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Digimon Fusion

What has Digimon become...?
I saw that this show has received a high ratings. My question is, how? Digimon Fusion is probably the worst installment of Digimon so far. Allow me to explain. The plot technically mocks Digimon Adventure 01 (the very first Digimon, which was a masterpiece for it's time) in which the main character who I think is the modern day Tai, goes to the Digital World and is introduced to a Digimon named Shoutmon, which I suspect is the modern day Augmon. The plot seems to revolve around them with friends trying to master 'fusion' so Shoutmon can be champion of the Digital World. This is my biggest gripe with this show. Since when did Digimon become a show of competition? And since when Digimon become a show where there's a single one Digimon ruling the whole world? I love Digimon, but the fact that it's becoming a literal competitive show now hampers me from giving it a higher rating that I'd give other Digimon series (except Digimon: Data Squad) installments.

Villains: 6/10 stars Plot: 4/10 stars Heroes: 6.5/10 stars Otherwise: 6.9/10 stars

The Secret Life of the American Teenager

As the seasons went on, it got horrible
As a Secret Life die-hard, I loved this series going through my teenage years. But, as the show went by, it got more horrible and I'll be explaining my opinion on all the seasons.

Season one of the show was technically perfect. The girl (Amy Juergens) that everyone least expected to have a child ends up having a one night stand with one of her band-mates (Ricky Underwood). As her pregnancy progresses, she doesn't let the father (Ricky Underwood) in on much. She had a very supportive boyfriend who had a great fortune (Ben Boykevich). She also had all the support that she could get. At the beginning of the season, Ben wanted to marry Amy, probably because she was pregnant and he wanted to claim the baby as his own, even if it was Ricky. They wanted to get married as teenagers, but their fathers didn't let them. As Amy goes into labor, she has flash backs on how she had her one night stand with Ricky. She calls him just in time for him to see his newborn son and Amy and Ashley (her sister) decides to name him John, without Ricky's constant. Ben and Ricky decides to help support Amy, so they both got a job at Leo Boykevich's (Ben's father) butcher shop. They also bury the hatchet so they can help Amy with John. Overall, season one was great and had a lot of things that teenagers would have related too.

Season two was... interesting. Amy starts her duties as a new mother and she discovers that her mom (Molly Ringwald) is now pregnant. With the new school year starting, Amy goes away to New York, leaving Ben and Ricky alone, but Ricky thinks that John shouldn't go with her. Summer vacation comes along and Ben leaves for Bolivia. The new school year comes and Amy and Ben have an argument and they break up. In the last of the episodes of season two, Anne, Amy's mom, has Robbie, and has been debatable who's children that really is. The last episode, in revenge of Amy kissing Ricky and for having John, Ben and Adrian kissed and had sex in Ben's backseat of his car.

The last three seasons, I'm going to summarize. Amy tries to give Ben one more chance, but breaks up with him again when he discovers Adrian is pregnant. Ricky and Amy began with a new relationship. Adrian goes into labor but discovers the baby is stillborn. After Mercy (Ben and Adrian's baby) dies, their relationship dies. In the mid-way finale, Ricky calls Amy on stage during his graduation and proposes to her. In the final episode of season 4, Jack is still knocked out by a pump. Current, Amy and Ricky are presumed married, but Ricky thinks that Amy is hiding her true feelings about him.

In my opinion, they should have ended the series by season 4.

The Bible

Rated "A" for Atheism
I'm sorry, but this series is an insult to the Lord and Jesus Christ himself and is extremely overrated and to be honest, doesn't deserve the views that it gets. As a Seventh Day Adventist, I strongly protest this... Let's dive in. The creators of the show themselves are hilariously laughable (that's not good) and doesn't even seem like the type of people to write ANYTHING about Jesus Christ. The direction that the nation is going these days (you know, people hating people; drinking, drugs, processions) it makes me wonder how and why this series got the green light in the first place. Movies like The Ten Commandments got the story of the Bible down better than this. Remember that the Sabbath Day is supposedly on Sunday, instead of Saturday? Yeah... how and why is this such a master piece again? I do applaud the characters, which keeps me from giving this series the horrible rating it deserves. The series isn't any more for Christians as it is for Atheists, especially not for SDAs. They say that when they were filming one day, a breeze sweep the scene, as if God himself was there. I call nonsense on that. If people really wanted to get their lives together before God comes, stop watching this and follow God's laws (The Ten Commandments) and pray to God and confess your sins to him. Not to mention, read that Bible. This show isn't any more impressive than the REAL Jesus Christ. He doesn't think this is funny and he has every right to cancel this series if he wanted too, but, like the Bible said, he's waiting for the right moment to come and take his Children home.

