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I Married a Witch

Veronica's Best
I am a Veronica Lake fan, so I really do not care what the haters say about her (see March, Frederic). This is a classic movie, that is timeless. It is about two witches named Jennifer (Veronica Lake)and her father who are burned at the stake, and their remains are trapped in a tree. However, before that she puts a curse on all Wooley men which is to marry the worst possible woman, starting with the man she loves Nathaniel (March). If you see the speech he gives to his son, warning him not to tell his mother (he knows it is coming and he probably would have been better off with Jennifer in the first place). They show several different Wooley men (all played by March) who suffer that fate. One cannot wait to fight in the Civil War to get away from his wife. 270 years later, lightening strikes the tree and the spirits are released and they see another Wooley this time named Wally who is running for Governor and they plan on ruining is life. The witches come back to life (the father creates a fire in a Department Store to make a body and Wally hears a voice and "Rescues" Jennifer, and brings her to a hospital and she has no burns, and shows up at his home in his pajamas, starting the process of ruining him, because marrying a bad woman (Susan Hayward) is not good enough, Jennifer tries to get Wally to fall in love with her and break off his engagement to Susan Hayward. He does fall for her, but does not break the engagement, so she creates a love potion, for him to drink so she can take him away. However, a painting of Nathaniel hits her on the head, and Wally gives her the potion, making her fall in love with him. Spoilers ahead: Jennifer then wrecks the wedding and she and Wally end up eloping, and breaking the curse, and by witchcraft she gets everyone in the State to vote for him. However, her father does not approve and would rather have Jennifer in the tree with him and crashes their car into the same tree with Wally surviving but Jennifer losing her powers and dying. The last thing she tells him is "Love is stronger then witchcraft." They look in the window and see how brokenhearted Wally is losing her, and Jennifer pretends she is happy and her father gives her powers back, and she then traps him in a whiskey bottle and is reunited with Wally. They have a happy life with a boy and a girl but the little girl wants to play on a broom, so you know she will be trouble. The key line in the entire movie is the one Jennifer said: "Love is stronger then witchcraft." That is the key to not only breaking the curse: A Wooley marrying the right woman instead of the various shrews they ended up with (and it can only be Jennifer who is the right woman), which is what Wally did (with some supernatural help from Nathaniel and the clunk on the head), It also allows Jennifer to be with someone who really loves her, instead of her spirit continuing to be trapped like her father. 10/10 stars.

Bad Girls

Great Movie
It is strange how many people dislike this movie. It is a Western Classic that has a lot to offer. Great scenery and the ability to look at Lilly ( Drew Barrymore), Cody ( Madeleine Stowe) and Eileen ( Andie MacDowell); Mary Stuart Masterson ( Anita) was never much to look at. They are four prostitutes who have plenty of misadventures in the Old West. Three of the four suffer on screen physical abuse( only Eileen doesn't), and are accused of crimes they did not commit ( Cody killed in Self defense saving Anita from abuse), and allot them accused of a bank robbery they did not do. The men in this movie do not look very good: They were all criminals and ( or) fake, except William ( James LeGros) who is the naive good guy rancher who is dismissed by everyone in the movie except Eileen. The two main characters are Cody, a former outlaw who ran with Kid Jarrett a really nasty outlaw, and Eileen who was a ranchers daughter. Those two were the nicest of the Bad Girls. Lilly. ( a former rodeo star) was mean, Anita ( a pioneer woman ) was hard, while Cody ( although a former outlaw) was the leader who cared about the girls and about a man named Josh McCoy who was spoilers ahead; Murdered by Kid Jarrett. Eileen was actually a good girl gone wrong. One of the most interesting lines of the movie happened between Eileen and Lilly when they went to William's Ranch and Eileen said "My daddy said it was not the railroad but barbed wire that tamed the ranch." Lilly said "You knows lot about Grub Ranches for someone from New Orleans." She told her " I grew up on a ranch not much different then this before the bank took it away." She then said to herself "It has possibilities." Spoilers: At the end all of the girls are going to go to the Klindike to dig for gold ( Cody had Josh's claim), but Eileen did not want to go. She was happy that William offered her the opportunity to share this place with him. She told him the truth about her but said "It's all I the past." And said all I ever wanted was to get off of this diary pile ( the ranch) and all I got was a few fancy dresses and a broken heart. He said I have this land I got no money but I swear I will never break your heart. Since the girls were able to recover the money from the bank robbery Eileen and William will get the reward and will be okay. It is interesting that the other girls would rather go dig for gold then remain behind and be heroes. Everyone in this movie really pays a severe price for their actions except Eileen ( who is lucky to have a man like William who takes ( and loves her) for who she is). 10/10 Stars

