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More boring than listening to the speeches, the lies, of any politician.
Score: 2/10

This film still shows that it is fine to be rich and make films, that is far from guaranteeing a good result. If you are horrified by completely absurd movies, well don't take a second to watch this one.

There is no doubt, however, that Hollywood "nerds" will love it. After all, you can think of Hollywood as a village where a community lives.

If there is no Royal way that leads to knowledge, so is creation. Although today in this capitalist world having money helps tremendously because we can afford tutors to educate our children, as long as we take care of them. The same goes for Health, food, housing, etc.

And even if we're mediocre, money will make us look great. Especially since criticism now is controlled by those who control the media. And if we go against these "critics" we pass for an "intellectual terrorist".

In any case, this "movie" is even more boring than listening to the speeches, the lies, of any politician.


In this wonderful capitalist world, criticism has become Terrorist!
Another film (as in at least 80% of cases) that should have been refrained from doing so much is ridiculous. It still shows that it's not really actors, directors, etc. which are important but the scenario, the story (which accounts for 80% of the films).

Film supposedly "historical" but as in the majority of this type of film we learn nothing at all.

We wanted to pay homage in this film: "This film is dedicated to all of which lives have been impacted by the events at Dunkirk."

What a tribute to have created such a cr***y film! We can still say that in this film everything is at the same level (ridiculous): scenarios, acting, music, etc. It only has the technicality that is doing well but it is not even a quality because thanks to electronics technology is now easily acquired.

This film is not a historical film but is supposed to be a film "Tribute". Objective completely missed!

When the score of 7.9 / 10, it shows that all data that is in a computer can be tampered with and give the numbers that you want to have. But the important thing is that humans believe in these scores.

We should show the score after we have given a note. Since most people are sheep, they are easily influenced. The scores are nothing and this film is the proof.

Besides the scores, prices, etc. are never objective. They are given by humans. If this film had been analyzed objectively it would have been 7.9 but at most 3/10.

It is enough to give a name known and bang it is extraordinary even if in fact it is cr***y.

If you want to fall asleep this movie is for you. Otherwise it is better to buy a good book on the subject. Ideally asked a historian and not a store for whom money is the only goal and not history.

The Dead Don't Die

Hollywood equal to itself
This "film", this "thing" is worthy of what 99% of Hollywood produces: big s**t. Immensely rich people, producers, who have no talent except to be rich and who pays nothing to their country (no taxes, no taxes, etc. - because they are rich and they are the ones who create the laws and represents "justice").

For them created s**t is the daily lot and it does not cost them anything because in the end it is the people who pay.

We still learn a few things from this s**t: Iggy Pop is a dwarf. Adam Driver has gotten even bigger since he shot in the "Star Wars" (another s***t - special effects and a silly "story" that is repeated from movie to movie). Driver does not like "Chloë Sevigny" at all. Jim Jarmusch is the new Mel Brooks: a Jew with money not to know what to do and realize and realize that s***t. But his "community" supports it. Chloë Sevigny is well dressed for once. This film helped make pocket money for the actors. They needed it to feed the money they have in tax havens. Hollywood will continue to produce s**t as long as it exists.

If you die of boredom this movie will finish you and will make you die.


It's not the film itself who is a horror...
July 1, 2019

My Score: 3/10

This film, another based on a supposed "true story", is ridiculous. As always, the technique is good and everything else (actors, music, etc.) but the story, the scenario is worthy of the writing of a chimpanzee.

We must believe that humans love this kind of nonsense because the vast majority of films coming out of Hollywood (at least 90%) are of this caliber.

Although this movie is supposed to be a horror movie, the only horror you find is the new plastic surgery of actress Deborah Kara Unger has done. This is the first time that a horror film makes me "afraid" and this is due to the "face" (bruised) of the actress.

A horror is the case to say it. She has become a monster and we will probably find her in (supposedly) horror films in the future.

How did such a beautiful woman come to disfigure herself like that? The same thing happened to the French actress Emmanuelle Béart, who became a traveling monster. A horror.

If you are a pretty woman, no matter how old you are, I give you some advice. If one day you want to get plastic surgery, I advise you to see a psychotherapist or a psychiatrist.

