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very good! (surprisingly or not)
I didn't have many expectations, but was very, very surprised by the quality of the movie. Simply at one point I realized I'm interested in the story much more than in some recent or older much higher budgeted box office "hits". And generally although there were some slightly weak moments, they didn't hurt the flow much, perhaps a bit more editing could help. But the main characters delivered beautifully and all I could say is "Bravo", to the producers/writers for this interesting story. Superpowers are a somewhat exhausted theme, but this was a nice take, the young lead was pleasant to watch, and was fun to slowly submerge in the moment of life of this weird father-daughter pair, which turned not what it seemed to be.

Overall - very nice! 8/10

The Fare

a touching love story
Enjoyed very much. The Fare is a very nicely produced movie about mystery, time travel phenomena and, surprisingly - love. And the love aspect is revealed along a few other surprises in the story line, which all merged together in the end. The acting was quite pleasant, and overall the movie was a pleasant experience. If you're up for a mystery, involving among other things, aliens, jump in and watch this movie.


Surprisingly quite good production, and funny too
In fact, this is the first modern Bulgarian tv series professionally realized as writing, directing, editing, camera work and acting! No lousy over-acting, nicely paced dialogs with quite a few sharp, spot-on exchanges.


Witty, funny and also harsh
In the post zombie-movie frenzy era, this show is following the trend to look at a world with zombies in it from a very different perspective. It's about kids, which can be very creatively sadistic creatures in their playground, the school. It's also about grown-ups and their fears and reactions towards those perceived different. So, overall very interesting tv show, that can be witty, very funny at times, also charming while at times has you really feeling for unjustices in this smail TV world

London Fields

Very noir-ish with excellent cast.

Billy Bob Thornton is essentialy the same as always, he's awesome playing such characters. Somehow throughout the movie, he kept reminding me of Jeremy Irons' character in "Stealing beauty".

Amber Heard is seductive and innocent, and on the brink of proving she's a good actress; maybe a proper role will come soon for her.

Fantastic performance by Jim Sturgess, he's the king of every episode he's present in - really, really good!

Surprised to see Johnny Depp in the same movie as AH, and to the end didn't think I'll see them in the same scene, but - then I read in the comments that the movie was shot years before this year's release, go figure... JD is his usual weird persona that he's so good at playing.

Overall, a high quality movie, with style, beautiful shots and artistic note. I had fun watching it, and recommend it


Destination Wedding

I loved it
I loved it. The dialogs between the two are brilliant and it's a great touch how the pair is always in focus, together alone, just talking and talking, even when surrounded by people, it's like only these two exist. In many ways feels like an Woody Allen movie: the endless, but smart talk, the intermediate scenic shots. What I missed most was colors - most of the time the pallette was rather bleak and dull, where it could be so bright and powerfully colorful. But nevertheless, an excellent movie, lots of good fun, and a pleasure to see Keanu in a lighter movie. Together with Winona they deliver beautifully


This is a really fantastic movie - very sensitive, very emotional.

it is only somewhat resembling "Her", but here the conflict is deeper and with a much bigger impact. The breakdown and struggles were depicted so well, that although I appreciated the relief from the happy-end, I'd really accept a darker ending which might have been equally "realistic".

Overall, a very good experience. Possibly a little slow to start, but with time I was taken away by the emotions of the pair and followed the developments with keen interest


unexpectedy very good
This ain't no blockbuster, but with a very little effort (marketing) could very well be one, which could qualify it as a hidden gem, but I don't really care because I "found" it and watched it and really enjoyed it.

It is filmed with a very high quality and develops very nicely. The story is interesting and with quite a few surprises.

Actually the main revelation was somewhat disappointing, when you started asking yourself questions, but overall a very enjoyable movie

Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)

"fascinating" is the least i can say...this film deserves all its awards and maybe so much more.

i wasn't planning to see this movie, and even watched it without expecting much, but it took me little time to realize what an incredible film this is.

the acting...rarely you will see such inspired acting. Every one is brilliant and Edward Norton steals the show in all his scenes :) Emma Stone is an excellent choice for the role of a young and lost youth and of course, Michael Keaton in the epicenter of it all

the immediate catch is the camera work, one endless frame capturing every bit of emotion, excitement, love and grief..

Birdman is a gem!


12 Monkeys

watched only two episodes so far, but the show seems exciting! it is based on the movie, but goes into a very different direction - new mysteries are introduced and very promising, should be able to keep us watching the with interest.

excellent actors, different personas from the original and yet giving new life to this story.

of course far far from the visage of Terry Gilliam, rather straight forward and yet, quite fresh.

looking forward to how it will develop further.

for now 9/10

The Scribbler

excellent and probably misunderstood
it might be that people dislike movies about "crazy people", probably wanting to keep away from those disturbed ones who cannot cope with the pressure of the "civilized" world.

yes, this movie is about those poor souls, but really it is an excellent movie which doesn't want to disturb, but touch a few serious questions, neglected in the rush of society: who am i, who really are you, what is normal, why cannot i be myself?

and what can be disturbing about a movie featuring such an excellent cast, including several beautiful women? or it might be the hypocritical disapproval of the naked body or the naked soul?

its a movie about outcasts and how being yourself and the search for your true self makes you stronger, despite the powers of the day, despite the common opinion, despite the fact that you surrendered and are rejected from the world.

i lacked a bit more absurdity, but probably this lack only stressed the seriousness of this production and after all there is no need to make Timothy Burton clone of a movie, when a story that tells more than it shows is being told.

to cut the story short i went for this movie expecting a low budget parody, but instead watched an excellent production and a new favorite.

give it a try and enjoy it.


