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Outer Range: The Void
Episode 1, Season 1

I can't see this film. They filmed it in the dark.
Really compelling dialogue and possible storyline, but I can't see the damn thing. Why the hell do they film this in the dark?

The cast is terrific with some truly great performers. Outstanding writing. I just wish I could see it.

The Lost Daughter

Cerebral? No, it's boring as hell.
Don't waste two hours of your life. Stunningly stupid writing with crying, whining and screaming children and brooding lead character trying to pass for high drama.

IMDb on the Scene - Interviews: Hanna
Episode 54, Season 1

Turn The Lights On!
The picture is so dark you cannot see the characters.


Photographed in the dark
I was so looking forward to this series because the theatrical film was outstanding, but I can't follow the narrative because the images and total picture are so dark. I absolutely cannot see it well enough to follow it. It's like they turn the lights off!

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