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The Limey

A Real gem
I love this flick! Always enjoy re-viewing it. All the little camera tricks and disjointed and anachronistic shots are what make this endeavor so interesting. Also a good story, intelligently layed out and beautifully shot...with a great score and many neat little surprises and gimmicks that ADD to the story-NOT distract! Excellent cast and very realistic dialogue. A real sleeper! I really like the ending where it goes back to the 60's with the lead character singing his neat little song...I guess that is the operative word for this flick---character!! Beautiful piece!

Where the Money Is

i just love this little ditty. Nothing heavy or too meaningful here...just good old fashioned entertainment. A neat little story told very nicely and believably, with good cohesion and style. Intelligently shot and scored with a good dialogue which keeps this smart little story rolling along very nicely.Very funny at times and thoroughly enjoyable. I highly recommend it as a "feel good" temporary diversion. Great cast and an interesting plot that will keep you looking forward to the next viewing, which is what it is all about...


As we all know, a healthy budget, big name stars and a great director do not always guarantee a great movie...but every once in a while, the "stars" align properly, and a movie greater than the sum of it's parts is born..."Heat" is just such a movie. I believe this to be Deniro's finest performance to date. His juxtaposition against Pacino is magic. This is as finely crafted and executed a film as you will ever see...all the proper elements are properly in place and in the proper proportions. The one and only minor flaw is the lack of chemistry between Deniro and his love interest, but Bob isn't really much of a "ladies man" to begin with. One of the few movies where he had good chemistry with a love interest was with J. Fonda in Stanley and Iris. Anyway, the true barometer of whether the movie is good or not is- are you looking forward to seeing it again. And there is no doubt- this is an endeavor that can be viewed time and time again without ever becoming bored with it. As close to perfection as it gets! Don't forget the greatest shoot-out in movie history doesn't hurt either....

The Young Americans

Not Again!
Yes folks...yet another sorry disappiontment from Keitel. I loved him in City of Industry, and have searched out more films only to find one disappointment after another. He seems magnetized to mediocre productions. Too bad..he is such a great actor. This movie is about crime in what does the title Young Americans have to do with anything? Lots of contrived frenetic action, but no substance. Well shot, but that didn't keep me from falling asleep again...unfortunately it was still on when I woke up...Watch city of Industry instead...

The Heist

Hapless heist
I'm really not much of a Brosnan fan, but I was impressed with his early work in Fourth Protocol with M. I thought I'd take a chance and buy The Heist...thinking it must be a FAIRLY decent movie.WRONG!!! The opening scene with Brosnan spitting out on the prison yard was an IMMEDIATE turn-off. A thoroughly substandard production almost totally lacking in anything that would make you want to pay to see. Unimaginative and insipid at worst...boring and predictable at best...and where did they find his love interest? Short, fat, ugly and old.What was up with that!? I though ole Pierce was supposed to be a "ladies man". The supporting characters only succeeded in bringing what little of a movie there might have been down in flames.Even Skerrit was horrendous! All in all a thorough disaster to be avoided at ALL costs!!!Poor music score as well.

Copkiller (l'assassino dei poliziotti)

I want to warn you...Cop Killer and Corrupt are the EXACT SAME MOVIE released at different times under diferrent titles! I made the TOTAL mistake of buying Cop Killer because I was so impressed with Keitel in City of Industry. Cop Killer is one of the best examples of a truly BAD film you will ever find...terrible in virtually EVERY respect. About a month later, while still scoping out Keitel's performances, I fell into the preset trap and bought Corrupt...was I ever furious when from the opening scene I realized I had been scammed into buying the exact same disaster under a different title! THAT IS DIRTY POOL!!! After striking out buying another movie called The Young Americans which was also a clam, I finally was forced to come to the sad hard truth that Keitel has a knack for involving himself in lousy productions, and that 95% of his acting talents are wasted because of this fact(Bad Lieutenant is also terrible)NO MORE KIETEL!!!

