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Far Cry New Dawn

A Good & Fun Expansion To Far Cry 5
INTRODUCTION: Far Cry 5 was one of my top video games of 2018. The gameplay, beautiful open world, music were all great. When it was announced at the Game Awards 2018 that a spin-off of Far Cry 5 called "New Dawn" was coming out, I was really excited to play it and continue the story (especially after that cliffhanger ending). Now that New Dawn is out and have finished the main story, here are my thoughts on it.

STORY: Even though the main story is short, I still enjoyed it. I was glad see some of my favorite characters from Far Cry 5 return (Joseph Seed, the Rye family, Father Jerome, etc.). I also liked the antagonists, Mickey and Lou (Leaders of a raider gang known as The Highwaymen). The main story was pretty short but I enjoyed it.

GAMEPLAY: Gameplay is mostly the same as Far Cry 5 but with some changes. Some of the changes, I'm on the fence about, mainly the fact that enemies are now bullet sponges and you have to craft new, more powerful weapons as you progress (which can be a bit grindy when finding materials to craft weapons and upgrade them).

MUSICAL SCORE: The soundtrack for Far Cry 5, composed by Dan Romer, was one of my favorites of 2018 with a bluegrass sound to some of the tracks. With Far Cry New Dawn, the game's score has a more Electronic/Hip-Hop/Electronic-Rock style to it. The music fits the tone of the game well and sounds very epic, especially when engaging in combat with enemies.

CONCLUSION: Far Cry New Dawn is an enjoyable expansion to one of my favorite video games of last year. While it wasn't as great as Far Cry 5, I still enjoyed it a lot and I'm curious to see where Far Cry will go in future installments.

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