The Other End of the Line

Fair Movie
This is not a movie to watch on TV ( unless you recorded it(. There are so many scenes you need to cut through ( and a few to go back to) it is not funny. It's about two different people Priya from India and Granger from the United States who first meet when when he calls a call center after his credit card was used illegally. She flies to San Francisco to meet him and lies about who she is. Spoilers ahead; It is the usual boy meets girl boy loses girl boy gets girl back. What is interesting is the lesson in the movie about taking Chances. Granger never takes a chance in life: He tells a story how his best friend ( and business partner) Charie are at summer camp and only Charlie has the guts to go across the river to the girls side and meets a 14 year old girl who he says he will marry. Then a decade later on a date sees her and drops the date for that same girl and marries her. Granger is more popular then Charlie but never gets what he really wants in life. There is a scene where Charlie tells Granger " Do you know your problem is? You never put yourself out there, never take a chance, and do not let people know who you really are. at the end of the movie, he finally takes a chance and flies 18 hours to India for Priya, on the slim chance she did not get married ( she was engaged when they met). It turns out she did not get married because she fell in love with Granger and would not make her fiancé happy. She risked turning her family against her. Especially her father who was a strict Hindi businessman. But her father loves Priya and when the fiance's father called her a tramp, he stood up for Priya especially noting "Above all this is my daughter and I love her." At the end Granger and Priya end up together. Her father is especially impressed when he said " I will give your daughter all the love and respect that she deserves." He gives his approval when he offers some tortilla looking bread and has him sit down with the family. Meaning Granger has been accepted into the family. 5/10 Stars mostly to look at Priya ( she is hot and adorable at the same time) and for the ending.

How to Murder Your Wife

Great Movie
How To Murder Your Wife ( HTMYW) is not a movie to be taken seriously. It is a spoof of spy movies and sex comedies. . I can imagine there would be a lot of women who would not care for this movie ( and a lot of guys who do ( myself included)). It's about a cartoonist named Stanley Ford (Jack Lemmon) who gets drunk and marries the girl who comes out of the cake ( the luscious Virna Lisi). Here is the thing: Lisi ( who as an Italian speaks no English) actually takes good care of Stanley ( if the writers wanted to be nasty, they could have made her a shrew ( like his lawyer's wife played by Claire Trevor)). Spoilers ahead: What it is about is killing his wife in a comic strip so the character can go back to being a spy. For that reason Stanley gets indicted for killing his wife ( she actually ran away because she ( like everyone else) thinks he will kill her). He admits to killing her, but gets acquitted ( to send a message to the jurors wives). What is important is Stanley really loves his wife which he admitted to his nasty woman hating butler ( Terry-Thomas) who along with Lisi ( for different reasons of course) steals the movie. Lisi's character who is called "Mrs. Ford ( you never learn her first name), eventually wins the battle of the sexes because even Terry-Thomas says "If he ( Stanley) can stand her, so can I." He then meets her mom and falls for her. What is important is almost any guy would love to be with Virna Lisa ( think Marilyn Monroe meets Sophia Loren), but she is actually decent ( she will not sleep with him at the end without the ring on her finger ( which he has)), and actually makes his life better ( even though she gets him kicked out of his men's only club by showing up there), and has him gain weight. What you see throughout the movie is a lot of unhappy men who picked the wrong woman ( since all are successful ( except the jurors), it makes you think they married not out of love but for social status) so they are miserable ( that is why they join clubs to get away from them). Stanley ends up with an entirely different kind of woman and learns to love her because of who she is. Besides if the choice is getting drunk with the guys or spending the night with Virna Lisi, the choice is very easy. 10/10 stars.


A Relationship Movie
This is a movie to watch twice. It is first and for most a relationship movie between criminal Vivian Palmer ( Myrna Loy) and FBI Agent Ross McBride ( Spencer Tracy), The best scenes are the ones where you see what they are really about ( especially Vivian). 1: Where she helps deliver twins and they are named after Vivian and Ross. 2: Where she does not want Rose to see her because she does not like looking at herself.spoilers ahead: 3: Where he chooses Vivian over his job. And she does not want him to. It is interesting how they have to pretend to be married throughout the movie( especially important because it saved McBride's life. The ending is a classic where they ask each other questions and they have to say yes or no. The last line is where Vivian tells McBride you do not have to ask a question the answer is yes. They are getting married after he gets out of the hospital ( he got injured in a gun fight against Ed Dexter ( a very nasty bad guy and other gangsters. Although McBride turned in his badge, gut feeling is he can keep it because of the smile on his boss's face when Vivian tried to stop him, and it was Vivian who ended up with his badge. 10/10 stars a must for Myrna Loy fans.