Obviously, this is not for all women because it is expensive. But the actresses mentioned above, have the money for that and they should have consulted instead of being bruised and look like fair monsters now.

Movie to flee or otherwise give to your worst enemy. It will finish it off!

High Life

Another "monkey" movie
I cannot understand that we can make movies as boring and meaningless. It looks like no one has seen the final version before releasing it. Or we do not want to hurt anyone who has "written" this "story". Yet we should have done it.

As in most cases, the technique (images, photography, music, etc.), is professional and good and the actors / actresses are correct too.

But, as in over 95% of cases, history makes no sense. It looks like we were under the effect of illicit substance and that it disrupted the critical sense.

At least we have the pleasure of seeing a little Juliette Binoche's ass (unless it is a lining or tricks as in most cases now).

Another movie missed so whose story seems not written a chimpanzee. What seems to be the norm in the cinema world as there are mediocre films.

We cannot blame this film anyway the abundance of special effects. For all this I give him the score of 3/10 even if he deserves less.

Future World

Another s**t from Hollywood
This film is really a s**t. In addition, the purpose of this film, and the only one, is money laundering. Imagine a little week when you made another 100 million from drugs, prostitution, politics, etc. You must whiten all that and what better than "invest" in a big s**t movie. Most humans do not care where money comes from, let alone stars, so it is easy to produce any "waste".

This "thing" does not make sense. In addition, when you think there are 100 million poor people in the United States it is really a shame. However, as the poor do not have the word and never will have done anything.

This film "lasts" only 88 minutes and 27 seconds but it looks like it has a duration of 5 hours so it is bad. One would rather prefer to pass on the electric chair than to watch it.

We would be happy to say that we saw the ass of the blonde-haired woman (another fake blonde-haired woman), but either hired a porn star or model an ass with ever more powerful computers.

Another s**t from Hollywood but in 99% of the cases it is what is produced there. The important thing is money and only that and the United States are champions in this area.

Blade Runner 2049

No limit to create bad stuff !
No limit to create bad stuff ! Score: 2/10 Hollywood shows us once again that there is no limit to the creation of bad movies (we should say "things").

This "thing" is incredibly bad. However, since I find it so bad "The People" will love it. It is not surprising to see an 8.3 / 10 for this s**t.

If you have never seen the movie "Blade Runner (1982) (ATTENTION only the one with the voiceover of" Rick Deckard "is good) I invite you to get it but it is very rare. We made a waste with the "Director's cut" version or other versions as bad. It is like taking a Rembrandt and painting anything over with a child's hands.

Theory about Hollywood movie directors Alternatively, they were born rich and idiots and / or they took too many drugs (LSD, heroin, cocaine, mescaline, etc.) being young (they probably still take). Therefore, when they listen to their s**t they find it wonderful even if in fact it looks like their movies (finally the story) were created by chimpanzees.

The sad thing is that "The People", often people working in places as s**tty as McDonalds minimum wage, will not hesitate to pay $ 20 to see this kind of s**t and they will be happy with that. Another proof that we do not want to educate the people.

The only good thing in this "thing" is the photo and the fact that we see some buttocks. However, if you think you see the buttocks of the stars think again. We have been using liners for a long time and we are paying $ 20 to show their breasts, buttocks, etc.

Remember that actors/actress are professional liars and that even if they claim to have done nude scenes it is completely false. Also with computers or fix everything now and have made believe what you want to the people.

Harrisson Ford I have never found an excellent "Harrison Ford" but I found it very lucky to shoot in some "good" movies (Star Wars , Blade Runner, and Witness). He has not played in "good" movies for a long time, but in medium or very bad movies.

Sean Young She had the wisdom not to turn in this turnip.

Budget $ 150,000,000 (estimated) The more time passes, the "movies" are expensive and the worse each other. What matters are special effects and creating "stories" that a 5 year old would be able to write.

