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The Family Man: The Final Act
Episode 9, Season 2

The Thrill takes you Peaks as High as the Sky
I can't describe in more words, but small lines to tell about Manoj and Samantha... You are just Great Awesome, Lived in Characters and People are gonna store in their Brain the Visuals played on Screen. Such a Big Impact

Wow wow wow guys director chose you in particular characters and especially they have written the script for you.

Mind blown Performance All Team and Scirpt Writers great thought explosed it on screen.


A Misfortune Woman life with so so deep Emotions
Dia what i say about this movie first kannada movie im reviewing here. If my mind is a bag it filled with happiness, sad, excitement, emotions,inspiration, peaks happiness stage and peaks tragedy stage. Dia absolutely so tragedy but her life stages in life director showed so cleverly and reality applied. Simply movie is running with story, scenes also where it end where it starts director cleverly he has written and implemented like program had written and run software. Triangle love story we see in men mostly but a Woman how she tolerate and balance her life wow i cant imagined. Kushi and Prithvi love story its inspirational and enjoyed their scenes intensely fun but in Dia college days so beautifully shown to audience and many people connect to fresh ideas but so close to reality. Kushi acting, Direction, Story narrating so amazing, I felt so many reactions inside and outside , I loved , laughed, surprised, shocked, in the climax my brain stopped working really i cant think about anything. Such way Dia movie disturbs me

Blade Runner

21st century Devise Thought, Executed in 20th Century
Blade Runner the name was made itself as Brand in Hollywood. I love to see such name so special and lead the activities in society so excited. coming to the point, Blade Runner i waited so long time to see, I heard that it is Cult Classic, Evergreen, Timeless so these words not fit to this movie need much more words to describe Blade Runner. So many Inventions wow i was wondering while watching time, to Creation of Replicants and use it as Slavery. Blade Runner job is so exiting i thought this script need i mean Blade Runner needs more tough tasks to Hunt Replicants. Still its so amazing ideas in 80s time, especially the scene i love in movie Deckard ask questions to Rachel so beauty. Flying Car Design, Special Effects so amazing, Rain Scenes in Newyork city so nice to see, capturing the scenes so intelligent. Rachel character beauty nobody forget till date today i shocked no one replace and didnt get such wonderful actress. Screenplay,Direction and BGM also fantastic. Even in 2017 sequel many scenes repeated from first part so i can admire this movie only. Worth watching for every generation comes in the future, they get shock also how older people get those ideas


Telugu Spy Master Piece...never before seen on Telugu Screen
Agent stories, Spy type movies as we are telugu audience waiting to watch Hollywood movies because they are top of the industry in the world and inspire complete this world undoubtedly. Indians also take the reference from hollywood to make better, good movies in their own industry.

Goodachari-116 it has written in telugu history the best Spy movie. Adivi Sesh he proved what he was as an actor but Spy movies not easy to show on screen. So much hard work innovative thoughts in specific scenes. New director 2nd movie very very small budget i was shocked also.

Direction story Screenplay equal to hollywood but i don't want to compare with hollywood. Its Telugu movie, all over the world everybody when india remembers telugu movies also from india. Like this way people recognize TFI. I don't discuss much about movie watch on your Home TV or Desktop with powerful sound.. Amazing Experience you would get it.

Rating 10/10 deserved because first modern telugu spy movie... so many people's dream came true with this movie.


21st Century Telugu Classic....Telugu Golden Era-2 started
How can describe a classic movie which takes us deeply into 1980"s time. Each and Every character, Each and every department person's hard work, director innovation applied in this 2018 year to show off a 80"s movie.

Director Sukumar he proved himself in early stages as a promised director to show something new to Telugu people then he made hollywood type thrillers 1 Nenokkadine which his mind boundary extended with this movie. Now Rangasthalam 80"s magic happened very clearly. I love to tell every character their performance and their each scene how clicked on screen really mind blowing. Ram Charan acting worthable to get National Award and Filmfare award, How he lived in character as a half deaf person. Really suits him very well this character and Samantha is wow fantastic actress after her marriage she is getting more success in telugu and tamil languages. Samantha as mine favourite actress involved in village girl acting incredible. As Sukumar director said he wants to make more movies with samantha if she turned 40 also. Jagapathi babu as president character is very storng and Prakash raj he is multi lingual talented actor and in telugu Biggest Top opponent since 2002 i have been watching his movies.