Six Black Horses

Nice movie
Extremely underrated movie. It is really about three people: Ben Lane (Audie Murphy), Frank Jessie (Dan Duryea), and Kelly (Joan O'Brien). The hero and really only good person is Ben and Frank Jessie said about him: "Do you tire of being good?" He saves Kelly and a dog (who was used for dog fighting and remains loyal to him) in the movie. Spoilers ahead: Frank Jessie is hired to kill Kelly's husband, and she hires gunmen to kill him for revenge. Frank Jessie says "You are exactly like me." The only difference is Ben loves her, and only likes him (he saved Ben from being lynched earlier), and Ben has to face Frank Jessie in a showdown (you know who wins). By the way the Title refers to how Frank Jessie wanted to go out "Having a coffin in a wagon pulled by 6 black horses, and slamming the door shut on the past." That is exactly how he goes out, and after Ben tells the story, Kelly (who had a harsh life and was used by everyone, and has low self esteem), tells how she too wants "Slam the door shut on the past." They (along with the dog) are going to get a fresh beginning in Montana (where Ben is from). Ben wins her by being non judgmental about her past, and all he wants to do with her is love and take care of her. Nice Movie. 9/10 stars.

Leap of Faith

Excellent Movie
There are a lot of people who miss the point of this movie, including one person who says there is no protagonist in the movie. There is one.... Christ. Everyone in the movie is not in good shape. A town that has high unemployment and crops dying due to a lack of rain, a boy who cannot walk named Boyd (Lukas Haas), the Town Sheriff Will Braverman (Liam Nesson), who is losing his faith, and of course, Evangelist/con artist Jonas Nightengale (Steve Martin) and his assistant Jane Larson (Debra Winger), who are both heading down a bad road. What Christ does (spoilers ahead) is where Boyd gets healed, and everyone (except Will) believes it was Jonas, but he knows that it was not him, but a much higher power, and he leaves the town behind, and on a trailer the driver asks him "Are you in trouble?' and Jonas replies: "No for the first time in a long time, I am not." Then rain finally comes to the town (the scene with the animals and crops really works well), and Jane & Will (who are now a couple) go up to Jonas's room, and find the letter he left for her along with a ring she always wanted. Basically Christ had a plan for Jonas, and although he was tempted by money (and lost Jane in the process), in the end, he did the right thing and saved himself in the process. Martin really puts on a great show in the tent with his "Fire & Brimstone" Sermons, but the most interesting scenes are Winger's. The scene where she puts on the ring, and the two butterfly scenes with Will work best. She only met him three days and you could tell it was going to become a lifetime. Excellent performances by Martin and especially Winger. 10/10 Stars

One on One

Great Sports Movie
This is a great sports movie, and the beginning and the end both show kids playing basketball (the difference is seeing Henry (Robbie Benson) watching as opposed to actually playing at the end works). My favorite scene is with the Hitchhiker, because I am a huge Melanie Griffith fan (this is just one of 23 films I have seen of hers), so obviously seeing Melanie as the hitchhiker is a treat. The single biggest flaw is the Promo for the movie which is "There comes a time when love stops being a ball and becomes a woman." If you actually see the movie (Spoilers ahead). You see that he still loves basketball AND Janet (Annette O'Toole), and is able to have both. What the movie is about is really character growth. Henry has no idea how Big Time College's work (Athletically and especially Academically). Watch how he first meets Coach Moreland Smith G.D. Spradlin, who has no idea that he recruited him. Smith is a real piece of work, he basically uses his secretary as a prostitute for the team and when he wants Henry off the team, has another player beat him up, and tries to get him expelled from School. As bad as Smith is, the worst character is Malcolm (James G. Richardson), an arrogant teacher who is sleeping with his Graduate Student (Janet), and looking down on Henry because he plays basketball. The Henry/Janet relationship is complex, it goes from her looking down on him, to being a couple. There is about a 5 year difference between the two, but in my opinion, the reason it works, is because of not only the character growth in Henry, but Janet as well. She stops looking down on him, and learns that Henry works hard at everything, is not stupid, and he stands up for her, and treats her in a respectful way that no one else does. Obviously, we know in the end that Henry helps win the game, and is able to walk away from Smith, head held high (that is obvious right from the beginning). But for his future, watch the scene where he mocks talking to his father on the phone: He knows his dad will not approve of him being with an older woman, but it does not matter. Why? Because he made a choice (which is Janet), So wherever he goes in life (maybe even playing in the NBA one day), Janet will be with him side by side. 10/10 stars

