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Doctor Who: Fugitive of the Judoon
Episode 5, Season 12

Best episode of the series (season)
This was the only episode this year that got me genuinely hyped. Ruth!Doctor was awesome. The only flaw in it that Jack Harkness was tragically underused. You don't bring back such an iconic character just to stay in one room and stay out of the main plot.


Not sure you're supposed to watch it sober
What the literal hell did I just watch..? Before I read comments with interpretations, I had no idea what is going on. It was rather hard to sit through it all, and it being really gross at times didn't help that either. Not for sensitive viewers. Interesting ideas, but too complicated and confusing for my taste.

Steven Universe

Clever sci-fi disguised as a cute kids' show
Well-rounded and multifaceted characters, overarching plot lines and the variety of themes explored puts the show among the best of science fiction and has much to offer for an adult viewer. To me, the show has a bit of a "Doctor Who" vibe, as it spreads a similar message of positivity, equality and disdain for violence. I watched the whole thing in a week and can't wait for more.

Treed Murray

Kept me on the edge of my seat
When I read a synopsis of the movie before watching it, I was expecting it to be silly and light - I mean, a story about a guy ambushed in a tree by some kids can't be serious, can it? But it was nothing like I expected. This must be the cheapest thriller with the most mundane setting and characters in the history, but somehow it manages to provide with more adrenaline than most of the "guns and explosions" kind of movies. All the characters are both lovable and hatable, so you don't just root for a "good guy", you worry about all of them.

I strongly recommend it even for those who don't really care for dramas and thrillers (I'm one of those people).

The X Files

Two dimensional and illogical
This review is based on two seasons, as I didn't bear to watch more.

The worst part is the villains. The only genre that has villains that underdeveloped are kids movies. You know, evil witch kind of guys, doing evil just for sake of it, when their goals could be reached much easier in less evil ways. And they're everywhere, conspiracies in every single aspect of life - it's just too much.

Secondly, Scully is incredibly closed-minded for someone claiming to be a scientist. After all she witnessed, she stays in constant denial. Talking about science - terrible terrible errors in every episode. Not sure it can be called Sci-Fi.


A bunch of highly depressed people doing random things
There were 2 reasons why I watched this movie - firstly, I've read good reviews about it, secondly, there was one of my favorite actors starring in it. But I didn't enjoyed it at all. First challenge for my patience was that long slow-motion beginning. In fact, all the movie was slow. The characters were unlovable. They acted in the ways I couldn't understand. Most of the movie I was wandering ''what a f... is going on???''. I know, they were all depressed and melancholic, facing the possibility of the end of the world, but even in that context they sucked badly. For that reason, their suffering didn't move me at all, and, as nothing more was happening in the movie, I found it very boring. As I wasn't engaged in emotional aspects of the movie, I started to analyze the possibility of such a big unknown planet passing by and finally colliding with the Earth - and that didn't make any sense. The very collision was also nothing like I would imagine. I'm surprised that many people have found something familiar in this movie. I'm melancholic and I feel depressed almost all the time, but I couldn't find anything familiar in ''Melancholia''. I found this movie not as depressing as irritating.

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