Great thanks each and every team member and entire team. I felt so happy telugu Golden Era-2 started...with different style.

Rating 10/10 deserved.


Best Love Emotion Feel good drama in this Decade
I love this movie...its small words to say. Not much words are coming from my mind. My mind fuses blown out once i saw this movie. Where school love and where after 22 years connection showed in very impressive angle. Most of the people have school love stories, but this type of story never see. Soulful Story,Soulful Screenplay,Soulful Songs...finally Soulful Masterpiece... New Director attempted ...no he achieved a great touch love story movie these days. Story is fantastic, love emotions, screenplay with characters..oh my god what a narration . I love each and every love scene frame is great work. Trisha, Vijay acting a wonderful experience to the audience, every one of audience felt so happy, sad at a moment. Vijay, Trisha acting very matured level. After reunion of school batch, the old love story to be continued again the way it seems so much appreciated director work. Im not best to write about this movie. I felt so much heartful and connected love emotions. Kadhale kadhale song mesmerizing me lot.

Jodhaa Akbar

Jodhaa-Akbar is a Slow Poision Killer...Never want to miss Jodhaa-Akbar scenes
Ashutosh Gowariker what he thoughts in his mind and explore that all on screen more than imagination. Jodhaa-Akar, Aishwarya-Hirthik best suitable characters, Even we dont want to imagine others. Nobody can remake this movie and Ashutosh ideology presentation. Im still in shock really did akbar had a such love story with his wife. when you look at Ash-Hritik wow what a fantastic couple and their conversations, their silent love, performance. I must appreciate to all team not one individual. AR Rahman sir you can't tell him how to create epic movies historical movies music and background score. AR Rahman perception superb workout till date today even last moive Mohenjodaro. A great grip on historical stories also how to create music magic on screen, this why AR Rahman Mozart of Madras, He is the only person 21st century best musician in indian cinema. I don't want to give that name to others. When u listen the beautiful music mesmerizing all time, all of tracks are super hit. Ash Hritik jodi wow what a costume designed only for them, Especially Aishwarya Roy i love it madly, As a King we know how is that picture, but when thinking about KIng's Wife she is more than beautiful. I love thier acting both mind blowing cant you look down entire movie, they are amazing couple in bollywood. Director Ashutosh pick them very brilliant idea, and he imagined characters already before make a film. So Hritik Ash came this project. I appreciate also lyricist , dialouge writer.

I watched only so peaceful Calm Silent a Wonderful Love Story of Jodhaa-Akbar while running movie till the end.Nothing in my mind just Two Characters and Their Conversations, Love. It inside so peaks happiness unspoken words

Pather Panchali

Best Triology Movie in Indian movie history...Ray Evergreen Memorable Magic
I know Satya Jit Ray sir is great director in indian film industry. Bengali is famous language after Hindi, Ray sir belongs to Bengali and made such beautiful movies nobody attempted at that time. Indian movies name so shined because of Ray in International Film Festivals. Im die hard of Christopher Nolan he recently noticed he loves Pather Panchali movie praised lot. I don't want miss Christopher movies at any cost, when he admires Ray picture then started curiosity inside. Ray is big great director i know after he praised the movie i watched all three movies . The Appu Triology this movie is first part. In 50's indian director created magic and made a sequel 3 parts a big trend set up in old days. Nowadays are part 1 part 2 movies are making so feel great but Ray sir did 60+yrs back. Coming to Appu stroy i love like madly his story narration. I remembered so many my childhood moments. A poor family but so happily at home. Im wondering still now how he grabbed middle class low class mentality and their life. On Screen he made everything great, Screenplay, story and what not. When i m watching this movie Boyhood movie , this movie captured a boy story since childhood to adult boy. But Appu story took three parts to explain a character. Ray got two national film awards out of three movie. Wow what a great attempt and succeeded finally. Best Triology in indian cinema history, village story to city living life. wow he made what he visioned in his mind.