Montana Moon

Joan's Worst Movie
If you want to see a modern day cowboy married to a society gal, watch 'The Cowboy & The Lady.' Gary Cooper is a better actor then Johnny Mack Brown (Larry) and Merle Oberon acts better (and is better looking then Joan Crawford's character who is named Joan). Crawford is really strange in this movie (especially at the end where she has a 'What Am I Doing In This Movie Look).' Its about party girl sisters Elizabeth (Dorothy Sebastian), and Joan who are always trouble for their father Mr. Prescott. Elizabeth loves Jeff (Ricardo Cortez) who is a real weasel, who really wants Joan. She marries Larry almost on the spur of the moment, so her sister could have him. Spoilers ahead: Probably the best scenes in the movie involves Cortez & Crawford, like when he is doing the tango with Crawford, and punches him out. Then in the final scene where he shows what a coward he was, when Larry dressed as a bandit kidnaps Joan and he does nothing (Elizabeth sees the truth about him). More importantly Joan sees the difference between her husband and society types like Jeff. She has (about Jeff) "He is not my husband thank heavens." She says to the bandit J "I do have a husband and if you look at me the wrong way, there would be trouble." She does know that Larry is the bandit due to "Your thick accent you can cut."). Joan is really not worth the effort, but Larry wins her because he is the only person she ever respected, and as her father said to him "Leaving (him) is the first thing she ever regretted." I will give it 2 stars. 1 each for Cortez and Crawford (although it might be Joan's worst movie).

Mysterious Island of Beautiful Women

Bad Movie
I do not know where to start with what is wrong wit with this movie, so I will start with what is right: Rosalind Chao (Flower), who somehow gives a good performance. Every other performance is either wooden or invisible. Lets start with Deborah Shelton (Bambi): Anyone who has ever seen this woman in a movie knows she is a knockout. Why can't we see more shots of her? Lets move on to Jamie Lin Bauer (Lizbeth). Just look at her eyes and you know she is Psycho 101 straight out of Central Casting (and spoilers ahead: You know she is getting killed). Next: If you are on a guy and crash land on an Island with hotties, why would you not be making a play (especially for Deborah Shelton)? Well the only one who does is Mike Stapleton (Stephen Keats), who goes after Snow (Kathryn Davis), and spoilers ahead: He does end up with her. The only other one who might get a girl is the guy who had an accident to his eyes, because Rosalind Chao attached herself to him. Then there are the technical issues: The plane that the men crashed into the Island was short of fuel: One of the men (the pilot) is killed, but that leaves 5 to take off, Plus Snow, Flower and the the other women (Chocolate (Jayne Kennedy) and Jo Jo (Susie Coehlo), and Bambi's daughter), what about the weight issues? Did I forget relying on a 25 year old directional finder that was on the plane that crashed and brought the girls to the Island in the first place? Last but not least, I suspect Snow and probably Flower will be okay, but the others will have extreme difficulty adjusting to society. Basically the only reason to watch (if you choose to do so), is Chao.

His Private Secretary

Fair Movie.
Is this a great film? Not at all, its very much low budget, and very short. Obviously the main reason people want to watch is because of John Wayne (Dick Wallace), and although he does not get top billing (Evalyn Knapp (Marion Hall) does), he is in the movie far more then she is. It is strange seeing 'The Duke' in a suit (although he was in his next movie 'Baby Face'(and later films like 'Brannigan')), but a tux? that is different. Spoilers ahead: Dick is a womanizer/playboy millionaire who refuses to go to work for his father (Reginald Barlow), and meets and eventually marries Marion. Of course, his father thinks she is a gold digger and cuts them off. She decides to go to work for her father in law as a secretary to prove that she is not that. Of course, she is very good and he likes her work, the problem is Dick refuses to give up his partying and loses Marion. Eventually Dick decides to do nothing but work and both he and his father are not happy. In an ending very much like 'Angel And The Badman' he gives up his drinking and womanizing and settles down with Marion. Interesting enough, Marion is the granddaughter of a Minister, while Penelope Worth (Gail Russell) is a Quaker girl. Of course, 'Angel And The Badman' is a better movie and Gail Russell was much hotter then Evalyn Knapp.

I thought Evalyn, was the better of the two. I just saw her in 'Sinners Holiday' and 'The Millionaire' where interesting enough she was a millionaire who was quickly landed by someone (Bill Merrick (David Manners)) who was middle class like she is here. I also think that like Merrick in 'The Millionaire' she will work for the father (he said about her '"She is the first woman I like since your mother"), and bring more happiness to the office. One more point: In 'The Millionaire' Merrick Co-Owned a Gas Station while Dick owned one himself.

Evalyn whose career faded after 'High Pressure' (With William Powell) a year earlier did have a long and happy marriage, so she ended up better then the ill fated Gail Russell, and at least she can say she worked with three legends: Wayne, Powell, and as her brother in 'Sinners Holiday: James Cagney. 5/10 stars. Mostly for Knapp.


