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Toast of London

You will love it
...if you are 13 years old or have a brain of a 13 years old. But do not watch it alone! Invite other (physically or mentally) 13 year olds to watch it with you.


I am very critical
I am the type of person that focus more on the flaws than on the good aspects of things. So, it is rare for me to find a movie excellent, but this one is. It is nearly perfect. Acting is superb, atmosphere, the sets, humour, sadness (yes, I cried), everything is just right in this movie. Even the priest that says almost nothing is amazing how he expresses his emotions on his face while listening to Saliere. Masterpiece.


Not scary
Just another of those horror movies in which every single person does only stupid things. Always. They are so stupid that you root for the killer. Jamie Lee Curtis is annoying (additionally to stupid). Long time ago, I regarded her as a good actress. But this movie destroyed that. Here, her acting is terrible, making her totally unlikeable.

The Last Bus

Boring, unfortunately
I gave this movie a chance. I know it is about an old man, but he is so old that he can barely walk and speak. It is just too much. Because of this, every scene is painfully slow. Another reviewer here said he is old, but was bored too.

Body Snatchers

When you see soldiers and jeeps, you know the movie is going to be bad. This one is even beyond bad: it is terrible. Terrible acting, no atmosphere and not scary.

Wake in Fright

One of the most disturbing films. It is a psychological horror movie. It could even be a science fiction film, where the inhabitants of a town are aliens disguised as humans. Knowing nothing about it, when it started I immediately asked myself "Who would want to live in a place like this?". It is a very well-made movie, because it really makes you feel the agony of the main character, who is trapped in a Kafka-like story. Already by the fifth pint or can of beer I started feeling sick. I skipped the hunt scene.


Even toys can do more
Easily one of the worst movies ever made. Amazing that it was made by adults as a serious movie. The baby monsters do not have any moving parts, not even their eyes move. They are clumsily pulled around by strings. The eyes of papa (or mama?) monster do not move either. Hilarious (if you skip the parts without the monster).

Le boucher

Overrated as Hell
Folks, Chabrol and French does not mean a film is good. I like art films, but this movie is just boring. If you want to be bored to death, watch it. You have been warned.

The Darwin Awards

Should have been made by British
Americans are not so good at black humour. I am pretty sure if it had been made by British it would have been funny. What you have here is childish humour, a stupid concept (with this very annoying documentary camera) and bad acting. Pity. Missed opportunity.

A Case for Murder

My taste improved
I watched this movie many, many years ago and liked it a lot, to the point that I searched for it, to watch it again. I must have changed, because it is now a boring movie. A shame, since I think Peter Berg is a very good actor. I even wonder why he is not famous. This movie is way too slow. The first court scene takes one hour to arrive, and the case is not even very interesting. Watch it because of Peter Berg.

Coming Home in the Dark

The main character is evil, talks all the time and you cannot understand a single word he says. Not one word!

And then, it is 5% plot (that does not even make much sense) and 95% violence.

God Bless America

Starts very funny, but then gets boring
This movie could have been so much better (funnier). From the moment the girl is introduced, it gets more and more boring, mostly because she is unbearably dumb. She is too childish for her age (the actress playing her acts over the top almost all the time), which makes her annoying, instead of likeable. Also, although it is a comedy the story should have been a bit more believable, realistic, in order to really be enjoyable. The ending is unimaginative. Pity.

The House That Jack Built

Just another of those "How can I shock the viewers, so that people talk about me" movies
Lars von Trier is not interested in making movies. He is interested only in making people talk about him. I watched the beginning of this movie because of Matt Dillon, one of my favourite actors. Then I jumped to the end, and... oh, boy...


The Medium

Shaky camera
The horror part takes forever to start, but then it is ruined by the extremely shaky camera and over the top acting.

Cry Macho

Unfortunately ridiculous
There is no way a movie like this could be good, because it is just not believable. Nobody would ever send a 90 years old man, who can barely walk and speak, to Mexico City to find a boy. Eastwood looks like he is about to drop dead any second. Bizarrely, he plays a man 20 years younger than him. Lo and behold, beautiful Mexican women half his age are desperate to make love with the skeleton-cowboy! Embarrassing.

Additionally, the acting by the Mexican actors, including the kid, was super amateurish.


This movie is slow. Extremely slow. Did I say this movie is slow? OK, then, before I forget, let me tell you: this movie is slow. Extremely slow.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

If you know the 1981 TV series, ...
... how not to compare this movie to it? And, comparing this movie to the TV series, how not to find this movie awful? The TV series had a charm, and was hilarious. One of the many things that made the TV series hilarious was Arthur Dent's posh English accent (not done in this movie). Also, as much as I like Stephen Fry's voice it does not come even close to Peter Jone's. For me it is just impossible not to compare and not to find the TV series infinitely better.

Punishment Park

I am not reviewing the political message
I wanted to like this movie, but I could not. Very bad acting by amateur "actors" and a silly, not believable story. I was fooled by the high ratings, which are obviously political, and not for the quality of the movie itself.

La casa lobo

Should have been nominated and won an Oscar
Simply amazing! I cannot imagine how much work these guys had making this film. Additionally, it is super disturbing and creepy. Some moments are even scary!

Robot & Frank

It does not know what it wants to be
It is supposed to be a comedy, but it is just not funny enough. It is also not a crime movie, since the plot is too thin. It is actually more of a drama, but for that it is a bit too silly. I just kept watching because of my 9 years old son, who liked the robot. So, in the end, it is practically a kids movie, although sad and with a bad message: breaking in and stealing is OK.

Good Favour

Boring as Hell
Think of the slowest movie you know. Well, this movie is slower than that one. I watched this one because I like films with religious subjects. I wanted to like this movie, but I could not. It tries too hard to be artistic and deep. It is super slow, and the acting is wooden. To make it worse, they speak English with a thick accent from different countries. Could have been better with a better director and editor.


Overrated as Hell
98% of the movie, absolutely nothing really interesting happens. When it finally starts to get interesting, there is an abrupt end. Do not waste your time.


La puta madre, Javier!
I tried to watch this film just because I like Javier Bardem, but I skipped the middle and jumped to the end, which was worse than the beginning. This movie is so bad that I want my money back, although I watched it for free.

La nuée

How do people get money to make films like this?
It is just one of those "horror" movies whose plot makes no sense and relies on people making stupid decisions. To this, add bad acting, and you end up with a "horror" movie that is not scary and that you keep watching just to laugh at the way the stupid characters die.

Karla Faye Tucker: Forevermore

Worst movie ever?
It does not take a genius to understand that it is due to churchgoers that this movie is rated more than one star. It is truly terrible in all aspects. Impossible not to laugh throughout it, especially at the execution scene. Praise the bored!

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