Endukante... Premanta

Unimaginable Musical Fantasy....Best Attempt in telugu like hollywood style
Endukante Premanta.....means Its because of Love...When you see this movie yes this happens because of love like kind of feel director created to every audience. In india we really believe the rebirth concept. The Trend It has been following since thousand of years in india and hinduism religion. Very rare attempts in any movie industry and couldn't believe is that would be happen. Reality is far away its possible or not but this movie so special which i felt. Director Karunakaran especially his mark in telugu industry as a great love movies narrator on screen. This movie plot based from hollywood movie Just Like Heaven, but comparing to both movies this movie is specially designed by indian style hollywood people may not agree with this concept. Just Like Heaven is really superb concept un imagine also. But Endukante Premanta is so challenging made in indian nativity. Director chose two lead roles really its fantastic choice, the best pair on the screen. Talk about Tamannah actress her acting and beauty so impressive it boost her character in movie. She is Cindrella of india, milky beauty girl a perfect role did in this movie. Also Ram actor so energetic character as like in real life. Narrating about story director introduced rebirth concept, not at all related just like heaven movie. Love between two Souls from different time period 1980's and 2010's. When a woman had an accident and in coma stage how her soul come out then cameback into body. This is pretty interesting but so un imaginable may be it happens. Director created love story in two time periods link to this concept may be hollywood didn't think like this. Director move forwarded by this lines perfectly implemented and all set great way. Entire screenplay is superb expect climax bit of un convinceable. But story ends everything great. Two souls love story in different birth times so excited indian audience. Music is fabulous great feeling back ground score fantastic that's i said in title musical fantasy. we can't say remake of just like heaven but it showed great looking better than origin story. Endukante Premanta i so much enjoyed so lovely pair and beautiful music. watched 4-5 times but feel fresh story and leading roles never bored to you music mesmerize you always. Director creativity and talent you can see here indian people's blow their mind, interval scene not understand whats happening really. Its really beautiful elements love,comedy, music all entertained you and also send in different world.


A Perfect Biopic in Indian Cinema History-- " Mahanati "
Mahanati Savitri Garu....there is no words to explain about her..we can use every word carefully when talking about Savitri Garu...She is not only Legend. Whole Telugu and Tamil cinema fans got mad of her Acting her Nature. Mahanati is not an actress, anybody wants to become an actress Mahanati Savitri is the bench mark top level position like Bharata Ratna, Oscar, Nobel prize. She is Highest honorable. Indian film board should introduce Mahanati Savitri Award. Im big fan of her so many movies Missamma, Mayabazar, Nartana Shala etc. still thirsty of her acting. Come to Mahanati movie Keerthi Suresh and Dulquer Salman wow what a best jodi chosen by director Nag Ashwin. Keethi Suresh similar face of Savitri garu...and Keerthi become completely Savitri in this movie...we saw only savitri in her acting. we can't find any other actress whole indian industry also like Keerthi she did 100 percent out put of Savitri Emotions, Acting, Real life living. story narration style no compromise of Nag ashwin he take us Savitri real life world and each important element of Savitri life events.

movie no need to collect 100cr 200cr even Mahanati gets National Award thats small gift to Mahanati Savitri...but 10/10 rating all of team. Keerthi suresh should get more awards with her performance and she is luckier than any other telugu actress only she got this opportunity in starting of career.

Daana Veera Soora Karna

NTR Vishwaroopam all segments in One movie
Daana Veera Soora Karna....NTR chose a perfect name and achieved success in every area of film. I wondered how he attempted in all segments and nothing scared about that...As An Actor three roles , Story, Screenplay, Direction and Producer....These all not possible in one movie...He implemented and set a trademark in indian film industry. The movie running time is 4 hr 17 min but NTR cameo appearance almost 4 hrs. Its a indian evergreen record since 1977. Movie box office a wonder that was time. Come to movie part Story entire about Karna but more highlighted by Duryodhana Character who was best of Karna in Mahabharat...and Kauravas Elder son. Telugu people believe that NTR is only person looks like Sri Krishna Bhagavan, if we assume Lord Sri Krishna the first name comes from mouth NTR he was that much appreciated character in movie. Here as Duryodhana, Karna, Krishna did three roles, but mostly highlighted Duryodhana...what a fantastic performance and dialogues still feel fresh so much crazy for telugu audience ever. Nowadays also we love his dialogues and enjoy his Acting. Duryodhana acting is benchmark never do such performance. Movie is not only Classic. I appreciated He lifted different departments apart from acting. Because as Actor no compromise he was best choice for any director. Himself Direction,Production,Screen play and Acting....so great. I really thanks to dialogue writer he did a magic and great job for industry.. Emantivi Emantivi dialogue right now also get goosebumps very emotional.

NTR super performance and showed a good friendship of Karna and Duryodhana it will forever in history.


Pakistan's A Greatest Love and Family Drama in 21st century
After watched Zindagi Gulzar Hai....i started to search out best pakistani dramas because ZGH gave a big curiosity and temptation to watch best pakistan dramas.