I know this is a John Wayne (Sean Mercer) movie, but I simply love Elsa Martinelli (Dallas) in this movie, she is my favorite. This is number 10 on the Elsa movie seen list (I have never seen it complete until yesterday, but boy did I remember seeing Elsa being chased by elephants in the incomplete version). With the exception of the monkey scene that was Red Buttons, every classic scene especially the kissing scene (with Wayne), the bedroom scene's and Elsa taking a bath with the elephants to the tune of 'Baby Elephant Walk' is priceless. Not a classic scene but seeing Elsa's legs getting in the truck is something else to watch.The scenery and the animals are awesome as well, and it is interesting seeing a woman get the best of John Wayne (every guy in the movie goes gaga for Elsa (including Red Buttons who does end up with Michele Girardon (Brandy), not a bad consolation price (but not Elsa)). Spoilers ahead: Not that anyone needed to know that it is 'The Duke' who ends up with Elsa (as do baby elephants). As for John Wayne it is a different kind of movie. He hits no one in the movie, and is the "Straight Man" for Elsa and Red Buttons. An absolute must see for Elsa fans. 10/10 Stars

Sinners' Holiday

Watch for Film Debuts
Obviously the main reason to watch this movie is the fact it is James Cagney's (Harry) first film. It is also the first film of Joan Blondell (Myrtle), and Evalyn Knapp's (Jeannie) fist feature (she did shorts prior to this). I found Myrtle to be the most interesting character. Not only did she NOT look like Blondell (dark hair), but she was nasty gold digging prostitute (a character I NEVER saw from her before), and she even lost the in looks department to Jeannie.

The main character is Ma Delano (Lucille LaVerne) who runs a Coney Island Arcade with her kids Harry, Jeannie and Joe. This woman is a real piece of work, she basically smothers Harry (almost borderline incest when they kiss on the lips) and basically neglects Jeannie and Joe. Spoilers ahead: Harry who is basically weak and pathetic, gets involved with the bootlegging business (that his mother hates), and rips off gangster Mitch (Warren Hymer), and murders him. Myrtle is his alibi and lets his mother exactly what happened, and that basically she will be running things from now on. Harry breaks down like a baby and his mother frames Angel Harrigan (Grant Withers) for the crime. The problem is Jeannie saw the murder and is sweet on Angel. She tells the police (very reluctantly) what happened and Harry confesses. The final scene is very revealing Joe starts to take her away, but she sees a big crowd (and of course lots of $$$$$$$$$), and she puts Angel (who she never liked) in charge. I can understand her being angry at Jeannie, for ratting out Harry, but did not let her Good Son Joe run things either. Is this a perfect movie? Not at all. But Cagney, LaVerne and especially Blondell make it work. 8/10 Stars

The Millionaire

Great Sales Movie
This is one of if not the most difficult James Cagney's (Schofield) movie to find (the few comments on it back that opinion up). It really works best if you view it as a sales picture, instead of a comedy. It also stars Evalyn Knapp ( Barbara 'Babs'Alden), who one year later, was in another Warner Brothers great sales movie 'High Pressure' with William Powell, George and Florence Arliss as her parents James & Laura Alden, and David Manners as Bill Merrick. Spoilers ahead: Arliss stars as an automotive company owner who believes in quality over quantity which puts him in disagreement with his Board of Directors, but he has to retire due to poor health. He is very unhappy being retired, and he is also not happy with the quality of the person Carter Andrews she is dating. Things change when he meets Schofield who tries to sell him insurance, but he cannot be insured because he is retired. Schofield suggests investing in a business but not telling the other partner who he is, instead he pretends to be someone named Charles Miller. It turns out it is a gas station because of course, he knows all about car engines. Of course, Cagney steals the entire movie in his cameo, but keep watching. His partner is Merrick who is also an architect. Merrick meets Babs when she drives up for gas, and he had met her before. When she was going to Finishing School he was attending The University Of Michigan playing football (although only a back-up offensive lineman), and he was able to get a dance out of her. He is able to win her, by being honest and respectful (calling her Barbara not 'Babs' (something no one else did). Because he sees her as First Class). He also calls "Miller" "Dad" although he has no idea who he really is. There is one scene in the movie, where a competing gas station is losing business to Merrick's and "Miller's" because he designed a nicer looking station. The competitor Peterson (Noah Berry) drops the price from .20 Cents to .15 Cents. "Miller" raises his price to 20.5 Cents and adds a sign "Don't trust your engine on cheap gas," and takes away all of Peterson's business. Finally Peterson buys them out for $14,000 (he originally offered $7,000). At the end, "Miller" exposes himself to Merrick after Barbara announces they want to marry and Alden says call me "Dad." Florence is in shock, but he reminds her that you did the same thing when you were her age, "Chose the working man." At the same time, Alden got an examination from the Doctor, and was told he is okay, and a couple of members of the Board Of Directors told him, we need you back. It goes without saying that Merrick will be the son that Alden never had, and will be teaching him the car business. There is little doubt that Cagney is best of all (he is not only one of the best actors in history, but his next movie is 'The Public Enemy' which of course, is one of the greatest gangster movies ever), but everyone else in the movie is involved in sales (even Florence who obviously sold her parents on James) so watch it as a sales movie, and you will see it is one of the best sales movies ever (High Pressure included). 10/10 stars