And Then You Die

What a totally nauseating mess
This has got to be the lamest attempt at a so called "movie" since Blair witch. It is totally devoid of anything you would want to pay to see in a movie. Just one meandering and meaningless scene after another with no focus or direction and totally lacking in intelligence or imagination. You can disregard the other positive review as it was most certainly written by someone involved in the making of this abominable MESS. I had a tough time finding reviews about this disaster as the thing is thankfully hard to find. Then I made the HUGE mistake of paying $9.25 on ebay for it. I would rather have given the money to the Hare Krishnas. Take my advice...if you enjoy well thought out crime movies with good cast and script- TOTALLY avoid this disgrace!!

The Others

well, I bought this movie after all the positive reviews from "the others" that raved about what a great movie it is. I guess I can use peoples positive reviews as a reverse barometer because it literally put me to sleep. The "scary' moments were childish and totally wimpy. I got so tired of listening to Kidman constantly brow-beat her pathetic children I had to force myself to finish watching it( after I woke up that is)And what's the deal with her children being allergic to sunlight? As least make them albino or something so this foolish premise can be at least half believable..And why didn't the children find their own graves on the grounds? The ending was a good twist, but the idea simply wasn't developed to any degree in order to make it a truly good movie. someone could redo this disaster and actually make it much scarier, much more believable, and a much better developed flick..and was her husband alive or dead? Whatever..avoid this childish the way, Kidman's opening scream was extremely pleasant and necessary...NOT!!!!

The Last Dinosaur

the last what?
Ok, this is low budget stuff. yes the t-rex is ludicrous. But I still like this movie. Luckily it does seem to get better as it goes along. I love boone anyway, and he is at his screaming, impatient best here. It is still an entertaining flick ,and special effects not withstanding, it is still a pretty engaging movie. if you want a good laugh and some decent Boone to kill 90 minutes with, this is acceptable. Van Ark's luscious figure doesn't hurt the eyes either.


Classic War Movie
Without a doubt one of the best war flicks out there. REALISM!!! That is what it is all about, and this movie takes real people and puts them in believable situations. Sure there are some flaws here and there if you really want to tear it apart and disect each and every tiny aspect...( the laughable image of the soldier cut in half during the tank battle- the delayed action of the suicide wall splatter)but why be so anal! Just enjoy a basically good war flick, which in my estimation is very similar in many ways to the greatest war flick of all-Private Ryan.I even enjoyed the subtitles as the german lent more authenticity to it. It is long, but keeps your interest till the bitter end and I do mean BITTER!! All in all I highly recommend this little ditty- and the greatest test of a good movie- I am definately looking forward to the NEXT viewing....

Chinese Boxes

This is one odd movie
I watched this fairly carefully the first time through, and I must admit, I had a devil of a time tryig to figure out what it was about! The excellent photo-play and first class music score kept my interest, as well as the interesting and excellent cast. The camera shots are very well done and use very interesting subject matter. The music is unique and very well thought out. Lots of ambience in this one. Maybe not the greatest budget- but since when did a large budget guarantee a good movie? this is a cult movie to be sure, and will take numerous viewing for the gist of the plot to really show itself, as there is no telegraphing of any pertinent info about the must deduce a lot about what is going on...making it intellectually stimulating.Beate Jensen (plays Donna) is particularly interesting and a very fine actress. All in all I would recommend this as a more cerebral film of intrigue and mystery. See what you think! If you can find it that is!


A Cinematic Gem!
WOW!! This is one special movie. A real piece of artistry. Total realism which I really appreciate. A great story with excellent actors. Beautifully shot, directed and produced. Danny DeVito really shines in this one. Hackman is the quintessential element that makes this movie watchable time after time. What a GREAT MOVIE..One of my all time faves.

L.A.P.D.: To Protect and to Serve

Absolute trash. I spent good money thinking I was going to get a good movie because Hopper and Madsen were in it. What a joke! Absolute rubbish. Why these actors would submit their input into a heinious rat trap like this is beyond me...DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!

O Que é Isso, Companheiro?

A Turkey
I bought this video after reading numerous reviews from other people who raved about what a great movie it is...What a mistake to listen to them! It was totally predictable and boring. The subtitles wouldn't have been so bad if anyone had actually had anything interesting to say. Not much substance here and not really much of a story either. I knew when I heard "Girl from Ipanema" in the opening scenes that this movie was going to bite the dust...No characters to care about and a stupid and boring ending. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON IT!!!

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