Humsafar..... what a wonderful love story and family drama. I never expected that much high level a director narrated a stroy and made the drama. Humsafar my another favourite drama from pakistan tv series dramas. I love the entire all episodes, Fawad khan and Mahira khan a superb fantastic beautiful couple and lead roles, they did a great magic never attempted in pakistan tv series history i think so. A Story between three characters Khairat, Ashar, Sara......how a director created such wonderful characters on screen. This drama made me cry and happy at same moment after many years. I Love the characters Ashar and Khairat charaters but Die hard fan of Khairat character and Mahira Khan Acting...wow what a great actress, artist she performed in more extreme extraordinary level. Im just fidaa of her acting in this drama. Fawad khan role superb and both lead roles love chemistry i think we can see very few stories in the world. I have been addicted to watch humsafar drama and watched entire week to finish the this series day and night time. Don't know this story pulled me lot. Sara a negative role really a wonderful choice to director and turn the story any time in any moment. Khairat and Ashar Love Scenes i loved so so much. especially every drama needs best dialogues and story , screen play, best casting. This drama deserve everything and proved evergreen love drama in pakistan tv series. I watched so many tv series in india but pakistan dramas why they are famous i realized now. India never made like this story on screen in limited episodes, 23 episodes so so so less for drama lover like me. I disappointed too much with this less episodes concept because in india 500 and 1000 episodes made a successful tv series. Indian get ashame when see a pakistan made beautiful tv series not more than 30 epioses.

Undoubtedly 10/10 rating tv series but 100/10 is a worth rating. Thanks to Entire team which i felt so happy inside while watching drama, their effort performance talent gets so many followers and fans to this drama. Im madly love this Humsafar....title song i heard 10-15 times continuously so much relief and so much relax inside. Thanks to Singer and Music Director.

Every Urdu and Hindi speaker must watch Humsafar and Zindagi gulzar hai dramas at least twice in life. I strongly recommended to all indians and hindi speakers in all over world. Watch and Feel a Beautiful Story Humsafar.....

Zindagi Gulzar Hai

Evergreen Classical Love-Family Drama in Pakistan TV History
In movies i felt so many classics, evergreen, master piece picture. First time i loved the serial drama love and family emotions can't explain in 10 lines write a review in small summary or plot. Because i love the show more than other dramas even in india also. I'm basically love love drama story telling in a very neatful beautiful way. Here i felt i lot loved lot attracted so many characters. I can give more than 10 rating if possible in imdb. Come to the casting wow....what a cute couple Fawad and Sanam lived in Zarron and Kashaf charaters....no one replace their place in those character. I love their attachment in every scene from beginning to end of serial. I don;t know how they are playing in this drama in very simple lift style people. We should admire their performances. Especially Kashaf is key point of entire drama and story is moving with her. Sanam i saw her first time in this drama she is absolutely a fantastic actress and her mother character wow really mind blowing. A working woman as teacher as mother played in such role very well, i appreciate her very much.

Sanam Saeed i really became fan of her acting, voice tone, performance, her nature in this drama and as well in real life. I love to see every scene of Fawad and Sanam in this drama get so excited inside automatically. After Marriage Kashaf and Zaroon their every scene attracted to them, such a wonderful characters no vulgarity in this drama very clean fresh story. Never see in pakistan tv series before. If this tv show released in india or made in india definitely it would remake in many languages in all over india and became popular. In pakistan Urdu is only language but in india they can go for remake in every language. So such a crazy story made in pakistan tv show. Director and Writers are a backbone to this drama undoubtedly, in this drama i love their every dialouges had written so beautiful. A common people story and Rich family its so familiar in real life also...so this drama became popular one of the best reason it connected to every common person.

Im So thankful to Entire Zindagi Gulzar hai team, i got so much love on urdu language and drama story because of ZGH. They finished season in 26 episodes thats so hurted me because i wanted to see above 50 or 100 episodes. In india people are habituated to see more than 100 200 500 episodes. But felt so happy mostly inside much. Thanks to Sanam and Fawad roles played as Kashaf and Zaroon as couples love,family emotions gave me such beautiful experience ever got. 10/10 rating is i think not a right to treat, 100/10 is perfect rating. A very good message to society and Inspiration to every woman in this society and great message has given how a independent woman to grow up in hard situation and face every challenge.

