LOng winded and short of any real enjoyment. I have a lot of regard for Connery but this is not his best sorry just does not work for me.

50 First Dates

Bland and unfunny
Sandler at his worst and most predictable, if you are a fan greate if not grate.

Easy Virtue

Something lost in translation
It is always hard to translate a play into a movie and this one didn't do too well. Mildly amusing at best dated and with a poor sound track and in fact the actors did not speak very clearly either - which considering this was a play really - is bad. The music blairing over the actors voices did not help much.

Griffin & Phoenix

Nice romance with a twist
Good story, a bit contrived but that is it's charm. You know whats coming but still it warms the heart and charms the spirit.

The Grizzlies

Starts off with promise and descends into all the regular clichés but with a unique Canadian outlook. Gets quite slow and boring at times because of the dialogue and there is a lot of moralising political correctness bordering on lecturing about it.

Not one I'd recommend.

The Dry

Grim but quite realistic
A bit slow at times but a good portrait of a down at heals country town with a less than wholesome attitude to 'well' everything. Bana carries the film but it does a good job and has some twists in it. It ends on a grim note but is ell worth the watch, not too much wokeness about it although this has become the norm for just about all entertainment today.

Nine Perfect Strangers

Bizarren and not funny
Just a catalogue or mosaic of ludicrous figures thrown together in the hope something humorous would happen and then it didn't. Just another 'zaney' would be comedy / drama made for TV easy to miss and no loss if you do.

David and Olivia?

Boring and unfunny
Drones on like a bad advert and ultimately goes nowhere, no laughs and not much plot, why?


Departing now
What can I say, acting is wooden, casting is dire, the mother looks younger than the sons girlfriend, the diving expert who thinks it'll be ok to go just another 300 metres, (950 feet) over the limit, the plane that has crashed but seems to be in one piece on the ocean floor, the son who hacks into everything with a wave of his arm and the woman that is sucked out of a plane at 30000 feet but survives hitting the sea and finds a life raft, and I could go on but this one just steps way too far over the believability line. Dialogue is stupid and ilogical and the whole is just a mess with btw heavy PC (aka woke) overtones. Avoid if possible.


Director/writer should have been on 007's list
A mish mash of confused and weak ideas looses linked by action sequences. Although we all expect a large amount of artistic licence in Bond movies this one steps so far off the mark as to ruin the whoe effect. Obviously they wanted to go back to the roots of bond films with gadgets and old enemies but it did not work at all. Such a shame. The actors all did their best but crap is crap and that is wht the story and direction was. 3 stars 'cos of the actors and cinematogphy.

When Eight Bells Toll

One man band
Could have been good but there are too many 'look behind you moments' and 'nobody is that dumb' for example a one point he is trying to free some prisoners the guard is asleep but he has to use a girl to wake the guard up to distract him, whaaat?

He also seems to be assigned to do this job but there were obviously budget cuts 'cos there is no one left to assist him as all his mates get killed and who turns but his boss Morley, obviously there were no other 'agents' or whatever.

Mclean did the script for this one so its all down to him, I've read a number of his books but gave it away as a teenager as they all seemed to require a dumb hero to make the action happen. Sorry its ok for a rainy day watch but not a good one.

Jet Storm

Dated and unrealistic
Only redeeming feature was to see so many UK actors of the old school in one film. Beyond that the whole was not a very convincing story and the props (ie aeroplane) was just rediculous. It my have been ok back in 1959 but it isn't now, I suspect it wasn't that great back then.


Outback makes a comeback
Enjoyable yarn, very Australian both in location and in attitude, entertaining and has an uplifting end.


Rubbish wrapped in tinsel
Ridiculous and trite with a light covering of candy floss to make it appeal but like candyf\floss once you bite there is not much there to enjoy.

Saturday Night Fever

Best remembered and not re-watched
Take away the BeeGees music and the few dance scenes and the movie is a tawdry mess of caricatures from the urban US in the 70's. It does not age well and was lauded in its day because it was loud, contentious and brash but it is like the people of that time old, saggy and out of fashion.

Play the music watch the dance clips but avoid the movie.

Secret State

Entertaining if unbelievable
Unbelievable because I do not think there is a politician on the planet who would have the ethics or honesty or empathy with the voters to make a true stand against the corporate / civil service et al.

Dripping in Chocolate

Odd but watchable with twist at the end
Somewhat bizarre in terms of the chocolate woman and her boot fetish, but keeps you interested and just when you think thats all abit boring there is a twist in the tale. Not a bad effort if slightly quirky.

The Woman in White

Slow, predictable and uninspired
Plodding and uninteresting period 'drama' with little to recommend it.

Witches in the Woods

Starts well and then runs out of plot and originality. Not too bad on the acting side but you can only do so much with a rubbish script and direction.

Dead of Night: Return Flight
Episode 2, Season 1

slow and not uplifting
Basically trite and no real explanasion of why this guy has the issues he does.

The Tomorrow War

Sillier and sillier as it went on
I did not finish this movie soif it got better aftervthe first 45 mins, well, ok. But the logic behind it is beyond bizarre and really it is just a shootem up alien movie with little or no logic to the supposed story.

There are better films around and it is annoying that the budget spent on this provides so little in the ay of entertainment.

The Mystery of a Hansom Cab

Old fashioned show
Look its not a sophiticated story but unlike so much of todays TV/Movies it actually have a story with a beginning middle and end. Basically well done and satisfying show.


Starts well
But decends into soapy beige cop show after series two. Sadly the show could have been outstanding but developed into mush with irrelevant non central characters and their lives muddying the central plot.

Great shame.

Shadow in the Cloud

Exceptionally bad
I won't review this in the usual terms because it was just stupidly bad throughout with no redeeming features at all. I am baffled as to why anyone would make such a film and having made it and presumable reviewed it actually published it. I will leave the lack of realism as to the aircraft as this is the least of the issues with this dreadful apology for a movie. BTW the acting was pretty horrifying too, in fact that was probably the scariest part of the whole mess.

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