Of the 150 million, there are probably 100 million going to the stars. All millionaires and all suffering from the same mental illness as all the rich: greed. Estimated: Ryan Gosling 40,000,000 Dave Bautista 5,000,000 Robin Wright 10,000,000 Mark Arnold 2,000,000 Vilma Szécsi 1,000,000 Ana de Armas 2,000,000 Wood Harris 2,000,000 David Dastmalchian 1,000,000 Tómas Lemarquis 1,000,000 Sylvia Hoeks 2,000,000 Edward James Olmos 3,000,000 Jared Leto 5,000,000 Sallie Harmsen 1,000,000 Hiam Abbass 1,000,000 Mackenzie Davis 1,000,000 Krista Kosonen 1,000,000 Elarica Johnson 1,000,000 André Lukács Molnár 1,000,000 István Göz 1,000,000 Pál Nyári 1,000,000 Joshua Tersoo Allagh 1,000,000 Zoltán Béres 1,000,000 Konstantin Pál 1,000,000 Ferenc Györgyi 1,000,000 Samuel Brown 1,000,000 Lennie James 2,000,000 Carla Juri 1,000,000 Kincsö Sánta 1,000,000 Barkhad Abdi 1,000,000 Harrison Ford 2,000,000 Ben Thompson 1,000,000 Suzie Kennedy 1,000,000 David Benson 1,000,000 Stephen Triffitt 1,000,000 Sean Young 1,000,000 Loren Peta 1,000,000

It is fun to watch the actors continually receive money for movies they have done in the past. It is as if engineers were constantly getting money for the buildings (bridges, skysc**pers, etc.) they created in their past.

However, when we are "Stars" (nothing is too pretentious for stars) we "deserve" to be covered with gold at every moment of life. In addition, the people of the adored...

At least 95% of all that is produced now in Hollywood is just c**p. In addition, the irony is that this s**t costs 100 times more than 30 years ago!

Bon Cop Bad Cop 2

No originality in this film, bad acting
My score: 3/10

No originality in this film. It is a collection of ideas taken in TV series (NCIS - girl in computer science, etc.)

Moreover, the acting is bad. It looks like they are waiting all the time to say their reply like amateurs.

7.5 / 10,633 votes. The Facebook "friends" of Huard voted it is clear.

Music is very ordinary when there is music. Only the technique (image, sound, etc.) is correct.

A film to avoid unless you are one of 10,000 friends of Huard!

The Hallow

Another idiot scenario film
The film technical is correct, the music is decent, actors and actresses do the work, but unfortunately, as in 95% of cases, the screenplay is rotten. It is a torture to listen to the film to the end.

At the beginning of the film the score is 10 / 10. After 15 minutes we give it 6 / 10. After an hour you have to give 4/10 and really looking forward to the film ends.

The only bright side of this film, even if his scenario is silly, is that it is less silly than the human species. The latter strives to do everything to destroy this planet in the name of God the Capitalist system and its valet the Money.

Fortunately, robots will replace us by 1,000 years, robots will have no trouble to be smarter than us, a table being smarter than a human. But this is another story.

Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens

Special Effect and that all !
My score for this film, Star Wars VII - The Force Awakens, is 5/10 maximum. Nothing is original and it is only a pale copy of the first Star Wars IV - A New Hope (1977)

The special effects are decent but it almost did it. The scenarios are virtually nonexistent and the story is not new.

If the first Star Wars cost $ 11 million, the latest cost 200. This is still 20 times more. Salaries of people do not have as yet increased.

In addition, we went to get the fuddy-duddy Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill. This has had cost at least 20 million. It is true that on the other hand it changes nothing since in any case all this money will go directly into tax havens and that the stars and the companies attached to this film will not pay any tax as always.

They "gives" 1 million to "poor" to not pay 10, 100 million or 1 billion (companies like Walt Disney) in taxes! Magnificent. We understand who make the laws and for who!

No need to waste your money to see this film. The rich are rich enough even if they think otherwise (this is crazy: misers).

Get this movie on forums if you really want to see. But again nothing new. Like all the movies coming out of Hollywood these past 10 years (at least) we only see special effects but for history and although they are just good for ants!

The Great Gatsby

The World of Rich
The perfect world for the rich exist. This is the Capitalist. When you have money you can do anything. Commit murder, make slave work, hold all the media of the planet and make propaganda you want. For example, to say that it is a Capitalist is a democracy and that all are equal. Which is completely false.