Yes.....Zindagi Gulzar Hai

Minsaara Kanavu

Best Romantic,Comedy Film Ever
I have seen the movie in telugu version Merupu Kalalu movie name.It was dubbed in telugu and Hindi also. when i was teenage passionate about this movie songs and so tempted music by AR Rahman and songs super hit. Love everything in movie, can't miss each one frame beautiful love story between three youngsters. Every character played different way to express best scenes and especially about Kajol actress and Prabhudeva and AR Rahman Music. I have been big fan of Kajol since Kuch kuch hota hai movie she is amazing actress and found few movies very such big hit in 2000s.

Story is completely moving around one Girl and love story between two guys really much appreciate story narration. Prabhu deva dance in songs are big asset.

A Girl wants to become Nun and how her life is turned, its a super story screenplay. AVM productions presented in golden jublee celebrations they don't forget this movie ever. Its a such huge big hit to All Star Casting Director and Music Director. so many awards won especially Vennelave Vennelave song its a ultimate song ever and beautiful choreography got a national award.

Any way as a big fan of kajol i satisfied with movie lot and lot and found best romantic musical love story.

PSV Garuda Vega

Typical Hollywood Action Thriller made in telugu language
Director Praveen Sattaru come up with A spectacular story and a powerful police officer always suits to Raja shekar in many movies. Director chose him ultimately best choice and gave best performance as well like before. PSV GARUDA VEGA when i was watching movie completely involved till climax. Really a story is telling with Non Stop Screenplay, there is no barriers to interrupt the scene. Telugu people felt that after such longtime later have seen Hollywood standard style movie in very less budget. I was shocked when heard budget less than 30cr INR. The movie spend each and every rupee its appearing on screen. Rajashekar well performed as Investigate officer and Technology it seems like little bit advanced, never seen in telugu industry.

We must appreciate entire team to produce a Hollywood type movies made in telugu also, they proved really amazing. After 1 Nenokkadine movie i felt best Hollywood standards movie in telugu. But 1 movie was not big hit, this time audience catched the movie and following trend movies and technology based, acting thrilling movies. And the result is big hit 10/10 is very negotiable to attempted another Hollywood action drama thrilling story in telugu.


Aamir Khan Oscar Winning Movie and Career Best picture. Dangal a Soulful Hindustani Movie
I missed in theater and know that Dangal a smashing hit breaking all records, year best picture, a marvellous biopic in Hindi movie history. AK it stands for Mr.Perfectionist, Ace of Bollywood, yes he was started collection tsunami in Hindi from Lagaan. That has been started since 2000's Still it continuing about 2 decades. His every picture different and remarkable in bollywood.

Dangal story of wrestler and his two daughters, wow what a creation of characters, its realistic story biopic story even there is point to out mistake in each scene. Mr. Perfectionist Aamir performed as Father and Wrestler its tremendous job. He should eligible to win Best Actor role Oscar,National Award and Filmfare awards. I have been fan of him from Lagaan picture after Rang de Basanthi is also good but from 3 idiots movie he changed total bollywood level. 100cr clubs collection is big matter to bollywood his picture entered 300cr club. From there started collection tsunami till not stopped.

Dangal a magic mark of Indian cinema 2000cr collection worldwide, yeas almost 50% more than that from Chinese market. They don't love the movie, they watched movie with heart. So first Indian movie created a big wonder in China.

Coming to Aamir Acting is a major key and his daughters geetha, babitha wow they stunned acting in movie. In childhood characters also superb. Every Scene they are playing wrestling game, Emotional with father and Career, Gold for Country...so admirable. Perfect of Everything Story,Screenplay,Music is awesome a great melodies and inspiration title song.

Dangal has to get many National awards in 2017, I pray to get Oscar Award also with this movie to Dangal picture and Actor. Because India is waiting for Oscar since many decades Aamir attempted with Lagaan movie it missed, but it could give positive i think so. 20 out of 10 is my rating.

Dangal complete hindustani picture and Indian government should encourage every sport except cricket after watching this movie. Wrestling is A game but a girl, woman passion about this type of games to achieve something, of course its father's dream. Indian Government recognize every talented sports persons and encourage them.

