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Till Human Voices Wake Us

A dream taking over a life
I watched this movie on television while it was running several times one month. The first time I watched it, I got antsy and changed the channel back and forth. I wound up watching it in its entirety several times later on. It is a haunting, intriguing film. Guy Pearce, of course, is extraordinary and so is Helena BC. I see it as a portrayal of a tortured soul who is still in shock from a momentary incident which altered his existence forever. One moment he is an innocent boy and the next he is suppressing a nightmare he cannot come to terms with for half his adult life.

Once he allows himself to live the entire scenario with all the memories and the what if's, when he allows the ghost to be free, the tortured soul is also released. A beautiful, poetic and memorable film.

Meet Joe Black

Sublime is all I can muster
This movie was near perfect for me. I am not an expert on film, i.e. I do not have a degree in anything remotely to do with film. However, I watch a lot of them and this movie is amazing. I have yet to see anything on film about the beauty of life portrayed better than this movie. The dialogue was exquisite. Every line mattered. Nothing was left to chance and the result was a feeling of floating through it much like death must have felt taking the role of a human.

Marcia Gay Harding had a couple of scenes and the standout speech she gives to her father of why he need not concern himself that she was not the favorite was such a valuable lesson that the entire movie was worth the trouble just for that. Unbelievable. And to me every performance and every conversation was equally profound. I don't think I can watch this movie without sobbing for joy/sadness; just the emotion or tangle of to express life and death.

What better way to show power than to be quietly confident not questioning your own thoughts or words the way Death must speak. This same wisdom was mirrored by Anthony Hopkins' character and made the beautiful dance of admiration and fear both characters displayed toward one another until inevitably only love remains.

This is the kind of movie to see several times.

Do yourself a favor and make sure you are in the correct frame of mind to appreciate this, meaning, just sit down and relax and let the movie do its magic for you.

Fahrenheit 9/11

Just because the Republican Party is bad doesn't mean that the Democratic Party is good
The danger to me of this film is the misleading idea that Democrats are the answer just because Bush is a totally untrustworthy official.

Yes, Moore did a great job of bringing certain ideas to light, but to me its "No kidding!". Who doesn't know that to vote is a joke in this country. I am sick and so tired of these zealots from Hollywood etc. announcing whenever possible that Americans need to vote. All it does is perpetuate a notion that it matters. Politicians of that stature are liars. I don't care if its a donkey (how appropos) or an elephant symbol we never, ever are told the issues unless we have the ability to reasearch ad nauseum which, of course, maybe 2 percent (I am being idealistic here) of the population actually does.

I can think of no president during my life that ever followed through on his election promises. Presidential candidates have money to back them up and money can hide anything.

We need someone who has a degree in character not in politics.

In short, if Moore was as brutally honest as he claims to be in his films he would have to admit that he could make a film equally scathing about Gore, Kerry, Kennedy (oh yeah, that's been done!) and even Jimmy Carter who is now being lauded as a wonderful president. I don't remember that tone in this country when he was in office.

If this movie gets awards, I'm going to go out and get me a camera.

High Fidelity

John Cusak, what can you say, its gonna be good.
Well, this movie doesn't disapoint. You can see it any time and its good all over again. (Maybe give it a year in between, even two). Everyone's good in it, the lines are still funny and its heartwarming, what can you say, without taking itself very seriously.

The moral to me? Yes, there is a lot of moralizing and deep thinking by our beloved Cusak as only he or maybe Kevin Spacey or Woody Allen does it. We have a cast of thousands, many almost unknown when this production first aired. I'd see it again just to see the fabulous Greta Garboesque (as in always hidden) Lisa Bonet in a treasured cameo. She was memorable indeed.

Jack Black, a treasure. So many, many strong supporting roles. See it.

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