Alien Dawn

Better than the series, but still awful
War of the Worlds was king when I watched it and it was great. This movie is a modern War of the Worlds, but that doesn't mean it's good. Compared to Nick's "Alien Dawn," it's 50/50 for me. The reporters in the movie act like they were glad that Obama is dead, like they were hating his guts severely (Republicans). The aliens in this film had high-tech machines and that's good. Comparison between the two "Alien Dawns," I'd watch this one and I never feel like this is a rip-off of Mega Man Star Force/Damien Dawn (a German Edward from Twilight rip-off singer) because they hide it awfully well. Nick doesn't even try to hide that. This movie isn't king, but compared to the other one, I like it better, even if the news reporters act like Satanists.

Iron Man: Armored Adventures

One of my favorites
Yes, yes, YES! Now, this show is exactly what I want out of a Marvel cartoon. This series blew me away when it debuted on Nicktoons Network. This series has everything going for it: The plot, the super villains, the action, etc. Let's go ahead and review this marvel of a Marvel animation. The plot. At the beginning of this series, a younger Tony Shark is having the good life and than, all of the sudden, the airplane that Tony and his father was riding blows up and Tony thinks that Stane caused it. He knows the truth eventually and does whatever he can to save Stark International, a company that his father founded. The super villains: AA contains a TON of Marvel (?) super villains like Titanium Man, Whiplash, Mr. Fix, Justin Hammer, Count Nefraria, Stane (Note: Stane and Hammer may not be super-villains), Magnato (one episode) and much more. The action: AA has a ton of action. Almost all episodes have some form of action in it, even if it's not always Iron Man fighting. You know what? Forget that bulky Iron Man you see in films today, this series is basically KING. Tony Shark, in my opinion, is more popular in this than in the films. We really don't know much about Tony Shark in the movies, but in this, there's barely an episode that doesn't have Tony Shark in it. I love this series and no one is going to change my mind. In my mind, it's a Jewel.

Voltron Force

Voltron Force
I can't say for sure why I don't like this new Voltron series. I will say this: I am a fan of the original Voltron and that series was actually VERY interesting and has a lot of nostalgia appeal to fans alike. The fact that this series debuted on Nicktoons Network seems strange, because they placed it's time slot in between two of my favorite shows: Iron Man: Armored Adventures and Wolverine & The X-Men. The plot is something I can't really wrap my mind around. Action? Yeah, Voltron Force certainly got that going for it, but the plot, not really. VF is just the typical "A evil king tries to take over the world" scenario and, while this has been done to death, it's not that dangerously bad in this case. Now for Voltron, the episodes and the theme song. Okay, I'm going to say this now: I am not a big fan of the Lions; I liked the Vehicles better. Episodes: Okay, this is where I get critical. The episodes are... bad. Half of the time, it doesn't even seem like they were trying. Some of the episodes have beginning training with Voltron and that's sheer boring. Get to the episode and plot, already. Okay, the theme. This is where I give VF it's horrible rating at. The theme is extremely basic and extremely lame. You can find better songs in Dr. Seuss' books... and they don't even have songs in them.

In conclusion, VF is not as bad if I make it out to be. Certainly better than a recent show that debuted on there.

Alien Dawn

You're kidding me
What do you get when you have a similar, non-animated plot line to Mega Man Star Force? Alien Dawn. I've watched this series and 10 minutes into the show, I literally threw up on how bad this was. This series makes Mega Man Star Force and Damien Dawn (a German Edward-knock off singer) look severely bad. Not only has the plot been done to death (Son loses his father due to some kind of alien force and moans over it), but the rest of the plot makes no on-earthly sense. Action? Where is it? Cameron and some friends are hackers and they use a comic book of all things as a plot device? Come on, Nick. You can do better than producing an Damien Dawn mixed with Mega Man Star Force rip-off. My only thought is, I sure hope this doesn't get a second season. This is supposed to be for kids? Mega Man Star Force was more entertaining and had much more action than this.

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