Shatamanam Bhavati

Perfect Indian Village story, Especially Family and Festivals Villagers story
I went to watch movie so curios, i know movie is superb story and music fantastic. The characters director chose everyone, we must appreciate their performance. I love everything about movie especially about NRI people leave their mother and father in India, they even don't attend any festivals,big celebrations. So the current situation has happened, now a days present generation away from family and living in other countries,other cities for their career. But they shouldn't forget about their home. The Concept is so simple attend every celebration with parents they felt so happy and they memorize the happy moments after their children left from home to city.

Sharwanand and Anupama both are made for each other perfect couple, and lovers in this story. Prakash raj and jayasudha they are amazing parents in many movies hence it proved again. The other character also well performed. The Story,Screenplay,Music,Dialogues,Sentiment and Beautiful love story between two cute relative youngsters. I admire entire team its going to grab many awards in filmfare 2017 but there is big competition in 2017 so many blasting his movies made. But Shatmanam Bhavathi is best movie of the year. Especially Sankranthi movie, Every year Big Stars Superstars movies in race to make big hit Sankranthi Season. But this is small movie a big smash hit. 10 rating without doubt it deserved

Appatlo Okadundevadu

Great Attempt in Telugu Cinema
I definitely appreciate this movie without writing a review but being telugu guy, I cant see such kind of picture made in telugu before. It seems like a perfect Hollywood movie story written in Indian cinema that too telugu language. Because indians find super amazing creative scripts, stories from Hollywood and inspiration from Hollywood. Screenplay and Direction amazing fantastic.

1990's story script and a dreamer of cricketer how his life turned different variations finally achieve to his passion. Hero character and police character wow they are ultimately best choice of director. Their acting and two strong components in one war really making a good screenplay so brilliant. The Situations, Circumstances are happens in this two character so great. Especially Railway Raju Character is heart of the movie and main lead role, his every life situation has to be happened like, the director was thinking way is absolutely right and audience get attached with this.

Appatlo Okadundevdadu great attempt of telugu movie script,much appreciate movie

Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham...

A Perfect Family movie, Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham hona chahiye har ghar me
Karan Johar may be second attempt i think so, wow great screenplay and wonderful characters almost big stars in one home. Mother and Children love emotional scenes so beautiful. Mostly movie is moving with one family and few other characters. Sharukh and Kajol they proved again they are best jodi of bollywood. Their chemistry,fun making scenes absolutely fantastic. Hats off to Music director, lovely music mesmerize bgm and classic songs to audience.

Karan Johar always took in his film Shrukh and Kajol jodi to show best couple,pair on screen it proved every time. His story narration is slow but its great to sit 3.30 hrs in theater. Finally movie is a small happy family and small misunderstands... a beautiful ending.

Secret Superstar

Every Secret Superstar has a Secret Person....Beautiful, Great Script
I usually fix some movies to watch in weekend and definitely thought it would be great picture, give good experience. Secret Superstar is really a great, beautiful, amazing script. Story is simple a teenager how she became superstar in very tough condition from her life. No support no encouragement nobody can move forward, Leading role character she has done fantastic job. Mother and Daughter love and Mother sacrifice everything for their children and gives lot of happiness with small helps. In Indian movies we can see that type of emotions. A Middle class people thinking about dreams and achieve that is so difficulty.

Actress Zaira Wasim perfect fit to this role and as school teenager she performed very well acting and its called mature acting. In India we always think Hollywood has great stories,scripts,creative movies and we wait for those type of movies some even dub into local languages. Now Indian movies are going to more creative, 21st century a big battle of world cinema. Bollywood is big competitor to Hollywood, India has so many creative, advance script, emotional, heartfelt movies are making in different languages.

this movie dedicate to every mother of India. Secret Superstar is simply explained, In current situation what we have technology is so helpful, the way of using it make wonders. A school girl become superstar is not so much easy. She has many barriers and would face clear them all is not such easy task.

Direction, Story, Music Director, Actors are really a group of people best output everything. Aamir Khan is really proud of Indian cinema he choose stories very perfect guess to create wonders in Indian cinema. He was called by Perfectionist, Ace of Bollywood, Bollywood never forget his name, he is basic foundation of innovative movies as an actor and producer he made memorable movies. So many trends has been set in last two decades of bollywood industry, His mark is ever memorable.

Arjun Reddy

Arjun Reddy Master Piece, Path Breaking, Trend Setter of the Decade
The movie is all about the attitude of Arjun Reddy,his love,ambitious way,especially anger guy. In telugu industry we don't seem this kind of movies for past decades. A trend have to introuduce as of moment in telugu.

