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The Upside

i gave a shot but no, next film please
Being handicap does not have the funny side to it as the film proceeds. people who do care for the disable are far more understanding and don't care what they need to deal with. next its another steal a piece here and there from other films and mashed it together. more lazy script writing from Hollywood, no original ideas again, cheesey humor, sat through it and didn't even smile once, just disguised. buy the book is your best bet .

Bird Box

um ok....
A very nice cut and piece together garbage to create a film, a sure sign of Hollywood being lazy about coming up with better material. the mist, it follows and some other added film parts from past movies. i had a very hard time sitting through the whole 2 hours, unanswered questions at the end ? not a chance, it told me there is no need to even waste the time making a part 2. i can see why this didn't rank very high. take my advice, find something else to watch on netflix, spectral i recommend

Lo imposible

a very short movie
after the tsunami i lost interest, too much drama so i rated it low. but don't worry i didn't even give titanic a very high rating either, and to this day i still couldn't tell you what the story line was because looking at the ship was more interesting. not all true stories are good, i've seen independent films that were much better. they also should have used asa butterfield or bill milner to play the older boy, should have used hugh laurie as the father due his genius ways of acting. Naomi Watts is right where she should be, and the young kid should have been jack scanlon and then Daniel Ravenhill. i found this being too dramatic like going through a weeks time of depession there wasn't a good moment or moments where they try taking this minds off their problems to avoid falling in to a depression. i suggest other tsunami movies, a friend really wanted me to watch this one and well i fell asleep like 30 mins in to the movie.

Dog with a Blog

who's wonderful idea was this ?
A dog who seems to be smarter than the humans and seems like he runs what happens in the house. the characters are not cut out for comedy at all. they are all annoying and unrealistic, I've even come close to losing my dinner to some poor comedy comments. don't we have enough of these talking animal shows and movies? i don't let my kids watch this, in fact it doesn't keep their interest. my teen daughter is upset because they replaced my babysitter is a vampire with this low low grade entertainment... i sure hope for my kids sake they do removed this program. and for the sake of my friends with kids, their opinion aren't very high about this program either.

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