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Robin Hood: The Rebellion

Acting as wooden as the swords in the armoury!
I'm sure the actors were all trying their hardest but this is a truly horrible movie. Perhaps this was just a training exercise for the cast and crew. Perhaps a few more takes might have improved the wooden delivery. Very low budget and it shows.


Started ok and went downhill
Got hooked on this as background noise, never was gonna be an award winner but went steadily downhill into pseudo religious rubbish. The writing on the wall came when the black smoke, from the finished Supernatural, appeared. Please don't make season 4.


Does t say much for the ability of SA Police force
This could have been a good series but it is spoilt by a script that shows all the police and politicians as corrupt and I compete t. They run around arresting anybody they deem to have a flimsy motive despite complete lack of evidence purely to get an early arrest. Actual I vedtivation is scarce and the profiler hero is so psychologically damaged that it seems unlikely she would ever have been given a job in the police force. Disappoi ting production.

New Amsterdam

Going downhill fast
All the ridiculous story lines created to preach to viewers have made this show a joke!


A movie of 142 interminable minutes
At 142 minutes including titles and credits it is 143 minutes too long. A crime against cinematography!

Edge of the World

Disappointing load of twaddle
Possibly the only history in this are the names of people and places, not for anyone who is remotely interested in the real history of Sarawak and the White Rajahs.

Your Honor: Part Three
Episode 3, Season 1

Really annoying unlikeable character
Only 3 episodes in and I wish that somebody would bump Adam off. He's a very unlikeable character continuously making stupid decisions. The Judge's cover up lies are clearly not thought out and merely make the story even more annoying! Not sure I can last to the end!

The Protector

Hero causes disaster and kills all his friendss
I'm sure the books make a better read, the hero is more annoying than Oliver Queen! Without his incompetence the Immortals wouldn't have been resurrected and Moore of his friends would have survived. Really frustrating show!


What a pity they don't make more TV like this!
A series with a good story if a little clichéd but at least it didn't involve hails of lead and ridiculous car chases!

Gordon, Gino & Fred's Road Trip

3 a badly behaved men embarrass themselves
Would have thought that we had enough badly behaved overpaid schoolboys with Top Gear and The Grand Tour now we get 3 badly behaved Chefs being rude and overbearing in a vaguely food oriented program. It's getting to be embarrassing watching 3 grown men have their mid-life crises on screen. Seriously?


Tried to follow the critics advice
I struggled to get through the halfway point and waited for the show to improve but it didn't! Dreadful PC poor makeup, poor screenplay, wooden acting particularly by the heroine who really didn't make a believable hero. Maybe OK for preteens. Doubt it will make season 2!

The Singapore Grip

Unbelievable characters
Unfortunately was played as a 21st Century cartoon view of the 1940s. Most of the characters are thoroughly unlikeable, mobodody in their right minds would have a relationship with any of them! A very poor depiction of the real Singapore.


Spoilt by yet another alcoholic manic depressive
Could have been quite good but why are so many police characters shown as psychotic, manic depressive alcoholics.

Innan vi dör

Good but flawed
Enjoyed watching both series but as with too many police procedural it rues on too many clichés, Mobile phone issues of all sorts, the bad guys never making errors until the end while the police fail to notice any clues again until the last episode or two and of course the disbelief when members of the team see a crucial element, person act dismissed out of ha d as an illusion or hallucination. If only the crooks got caught out once or twice earlier in the series!

Come on writers you can do better!


Interesting plot spoilt by poor script writing
The plot is a bit far fetched but the thing that spoils this as a good thriller is the very poor depiction of the intelligence of the characters and as always the police are made to appear completely incompetent!

The Blacklist

A great show spoilt by sub par co-star
James Spader is eminently watchable but why did they not kill off Elizabeth Keen when they had the opportunity, her character spoils my overall enjoyment of this show. Surely the writers could find a better way to keep Reddington's ID and motives a mystery.

The Gifted

Perpetuating xenophobia, racism and violence
This is completely unwatchable, it perpetuates discrimination against people who are different and promotes discrimination and violence, it certainly does not show American society in a good light.

Dupla Identidade

Good plot spoilt by bad writing
A series that should have been a dramatic thriller spoilt by poorly written screenplay which depicted the Brasilian police as incompetent idiots.

The supporting characters all turned into gullible idiots blinded by the villains charm and good looks with few exceptions

By the tenth episode I could hardly wait for the turgid plot to be over!

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