Vijay Devarakonda and Direction,Story,Screenplay are the Heart of the movie. We cant take down any of these. Vijay perfection acting felt us a different guy in T'town and finally got Star crazy. Direction appreciable, new guy to industry where he puts whole heart and has given master piece to telugu people. The movie is out standing of every character so many characters relative to real life especially telangana local language used in very descent. Actress wow she is good supporter and Friend Character of Hero was impressed us so much. All elements put in the movies. only thing is Its a youth movie A Certified but all centers people loved this and smash hit this time.

I hope to get so many awards and rewards to this film. Till so many appreciations from critics also. I hope so strong Vijay will be the Best actor in filmfare awards where he missed the award with pelli choopulu. Vijay acting in a failure lover character is really great much

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is Number One Series over a Century
I cant write more lines to explain about this great series. I was addicted by Harry Potter in my childhood to watch crazily entire all parts, I love that so much imagined so many times in real life. when comes young age I saw Lord of the Rings, a superb movie after longtime. But Game of Thrones is very different every episode touched my heart and mind blown always. Ever best made Series in Hollywood, i gave 10 rating may be it is low also in my opinion. All the characters wow such great creation to shows on the screen its not a simple or difficult, its look like a guy life aim to create such movie or series in his entire career. The best effort put inside and out come is not best more than this words. Every Character i loved waiting for Season 8 and more curious waiting how to finish the finale season by director judgement.

Game of Thrones I have addicted in young age for this series. Ever Created the Best TV Series in the world. 10/10 is very less to this series. I have no other option


Christopher Another thought of Seed become Universe That is Interstellar
Christopher Nolan, I became fan of time after watch Dark Knight then go back to all his movies. When i saw Inception decided my one and only favourite director. Interstellar OMG can't expect about his inside thoughts, Even NASA praised this movie. Interstellar is a vision to NASA, A vision and Imaginary concept Christopher showed on the screen. Nobody wouldn't explain with understanding in scientific style.

Explain about Black holes, Gravity,space ship travels and that space ship becomes time machine also, time spend on different planets- Christopher wow what a ideas. I do not understand few concepts till yet. Must watch movie number of times. 10 rating is also less value for this movie.

Source Code

Mind blown ideology is Source Code
I took longtime to watch this film, After downloaded Source code about 2-3 years later one fine day opened laptop to see this movie. I am completely mad story,screen play,twists,thrilling moments. Love this movie all the way, a superb thought showed on screen is not easy. But the magic has been happened on the screen.

I thought something before watch movie, later face is glowing and inside so much smiles...wow what a crazy story man. I gave to all credit story writer and director. Actors they well performed, Must watch film 2 times in lifetime.

Such a crazy idea,thought,invention,creativity that blows our mind beyond conscious level.


Fidaa with Sai Pallavi Acting and Shekar direction
Bhanumathi,Hybrid Pilla, Okkate piece...Sai Pallavi wow I loved her character lot n lot.She is excellent performer,after Malar character Sai Pallavi got lifetime Memorable character Bhanumathi. Director Shekar Kammula after longtime came up with Fidaa story.Aanand,Happy days,Godavari great pictures of him and now this one Top of the list. He chose Sai Pallavi for Bhanumathi character that is biggest Asset to the film. We felt so many scenes relative to real life. Somebody said how much Savitri did her performance in Missamma and in Same way Sai Pallavi has given that much output.A beautiful story,Hats off to Everyone. Hero Varun in Kanche movie he proved himself the best actor and here he played NRI lover boy..great work has done. Varun best love story movie in his career.

Shekar sir you select new faces really it's workout great. Father,sister,actress aunt and hero brother everyone they lived in characters.Music,songs beauty melody tracks Vachinde Pilla song highlight.

Finally Sai Pallavi I'm big fan with Premam,Kali movies. Now worship her acting dancing everything.I watched 3 days continuously this movie only for Bhanumathi character and her Telangana dialogues. She told dubbing her own that too a malayali girl a telangana telugu accent wow we love more n more, Fidaa of her dialogues. My perception and opinion 2017 best actress would be Sai Pallavi in any film award. We keep smile on face while watching movie with bhanumathi character. Thanks to Shekar sir and Sai Pallavi. Sai pallavi has given life to bhanumathi character this is the reason I gave 10 rating. Still I feel new want to watch more 2-3 times bcos of Bhanumathi,Hybrid Pilla,Okkate piece really,one n only Sai Pallavi. I'm fidaa

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