But the rich are affected by the two (at least) greatest mental illnesses that exist: Lies and Greed. With both diseases the rich do whatever they want. And in this world what Capitalist are not diseases are the two main human qualities.

The People like them as Gods. The people have the same "qualities" that rich except it has no money. But he dreams of one day be like them and to be able to do everything. To crush others and to be applauded for doing so.

The film "The Great Gatsby" (2013) is just another propaganda film to show combines the rich are good. And the people are too stupid to find that the rich squander fortunes for fun - free since they pay neither taxes nor other things (these are the greatest experts of illusions "giving $ 1 for one side save face and stealing millions from the other side well hidden) - while millions of people on the planet is starving.

The only thing "great" for the rich are their bank accounts. And even greater is their greed. These are black holes that absorb all the money in the world and will never be useless if not to satisfy their mental illness: Greed.

Ironically we take millionaires to play the role of a billionaire. And The People venerate them. This is quite normal because, for example, the United States, it "educates" (it's more of brainwashing) from birth, the people to venerate money and the rich. And tell them that all are equal, and that by working honestly and hard they can become a millionaire too. This is completely false because to be rich you have to be a liar, greedy, dishonest, hypocritical, sold, selfish, narcissistic, self-centered, etc. In short the "qualities" that encourages Capitalist.

Do you like the rich and their "history" (always the same, always based on lies)? Well this film is for you. If you are smart (0.0000000000000001% of the population) do not waste your time with this other rich propaganda film.

Bailout: The Age of Greed

Its just a utopia
This film is a utopia and I give him 6/10. Too bad it does not happen and will never happen either. And this is normal because the rich control everything on this planet and the media part. So there was never the point of view of normal people but only those who have money.

Moreover, governments that do not exist but what exists are beautiful villains (businessmen) who are elected by the people. And these bastards, these puppets then work for richer than themselves.

Politicians have between 50 and 100 million dollars working for people with more plate of 200 million.

The rich pay nothing and does nothing for society. They only siphoned all the money and put in tax havens. And as politicians are their puppets, they decide to set laws. That is why there is not and will never have laws to take money (legally stolen) in tax havens and redistribute it to the people.

By controlling all media, the rich control people's minds. Besides, just look at all the stupidities on TV to realize. This is the profusion of channels but they are all nonsense. No channel critical of capitalist society. And that's okay because there are no journalists. The rich hire grannies in their media keep repeating the same nonsense. All channels are saying the same thing. And it is not surprising that the rich love globalization. That way they can control all the countries with their propaganda crap.

The capitalist is as stupid as the Communist. In the United States there are at least 100 million poor and never heard and they have no one to represent them.

A poor steals 10 cent we put 10 years in prison and a rich steal a billion, we congratulate him and talk about it in Forbes magazine; idiot magazine who claims to know who is the richest in the world while no one knows how many billions of trillions ago in tax havens. The billionaires are not richer. There are trillionnaires and quadrillionnaires. But they are so rich that they are gods and nobody knows.

It is a pity that there are not thousands of people like in the movie, which instead of bawling, to go into the streets to throw rocks after the police, who did nothing, s' attack the real problem: the greedy fools who never have enough money and are desperate to get more done. And even if people die around them, they do not care.

Too bad there are no guys like in this film that make it a real home!

Economic warfare is even more violent than war material. And economists and all those involved making even more money for the wealthy, more violent than the most violent soldiers.

There is everything on Earth for everyone to have a good job and a good life. But because of human greed that is impossible. Humans are the dumbest animals and it would be surprising to find more living beings tainted throughout the universe

Tape 407

Horrible !!!
After viewing this film I find terribly bad. I give it 1/10. The story is ridiculous and makes no sense. The girl has a voice more annoying it would shoot willingly. Is this also a tanning voice in the English version?

No doubt that was "inspired" by "The Blair Witch Project (1999)." But this "inspiration" is that of a Neanderthal.

Somehow by cons there is something real: today's generation is that of cameras. And this generation prefers any film, for example a person doing burning, and "share" it with his "friend (s)" that put the camera aside to help.

Hey look, the guy next door is burning. And the friend replied: Cool!

Today people love to be filmed from every angle and in the film this gang of idiots are normal to be filmed every second. By cons, if I had to live such a situation a long time ago that I would have committed one or more murders. Finally, all those who hold a camera would not stay long in life.