Old San Francisco

Great Movie
Delores Costello ( Delores Vasquez) and the earthquake ( and it's aftermath) are the main reasons to see this movie. I know it will not appeal to many people because to some it is not Politically Correct showing the Chinese as bad guys ( especially Warner Oland ( who later played Charlie Chan) as the half white half Mongolian villain Chris Buckwell) and ( or) because it is a Silent Movie. The funny thing is there are equal opportunity bad people in the movie, not just Asian. There was John Miljan who played bad guy Don Luis ( Hispanic), and Andres Randolph ( Caucasian Lawyer Michael Brandon). spoilers ahead: What the story is really about is the greed of the people from the City Of San Francisco versus a traditional way of life that you see in the Vasquez Family. You see it with the murder of Don Hernandez de Vasquez brother because of the Gold Rush, and the death of Don Hernandez because of greed and Chris Buckwell. There are two things that represent the Vasquez Family: Their strong Catholic Faith and the family sword that they have used against their enemies. There is also a love story involving Delores and Irish Lawyer Terrence ( Terry) O'Shaughnessy ( Charles Emmitt Mack).He is the hero of the movie who saves the property from his uncle Andres ( who is working for Buckwell), then saves Delores from being raped by Buckwell, and finally rescues her after the earthquake. Basically, he will do whatever is necessary for her. Why? Take a look at Delores Costello. She was stunning. The only actresses in silent movies who looked better were Clara Bow and Renee Adoree. My favorite scene the final one with Terry and Delores and their daughter who is playing with the family sword in the family home which is in the Hills over the City Of San Francisco. It almost symbolizes the fact that not only did Delores Vasquez win, but the Vasquez Family way of life will continue on. 9/10 Stars.

Thunder in the Sun

Watch For Hayward
This is a movie that I like more then most people. I am not of Basque Heritage, so I cannot say what they did wrong as far as a culture and language is concerned. But if you watch the movie you will see that it is the Basque Settlers ( who needed to plant grape vines they brought from France) as opposed to the American trail guide, Lon ( Jeff Chandler) that comes up with the plan to defeat the Indians. The best one in the movie is Gabrielle Dauphin ( Susan Hayward) who is in a loveless, arraigned marriage to Andre. She is the walking definition of a spitfire, which you see in her flamingo dance and the settlers want to quit and she keeps them going, and when she pulls a gun on Lon and he knows she will use it. Andre simply cannot handle her ( even his mother calls him old). Andre is eventually killed by accident, but by tradition his younger brother Pepe must marry her. Of course, the one she really loves is Lon. Spoilers ahead: The way the Basque and Lon take to the mountains and defeat the Indians is something to watch. At the end Lon finds the perfect spot to plant the vines, which he shows to Gabrielle and Pepe, and Pepe sees the love that they have for each other. Pepe said to Lon " The best way to marry is for love." and he lets him have her. 9/10 Stars mostly for Hayward who dominates every scene she is in.

Down to Their Last Yacht

Sidney Fox
I watched this movie just to see Sidney Fox ( Sidney which was her REAL first name ( Lifer was the last), is one of the WORST first names for a woman in Motion Picture History ( Charlie Murphy might be the only name as bad)) in her final film is the only reason to watch this movie. Any scene without Fox is bad. Mary Boland as Queen of this Island and Sterling Holloway ( who has such a " Deer In The Headlights" look throughout the movie looks totally stoned) are particularly awful. I wonder if the creators of Gilligans Island saw this movie as an idea? Wealthy and average people ending up on an Island together? Even Gilligan who was pretty stupid in the Series is The Professor compared to the morons in this movie which was EVERYONE except ( Linda Colt-Stratton ( Fox) and Barry Forbes ( Sidney Blackmer) who spoilers ahead: Ends up with Linda). I can only hope that Charlie Murphy has a better career and fate then Sidney Fox who committed suicide at age 34. Needless to say that I despised this movie and give it zero stars. The best thing is Fox and the WORST thing is Fox? Why? She is the only one decent but without her I never would have watched this movie which belongs in the Top Ten All-Time WORST film list.