The Giver

i was impressed with this movie. for a film that i thought was yet another dystopy - it actually shook me and made "hunger games" (which i loved) and "divergent" seem like preschool writing contest attempts.

i wonder how far it goes from the book it is based on, but nevertheless the ideas that are protruding are very well carried out. the actors seemed like given really short time (the movie seemed to last a few beautiful moments to me). it is such a strange feeling, yet the experience was deep - probably due to the depicted memories of love, joy, grief, pain...the play with colors was also influencing at a deeper level..

very well, very well..hope there isn't a sequel :D


excellent tale of the dark side
excellent! great movie, shot very well, with superbly-playing actors and realistic characters. seems like a 'small' movie, but very professionally done at all levels.

implements a great escapist idea - "if only things could be different" - while at the same time proving that behind such ideas there lurks a darker side waiting to grab its moment.

also, glad they added the idea of crime and punishment - everyone has weaker moments, will you give in to the instincts that you may be ashamed of?

excellent development of the story as well - i wasn't strictly following the jumps to and from realities (oops, yes there is some wild sci-fi involved :)), but everything seemed constructed well enough to reveal the main point - coherence is not about space or quants or crazy physic phenomenons, but the human self...or is it just one?

In a World...

from the heart
feels like an European movie, probably because it comes from the heart.

i'm getting to see now and then stories that don't seem too exciting - about ordinary people, living ordinary lives - only what really is ordinary when every person is unique, and in every live there is excitement and struggle and love and pain.

not too often to see those "simple" things in an American movie, at least in a not exaggerated, highly pretentious, aesthetic style, but told as a intimate story, shared with a stranger on a bus stop.

"in a world..." has many touches that make it a great movie, even if it 'only' tells a story of a small group of people, young and ambitious, older and solemn, each with his part in the lives of others. some realizing the impact they make, others just following their big goals in life.

again, surprisingly intimate, well told story - congrats to the team and Lake Bell

The Zero Theorem

i thought they didn't make movies like that anymore
i thought they didn't make movies like that anymore - visually wild and beautiful, very confusing and crazy, deeply humane, with love passing by and forever leaving its mark on everyone.

i just now thought that i feel in a similar way when reading some of brother strugatsky's books: the strangling system machine, the human pawns in somebody's heartless game, the desperate search for meaning of life, the dangerously feeble spark of love.

i was attracted by the visuals of this movie, but almost gave up after about 40th minute - it was all too confusing, a crazy circus of unexplainable characters and chatter. at some point though, i started to see more clearly what is happening and all started making much more sense, to the extent that i got hooked.

i don't remember much of Terry Gilliam's Brazil, but i have the feeling the two movies were very close in concept and realization.

not much of a review, i know, but i'm still under the impressions of this movie and really, if any of the above makes any sense to you - go watch it, you will enjoy it :)

10 out of 10

3 Days to Kill

Luc Besson all over it (which is good)
a fun film with distinct features of a Luc Besson movie - the jokes, the setting, characters, funny situations..all mixed into a crazy story with a signature which is immediately recognizable.

i think that a fully french movie might've been even a better take, kevin costner puts a little too much gravity and seriousness to his role, as if he cannot let go and play a killer that has also absurd features at times.

this movie has a bit of everything in it - thriller, family drama, comedy, love, more comedy etc.

had fun watching it, so hope you have fun as well

The Family

fresh fun with old dogs
Malavita is a quite fresh comedy in the mafioso genre. Robert De Niro is in a good form, and Michelle Pfeiffer does well, even if i thought she didn't quite fit the role of an American-Italian mama.

there is quite a lot pushed into a relatively short story, and the movie goes by a bit hurriedly, but still delivers a lot of fun.

so if you're looking for some good time, definitely check it out - it has first teenage love, gangsters, burgers and somewhat of France aside from the main story. far from a intellectual drama or bloody dark crime world mystery, it is a light comedy well done and easy to swallow (i guess)