Ah yes. There will be a sequel. And we use this time "Google Glasses"! Wonderful!

I like to listen principle all movies until the very end as a poorer one. But I must admit that it took me a week to watch it in full as this movie is crap!

Hard to imagine that in 2013 we do the "tricks" as bad. The people who made the film have never seen blood for real, otherwise there would be less red on all the faces of the "actors." What "film" ridiculous. Kids 5 years with a camera can do better!

The sad thing in this film is that the camera batteries, held by two idiots did not stop after 1 second filming!

PS If you love throwing, this film is for you!

Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning

More idiot that the idiocy !
This "film" is c**p, This "film" is s**t. This "film" is retard. This "film" is ugly. This "film" is idiot. This "film" is a shame. This "film" is unbelievable bad. This "film" is not a film, it's an error. This "film" is so bad that we feel suicide one we watch it. This "film" is so boring that it's one synonymous of this word. This "film" is completely a joke. This "film" should never have existed. This "film" is more stupid than the most stupid movies. This "film" is a miracle: how they found the money to make such a horror. This "film" was directed and produced by people who have no concept film. This "film" has a "scenario" so bad it should be banned at all ever in the film industry, who has "written". This "film" was writing so no one wonders if this is not a mentally handicapped man who has "written".

Planet of the Apes

The destruction of a masterpiece
Take a work of a great painter like Rembrandt and called someone to make this paint daubs. Well that's what has to do with the movie "Planet of the Apes."

And as we are aware when making a pact with "the devil", it must bear the consequences.

This "Remake" is a bunch of bland action movie any. The dwarf "Tim Roth" is really funny to want to do too much. Moreover it should stop doing action films of science fiction (as Al Pacino). This kind of movie is not really for people of small sizes. It is like seeing actresses frail and without muscles (Jennifer Garner, Jennifer Lopez, etc.). Making action movies. We do not believe it for a second. It is true that men only look at the beauty and forget the rest most of the time.

Mark Wahlberg is bad as always. Looks like a guy who is always angry and frustrated. Like his brother also. Proof that he is wrong because he always plays the same roles.

As against this film is very 21st century. A century that goes nowhere, based solely on the profile, money, money and more money. A century without moral or value except money. A century where we are when God has money. A century that saw the birth of trillionnaires and quadrillionnaires. A century or 95% of all the money in the world can be found in tax havens. A century or the capitalist system is considered divine. A century or 99% of all existing money in the hands of 0.0001% of the population. A century in which we only speak of crises. A century where there is normal to see everyone in debt, all cities in debt, debt across all states, provinces, territories indebted all indebted countries, all continents and all indebted indebted Earth. And during this time to see billions of billions of billions of billions in tax havens that will never do anything. A century where we find normal sale $ 20 a pill so that it is worth $ 0.00002. A century or bandits, are no longer.

In Hollywood movies now 99% are only turnips. Action movies and / or science fiction with huge budgets and have no body. Films with special effects only always the same script.

A century or ideas without a single idea: make money! A century where everything is uniform and lifeless. A century of Globalization.


Another ridiculous movie
2/10 The technique is good and the actors not too bad. The music is tolerable. But the story is once again the most stupid is without any logic.

Another film of s**t. Certainly it seems almost impossible to rent / buy a movie with a good script today.

It seems that those who write for the movies are delayed. Or that they are children of 8 years. The film "Centurion" has no meaning. Imagine eight well-trained Roman soldiers fleeing on foot in front of 10 barbarians on horseback.

It makes no sense. Or the Romans are cowards. In addition there is another Top-Model supposed to be as powerful as a man. It's so ridiculous.

This film reminds me of a director / producer who wants to f**k the supermodel and get it done one movie.

The Mechanic

Just bad
This film does not deserve more than 1 / 10. It is a pity that now it is 3 or 4 mega-companies that control the films and distribution. It does no good. These companies think only about making money quickly by taking classics and making remakes.

This film is a good example. The 1972 version with Charles Bronson is a good film.

But the remake of 2011 is very bad. The actors and photography are correct. The music of this film is the same as found in thousands of films. It's always the same. The "composer" just changes the notes on his computer to use this music bad stuff for all films.