The Oregon Trail

Good Movie
I actually liked this movie better then some of the posters. It is important to NOT look at this movie in terms of 2016. Why is that? For example:One of the biggest complaints about this movie was about the 1/2 white 1/2 Indian girl Shona Hastings ( Gloria Talbott) renouncing her people. Keep in mind why did she? Seeing the pleasure on certain people's faces like her father's when small children die is the reason why. What they did was not about a military objective it was actually enjoying killing. As for her father, Gabe (John Dierkes), his guy did not "Go Native" to use a British term that a poster used. This guy hated people, and the Indians just gave him the means and opportunity to inflict hurt on others as opposed to preferring a lifestyle or favoring some cause ( right or wrong). If you watch the movie and see how her father treated her ( like a savage) you will see he had no love for her. Spoilers Ahead: Did she choose Neal Harris ( Fred MacMurray) when she saved him after being tied up? Yes she did but that was a personal choice she made. The reason she did was Neal treated her with kindness, decency and respect which no one else did. That act is what saved everyone from getting killed ( not just MacMurray). Is it a great movie? No but well worth watching ( although I suspect it will be hard to find because certain people will not like it) 9/10 Stars.

To the Last Man

Excellent Western
This is without question a Pre-Code Western that featured two people that would become legends. Shirley Temple and Randolph Scott. What is interesting is Shirley is not credited and Scott ( like the rest of the cast) is not credited until he shows up. The main star in the movie is Esther Ralston ( Ellen Colby) who is the daughter of Jed Colby ( Noah Beery) who murdered the Grandfather of Lynn Hayden ( Scott). A couple of points:,the bad guy usually has some redeeming characteristics ( like caring about his daughter), Colby does not and spoilers ahead: He gets murdered by the even nastier Jim Daggs ( Jack La Rue ( an actor like Berry known for playing villains)). It is about a feud between the two families and what is interesting is there is no question who is good and who is bad. Something else you never see is Colby and Daggs succeed in killing all of the male adult members of the family ( except a badly wounded Lynn). It is actually Ellen that is the real heroine of the movie. She is able to fight off Daggs so that Scott can finally kill him, and They show a photo where they marry at the end. You rarely see a woman who is so obviously a white trash tomboy especially in Westerns ( even Indians are usually not shown that way). Another point is the price that both Ellen and especially Lynn pay. One finding out how creepy her father is the other losing family members. One more point. This movie that I saw on TCM, is the restored print from the Museum of Modern Art and you can see a clear difference between that and Public Domain prints. This is an excellent Western and a MUST for Scott fans. Also do not overlook the Pre-Fox ( this was filmed at Paramount) Shirley Temple who steals the scenes she was in, and Esther Ralston. 10/10 stars.

Atlantis: The Lost Continent

Fair Movie
Is this a great movie? Not at all. The things I remember as a kid are 1: Joyce Taylor( Princess Antilla). 2: Ed Platt ( the Chief from 'Get Smart") giving a great speech. 3: The death ray. 4: The fact that the slaves escaped and went back home and it is inferred that they made their civilization's greater.Spoilers ahead: The key is that Atlantis would have destroyed the entire human race ( because they were far more advanced and evil then anyone else( turning people into animals (long before H.G. Wells ' The Island Of Dr. Moreau')) which is why it had to be destroyed, and every single Atlantian as well ( except Princess Antilla of course). She goes to Greece with the Greek fisherman Demetrius ( Sal Ponti) who saved her and brought her back to Atlantis. Is she good? Not at all. She turns him into a slave. But at the end she is salvageable, and the only good Atlantian ( Azor the High Priest ( Platt)), has Demetrius marry and bring her back to Greece with him. 5/10 stars mostly for looking at Joyce Taylor.

Ring of Fire

One Of The Best Disaster Films Ever
I like a good disaster movie (Towering Inferno and Twister come to mind). What is odd about this movie is it is one that I avoided for many years because I did not think I would like it. It used to run a lot on TV but it was not shown in years. I finally decided to record it, and wow. I do not know what was hotter the forest fire or Joyce Taylor. All jokes aside and spoilers ahead. This movie was shot in location in Oregon and it shows. The most harrowing part is where one dropped cigarette by bad guy Frank Gorshin creates a Forrest fire that burns down an entire town and the hero Sergeant Steve Walsh ( David Janssen) With underage girl Bobbie Adams( Taylor) take a train into town so that they can rescue everyone. The entire train trip going through a well 'Ring Of Fire' is incredible. The relationship between Steve and Bobbie is to say the least complicated. She is one of three criminals who kidnap Steve, and she saves him twice from getting killed, then after throwing herself at him and accuses him of statutory rape( which he does not do). But when he gets on the train to save everyone she goes along and despite numerous times telling her to get off she remains right to the end. Because she was that devoted to him, she does win his love. At the end he lets her know she is special and "If they ( the town) can start over, so can you." He finally kisses her at the end, and you know he will marry her. This movie should be a must see for the fire and Taylor.

