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Trauma Center

I don't get it
They shot up dude, riddled him with bullets, but they only care about the bullet in her leg? I'm confused.

The Oval

Watched first 3 minutes of episode one....
And stopped watching. I honestly don't know how he gets away with making such horrible movies and he swears it's just black people tearing him down. No brother, these shows suck! No one is hating on you the shows suck. It's so sad that Oprah keeps that crap on OWN!

Nobody's Fool

8 Minutes In I Knew This Was Garbage
I saw this movie on Prime and figured it'd be something to pass the time away this Thanksgiving. Started watching and first warning sign, "written, directed and produced by Tyler Perry". I can't stand any of Tyler Perry movies, they are so far removed from reality it's actually scary. I was about to stop the movie then but decided to see if it's good...8:09 minutes in I see Tiffany Haddish's character having sex openly, lights on, in the bed of a truck with some dude...while their in a jail house parking lot...surrounded by police cars.

I stopped there. If the board meeting wasn't enough with Missy Pyle playing a stereotypical out of touch white person didn't do it for me, that sex, loud might I add, surrounded by police scene did.

I just don't know what world this man lives in. God help us all now that he has his own studios. Elder people of color helped this man get to where he is, we didn't have anything to do with this legacy of trash.

Terminator: Dark Fate

Reviewers giving this movie less than 8 stars
This movie was better than all previous ones. Of course we all know Jon died in the previous terminator and I think people have a hard time with the new direction and in the climate of trump may be a bit prejudiced at the atmosphere but the movie was perfection!!

Women freaking rule!!


Usually IMDB is On Point...They Missed it On This One
I was either hysterically laughing or giggling the entire movie. Its just so stupid and bizarre. Im actually watching it again for a second time.

Rim of the World

The "Rim of the Toilet" Review Nails It
Everything they wrote in the "Rim of the Toilet" review is 100% accurate and the ethnic stereotypes is disheartening, are we still letting prejudice jerks produce these movies? It's so sad because very impressionable minds will watch this garbage. This movie is just bad for the world, let alone children.

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