The screenplay for the 2011 version has nothing to do with that of 1972. Again we take a good script and made into a ridiculous stuff. Another example is the Planet of the Apes. It seems that Century 21 was more than ideas and we think that money. This is not surprising because everything is increasingly controlled by a small gang of people with no imagination who only think about money.

If you have never seen the movie The Mechanic (1972) leased it or buy the film. You will not be disappointed. I give it 8 / 10. But the version of 2011, forget it. It's just too bad. Take a good movie to make this horror is unforgivable. It's like taking a Rembrandt and put paint on top.


All is possible...
My real score: 0.1/10

This film is probably based on a true story. This is certainly a historical film. We learn how to Rome lost its empire. It's wonderful.

Seriously, this film is truly a masterpiece. A masterpiece of c**p. How does one come to collect 6 million dollars to do this kind of turnip. Phew! We understand if we were told that these are children 6 to 10 who had created this film. Pseudo 3D animation of the Cyclops is really ridiculous. A boy of 6 years can do the same thing using photos**p.

But where is gone the 6 million? Since there is Eric Roberts (specialist films the most bad as each other) of known it was he who received the big million for this s**t.

It's really unimaginable that we can produce things so bad when you consider that there are humans who have not even eaten anything.

To escape completely or give your worst enemy.

Princess of Mars

Everything is possible
Watching this film one is certain that everything is possible. Indeed if we must admit that the impossible is beyond this movie.

How is it possible to find money for something so bad? It is a true miracle and we must admit that everything is possible.

Unless the very bad "actor Antonio Sabato Jr. as father a mobster. Or an uncle in the Mafia wishing to launder money.

This "film" is a complete idiocy.

Bad script. Bad history. Bad music. Bad special effects. Bad costumes. Bad decor. Bad actors / actresses. Etc..

Too bad we could not see the breasts of "Traci Lords" or his ass or sex. It would have been interesting to know if his advanced age, she shaved her sex. It should be like

Antonio Sabato Jr. has everything to be porn actor ....

Traci Lords should never have let go the only thing she is able to do: porn. Open his mouth to make pipes is one thing, open to interpret something interesting is another.

If you want to see Traci Lords, it is better to see in the "movies" as follows: The Sex Godness Kinky Business Lust In The Fast Lane Bad Girls III Sex Shoot


Más sabe el diablo

Gorgeous Girls but idiot series
Although it is impossible to be objective when talking about themselves, I think I am not racist. For me, and it is naive to think it's a language Official country. So: The Chinese in China, Japanese in Japan, German in Germany, the Indian, India, etc. And the U.S. would be "Usonian".

It seems the United States there has not even Official language. USA Official language(s) None at federal level

National language English (de facto))

This is really surprising and silly.

The first time I saw the series Más sabe el Diablo I thought it was a series from Spain. Or even Argentina or Brazil (even if the official language is Portuguese - we should say the "Brazilian").

But this series is made in the United States. I find it really absurd even if there are 30 million Spanish in the United States. It seems to me that in a country we must share basic things. And the language is one.

If everyone starts to speak his language, then we will find ourselves in a beautiful tower of Babel. Note that this may be what you want. For when we apply the principle "divide and rule" is what actually happens. If no one can understand this in a country because each speaks the language he wants, and there is no common language at all, then this country is no longer one.

Regarding criticism for Más sabe el diablo, well it is really a series insignificant. Like all series soaps.

The technique is good but the story and scenarios are more conventional. The only pleasure watching this series is to see the beautiful women "Angeline Moncayo" (Marina) and Gaby Espino (Manuela Davila).

I have nothing against the Spanish, but I find it completely stupid to do the series in Spanish or other languages in the United States. Everything should be "Usonian" (modified English where the origin of which is English of England).

My rating for Más sabe el diablo: 3 / 10 1 for technical, 1 for "Angeline Moncayo" (Marina) and, 1 for "Gaby Espino (Manuela Davila).

Inglourious Basterds

Very very very very boring
This is the worst film I've seen so far Tarantino. The film is much too long and the story is far from convincing.