The Godless Girl

Watch For Marie
This was an excellent movie ( especially the fire scene). Cecil B. Demille always seems to make great movies. That said more than DeMille, I think dogs when I think of this movie. The tragic Marie Provost who had the reputation of being eaten by her dog and Lena Basquette who became a champion trainer of Great Danes. Marie who played Mame the best friend of Judy The Godless Girl ( Basquette) really steals the movie. Spoilers ahead. At the end of the movie when the fire scene comes and Judy is chained and forgotten about, it is Mame that tells Bob Hathaway ( the Christian boy who loves Judy) about it and then with another student goes after both of them with a fire hose. I have seen Marie in other movies: The Racket, Sporting Blood, and Three Wise Girls and this is her best movie.

Love Actually

Middle Of The Road Movie
I saw a reviewer say they never saw a Middle of the road review of Love Actually. This movie has three excellent performances: Martine McCormick ( Natalie), Lucia Munoz ( Aurelia) and Colin Firth ( Jamie). Then there is Emma Thompson ( who I never liked), Keira Knightley ( who I never thought was hot ( Martine McCutcheon is much better looking in this movie)), and Liam Nelson who is better in Action movies. Hugh Grant ( Prime Minister) is always the same. Dazed

and confused look throughout a movie before ending up with the girl. Spoilers ahead: The best way to see this movie is to record it and skip every scene not involving Aurelia and Jamie ( especially the subtitles scenes showing their thoughts and his proposal to her in Portuguese). Their relationship is best of all because it is a relationship of equals, or Natalie. 5/10 stars.

King Ralph

Excellent Movie
I am a huge fan of this movie. There are a lot of people who do not, but perhaps they would if they actually paid close attention ( especially the last 20 minutes). Spoilers ahead: Watch the speech before Parliament where Ralph abdicates the throne for Cedric ( Peter O' Toole): Admitting " I tried my best, but my best will never be good enough." Cedric notes later on that ( Ralph ) is a good and kind man who conducted himself with honor and taught him how to be King ( showing courage by doing the right thing for England and giving England "A better and more qualified man then any Nation deserves." ( he did not want the job ( one reason being he had no heirs) and admitted being a coward)). The relationship between Ralph and Miranda really works as well. Camille Coduri is a knockout, much better looking thank Princess Anna ( Joely Richardson). But what really works is she is not perfect ( being a stripper), and gradually starts to realize she has made bad decisions in her life ( "Taking the easy way out" and accepting money from Lord Graves to embarrass Ralph ( Graves was a particularly nasty John Hurt)). In the end she changes and is working in a clothing store when Ralph comes for her. Of course, you know that the next King of England will be Ralph and Miranda's Son Ralph Jr ( you see him in the final scene). Really outstanding performances by Camile Coduri, Richard Griffiths ( the King's Secretary Duncan Phipps), John Goodman ( Ralph), and of course, O'Toole who should be on a short list of the greatest actors in History. 10/10 Stars

Lucky Number Slevin

A Classic Gangster Movie
For anyone who is into gangster movies (and I am ) Lucky Number Slevin should be a must see). I see comparisons made to The Usual Suspects, and Pulp Fiction (both movies had Bruce Willis (in Pulp Fiction it was Butch Coolidge and here, it is Mr. Goodkat)). I would add Reservoir Dogs to the list where you had characters named after Colors: Mr. White, Mr. Orange, Mr. Pink, Mr. Blonde, Mr. Blue, and Mr. Brown (Quentin Tarantino). Here you had "Rabbi" (Ben Kingsley), "Boss" (Morgan Freeman), Goodkat, Elvis, and of course, Slevin (named after a horse), and Kelevra (Hebrew for "Bad Dog"). I am not going to spoil the movie because of the mystery element to it: Except to say that there is no one who is a hero, anti-hero, and even Victim (except perhaps Slevin's (Josh Hartnett) mom). There are a lot of bad people in this movie: How bad you may ask? Goodkat, who is a sociopath hit man, does one decent thing in the movie, and is not close to the worst character in the movie. There are four worse then he is. If there is a moral character in the movie it is Lindsey (Lucy Liu) who is the love interest of Slevin (real name Henry), but even she is far from perfect. I will say this much: If you get through the violence, mystery, betrayal, revenge, and everything that Henry goes through, you will be rewarded. Major Spoiler: By the way, Henry does end up with Lindsey (so he gets a happy ending), but how he gets there? Watch and find out. 10/10 stars

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