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The Counselor

like No country for old men on steroids
Occasioanally, I like to watch a dark, suspenseful, quirky, thriller. This fit my goal and maybe a little more. Like the lawyer, I got more than I bargained for.

From the early part of the film, you are trying to see who is a bad guy and when are these devilish death methods, which Brad and Javier describe, going to appear.

To me, the acting and story were great and sadly, realistic (based on stories you read about Mexican, Columbian drug wars... and, oh yea, Chicago.)

If you are already depressed, don't watch this.

The Road to Christmas

Wonderful feel good movie with superior dialogue, story and acting!
How to say anything without it being a spoiler (on some level)? There are medium spoilers and big spoilers for this great film. My spoiler is probably an obvious one early on anyway but, I don't want to be blacklisted! I was surprised it was so good and ended so well. I kept thinking the male lead was Will Arnett and then realized he was in the New adventures of old Christine. This role reveals the true depth of his abilities. The timing and emotion shown by all the lead roles wasexcellent. The setting is modern day, near Christmas time in Colorado but, could be any season or location. Love, family,self honesty and serendepity are main ingredients. If you want a warm movie, both humorous and sad at times--but with a happy ending, get a latte, or Folger's, a scone and enjoy the road to love!

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