This is particularly unfortunate that there are many good actors and actresses. When you go see a Tarantino movie is expected to more than most regular movie.

This is not even a good movie to rent. And even less to see the theater. And forget to make a gift unless it is your enemy.

The film is extremely disappointing. It continues to expect that there's something interesting. And this expectation turns quickly to boredom.

If the intention was to make a film of black humor and / or a funny movie, it completely missed.

A film to avoid at all costs. Even if you're a big fan of Tarantino.

The Day the Earth Stood Still

More ridiculous that ridiculous
Yet another reprise of a classic film. And once again a disaster.

If Hollywood on is immensely rich in dollars, it was billions, we are not in imagination.

Why make intelligent movies when 99.9999999% of people love what is produced.

Just look at the "fabulous" Oscar to realize that everything is a matter of big stars. The "Names" that's all for a film. Whether actors, directors, producers, music composers, etc..

If you have a name in Hollywood you can do anything. And all the people are happy.

This is not the Earth that should stop (turning), but the shooting of this film.

It's really ridiculous. Examples:

The mother with an alien, and drags her child wherever she goes. The alien has come to destroy the Earth. It is supposed to know the human species. But in the film we see that he knew nothing. Yet it took thousands of years for that.

Too bad that 50 years the writers and all the people of Hollywood have not changed at all. If this is in the financial field.

I give this film a 2 / 10. Because what the film cost, we could have made a good story. But unfortunately, Hollywood is controlled by the group of people. A very small group. And have a very small brain (no imagination but a lot of money).

The human species is the worst animal species. And it has nothing to do with it. It will continue to destroy everything. And the greedy, millionaires and billionaires, to want controlled and acquire other resources.

War of the Worlds

Another crap Remake
It seems Hollywood has no brains but only greedy, bankers, millionaires and billionaires.

It never ceases to take classic films and make turnips.

We can put that on big name producers, actors and of course almost unlimited budgets.

That money would be better invested in education and health.

But as we are sure to make millions of profiles, it is anything.

If film "War of the Worlds" in 1953 was good, things have changed since that time. Including technology and science.

And people today, and some are not so naive that 50 years ago.

The recovery in 2005 by Spielberg makes no sense.

Example: If a superior race of aliens, wanted to invade Earth, it is certain that they would be aware of germs and everything related to the biology.

So they do not die of biological causes.

And if someone was hiding in a house, and a probe detection, high technology, would be sent, it certainly would detect individuals if cache. Unless there is a secret. This is not the case of the film.

And then to take control of the Earth, no need to go to war. Simply check the billionaires. And if the billionaires tell people going to throw in the ocean, the people will smile.

In Hollywood, and more generally in the Arts, when someone said that it is "great", it remains for life. Even if what this artist is crap.

And Steven Spielberg is one of those untouchable artists.

I give a poor 2/10 for this movie. 1 for technical and 1 for all people who work on it. Except writers which have brain of kids.


That's what happens when we abuse of drugs
My Score for this crap: 1 / 10 1 for the technical only. Everything else is very bad.

Another film that makes no sense. Clearly it seems that creating a good script for film or television is almost a impossible mission.

While it's easy to understand why politicians never say the truth, they are among the biggest liars on the planet, it is difficult to understand how to make films so pathetic.

We must believe that taking people for morons. Perhaps it was reason to believe, since 99% of the films are crap. Because they are stupid and ridiculous and very bad scenarios.

When you look at the price we give Oscars, we understand better why we continue to make films any more ridiculous than others.

And oddly enough it was always money for such nonsense. But it was not for education and health.

If you still want to listen to this s**t, press super Fast Forward button (at least 20X).

Confessions of a Pit Fighter

Gay movie
You like WWF? Your intelligence is 5 / 10 or less? You like movies with the Fat Steven Seagal? You like movies with scenarios completely stupid? More they are punch, more you like? More there are ketchup (blood) more you?

In this case you'll love this "movie" crap.

Film was probably not written a monkey. It makes no sense. There are only fighting crap.

I give him 2 / 10. 1 for the technical (sound, image, etc.). 1 for the very beautiful and sexy Giselle D'Cole.

To flee if you have intelligence higher than a monkey. Otherwise, this film is for you.

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