• Wow, what a movie that was! The whole thing about this movie is that it's not about racing. If you're expecting a racing movie, better go and watch earlier installments of Fast & Furious franchise. This movie is about a great friendship and one of the most famous rivalries in the history of motorsports. Yes, it is a drama, that tells us a very sad story, that I won't tell now in order to avoid any spoilers. it's amazing how good were the writers and the director, who managed to make an intense movie for a motorsports fan like myself. Knowing the story in details, I was sitting there an watching the movie living every second of it. Amazing work! Matt Damon and especially Christian Bale are outstanding. There are slight differences with the real story, but my guess is that it was done with purpose, to make the story more interesting/dramatic. Overall one of the new additions to the my favorite movie list. Go to the cinemas, grab a huge pop corn and enjoy more than 2 hours of an excitig story, some very well done racing sequences, great acting and some very good humor. 10/10 stars.
  • The funniest thing about this series is that the actor who's portraying the President of Ukraine has indeed became the President of Ukraine on the elections held on 31 March 2019 :)

    The series itself is a lot of fun, you most likely will enjoy it a lot :)