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Death in Gaza

The first film ever to make me cry
I saw this film at the Berlin Film Festival with James Miller's parents among the audience. Never before has a film touched me so deeply as Death in Gaza, and I can only recommend it to anybody, who likes a bit of the real world. Sometimes documentary can give you so much more than a fiction film.

This film comes so close on the Palestinian conflict, that you can taste the dusty air of Rafah. The camera is among the young boys, when they throw rocks at the Israelian tanks, and you see them pick up pieces of brain from an asassined Palestinian, so they can bury him properly. And you see the Terrorists/freedom fighters use the young boys as their scouts when they plan to attack the Israelian military. There is no good grown up people in this film, but as James Miller said: The children are the future. His point was to follow first the Palestinian children and later the Israelian children. He was killed before he could finish it. I left the cinema with tears in my eyes, and so did half of the audience.

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