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Miss Sloane

A nice hit piece for Hollywood gun haters. It's a fact that guns SAVE many more lives than they take every year in the U. S,

Big Sky: All Kinds of Snakes
Episode 11, Season 1

Continued poor writing
This show must be written by really ignorant people. The latest episode had a story line about the sale of "thoroughbred" horse seaman. Unlike a significant number of registered breeds today, a horse cannot be registered as a Thoroughbred (with The Jockey Club registry) unless conceived by live cover, the witnessed natural mating of a mare and a stallion. Artificial insemination (AI) and embryo transfer (ET), though commonly used and allowable in many other horse breed registries, cannot be used with Thoroughbreds. The vials of "thoroughbred" stated to be worth thousands of dollars would therefore be worthless (bull seaman would be a different story as cattle are done that way all the time). Like "fake new", facts do not escape well read viewers. [

Mix Up in the Mediterranean

Best Hallmark kiss
Even if you didn't care for the storyline, this movie had one of the best Hallmark kisses ever at the end. I think Jessica was lip-locked for at least two minutes!! Great scene.

The Last Song

Waste of time.
DRECK!! Don't waste your time on this so called "actress" who had her 15 minutes of fame.

A Christmas Carol

Utter trash
I watched only because I loved seeing the 1938 and 1951 versions every year since they 1st came to TV. This PC garbage shares little with Dickens' original story. Don't waste your time.

Meet Me at Christmas

A good Hallmark story
Regardless of how you might feel about Catherine Bell's appearance (yes, it's different from her earlier works), you should watch the story and feel the emotions. It's believable and better than a lot of other Hallmark Christmas efforts. The way the story is wrapped up by the bride's father was unexpected and perfect. Also, it's great when there are no distracting PC side stories.

Never Kiss a Man in a Christmas Sweater

A cute Christmas movie.
I like the Hallmark movies that just want to provide a couple hours of wholesome distraction. This one fits the bill. Nice chemistry between the two leads. A nice touch for the soldiers away from their families over the Holidays. without being a distracting PC side story.

Christmas with the Darlings

Another distracting side story
Once again Hallmark wasted a nice effort by the main characters with a distracting side story that added nothing to the movie. Otherwise the plot was good and the children were cute. I have liked Katrina Law since Snow Bride and was glad to see her cast again.

From the Heart

Something a bit different
Sweet watchable story with a predictable outcome. I watch Hallmark to see good moral stories, not heavy drama. Sarah was really a good little actress and was totally believable. Hope to see more of her like Opal from "When Calls the Heart" who has been in several Hallmark productions.

Country at Heart

Hallmark can still do it!
After a couple of real duds, this one delivers good Hallmark entertainment. A believable plot with nice chemistry between the two leading characters. Jesse Schram has progressed nicely from child star to leading lady. She's one of the best in Hallmark's group of female stars.

Wedding Every Weekend

Shame on Hallmark
The great chemistry between Kimberly Sustad and Paul Campbell is wasted when Hallmark bows to PC. I never hesitated to let my daughters watch the wholesome movies that Hallmark turned out week after week, but after seeing this one, I'll need to record and review each one before I'll allow them to watch.

American Assassin

I wasn't aware there was a "Mitch Rapp" movie until we had a free preview weekend on STARZZ. The movie combines elements from several books from Vince Flynn's Mitch Rapp series. I think it was very well done except for the one huge faux pas. Like most readers, I always picture a character's appearance when reading. Dylan O'Brien was very well cast as Mitch, as were Michael Keaton as Stan Hurley, and David Suchet as Director Stansfield. Any connections to the character of Irene Kennedy was completely lost, otherwise I would have scored the movie higher.

All Is Lost

Watch "Adrift" instead
Real sailors will hit the "fast forward" button. Nothing here to see. Dreadful!

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