9 mois ferme

quite fun, but strange ending
i like this movie, liked it a lot. it was very funny, the kind of absurd situations fun, typical for french cinema. some faces there are worth remembering, and also some very funny lines. generally very good production and short, but good story; unfortunately the end was lacking. actually very very lacking to the point it takes away all the pleasure of watching the movie

pretty much my vote is of 6.5 instead of 8 because of the ending. could've been much more entertaining and with a really solid conclusion, but well, had fun anyway

recommend for watching? yes

Almost Human

well done, good-natured sci-fi cops TV show
at s01e05 i finally decided that i want to keep watching this show. it is very well produced with good cast, nice effects and interesting episodes. what was lacking for me was at a few times weaker plots, but hopefully this will improve because the dialogs are mostly good and fun.

the show is still a bit shallow, but hopefully it will evolve and become a true sci-fi masterpiece show, one that is currently missing on the scene.

i haven't been watching any cops series recently so maybe am unaware of possible clichés in the genre, so for me Almost Human is quite fresh, fun and easy to watch - not to mention Karl Urban is the lead!

so, again - hopefully this will still evolve, maybe get somewhat deeper, and even more fun


Thor: The Dark World

desperately silly but quite hilarious
i don't generally mind silly clichéd stories and try to ignore them, but gave up and went to the cinema mostly to see some fancy FX. there were some, and some more and then even more - pretty much apart from the shallow story, it is no wonder that the visual effects make this movie, but then there was the astonishing surprisingly good humor! i guess it's the weather in London that helped inspire some crazy little jokes that simply saved the movie.

you wouldn't expect that a heroic fantasy movie would be saved by jokes, but here it is, so many little moments that were delightful and helped forget the rest of the nonsense.

this and Tom Hiddleston who is the superstar in this episode of Thor, he is incredible and hopefully will be given even more space in another followup. it was he who helped sustain some kind of a story throughout the hollow graphic scenes - what an excellent actor! apparently marvel have realized that the universe of the avengers is what keeps people going to the theaters, so it was really nice to have scenes with ties with the other superheroes, and even continuity with the Avengers movie. i wonder what Disney will do with the star wars franchise, kinda scary that the cashflow is guaranteed with only a mention of some of the iconic characters there...

anyway...Thor...quite fun(ny). i wonder how the first episode actually did in box office, but might be there will be need for a new superhero movie soon. because a super hero movie cannot be sustained by jokes only... the original batman somewhat proved it - it was the Dark Knight that made me really consider this a great story.

so...Thor...well... :)

Atlas Shrugged: Part I

TV series would've worked better
i actually enjoyed the film, but probably a TV show would've worked better - business, politics, love and betrayal - what is not there to keep the audience watching every week?

since i hadn't read the book,there were some blank spaces, like - what is the motive of the politicians to break businesses? power, of course, but the link was too weak/

would've been great to get more background on the families and relations etc etc.

as a production it is solid, camera work is splendid, pretty good fx, acting is great, the only thing missing, as a mentioned is more depth which could've been provided by this being a TV show but well - still good

The Lone Ranger

fun & deeper
you couldn't help but see captain jack sparrow in johnny depp's tonto, yet the movie is good fun.

it is very well done - the camera work is superb, all the details...awesome production.

there were many fun parts, all in the right moments.

it's great to see again actors disguised to a point to hardly recognize them, and delivering excellent roles (yeah, i'm looking at William Fichtner :).

apart from the main story, the movie hints very nicely about the time and age all this is happening - the treatment of Chinese workers, the betrayal against indians, the greed of man...all in the background of course, but still quite good for a Disney production.

i enjoyed it, hope you do too...

Hit and Run

such fun
this movie is a lot of fun! the very best merit certainly is the dialog. there are so many good lines, so many hilarious moments - the often awkward dialog though is simply the winner. just to watch and listen to a flood of meaningless and out-of-context lines in the most inappropriate moments of the action is making this movie a candidate for constant rewind-replay scenario (to put it in the streamline of the movie's chatline).

of course the lines are not meaningless - the dialog seems very carefully written so that every word and expression - bites! awesome, and source of good fun.

the driving sequences are pretty good and intense as well. the characters and their interactions make for surprising turns, which simply enriches the 'viewing pleasure' :D 8 out of 10 very good, professional production - quality 'comedy' - enjoy

Best Friends Forever

very good!
i liked it very much! the story is very well developed, with hints of the life situations of the two girls and also of the grander picture, but it's the road trip of the two girls that we're following.

as on any road trip, there are 'interesting' encounters. it is kinda funny that the girls accept the people they meet and things that are happening to them not as something extraordinary (having no clue of the bigger accident), but more like normal and take it only unfortunate that it was them that stood on their saying people do crazy and bad stuff in normal circumstances and you have to live with this, so is this really how you want to look at the world around you? so thats a good one, if you're willing to interpret it this way ;-).

very good production, very professional and really top class.

when will major studios learn that we're sick of them brainwashing us with their bulls# "movies"?

The Broken

i can only say it was quite tense and scary to the end.

misleading too, since many times when tension was being built up like, you know - don't go there!, look behind you!, music getting more and more to a crescendo - and then - nothing! and right after it - the tension building up again and even scarier and again - nothing, lol.

but occasionally there were scares, and pretty good.

pretty much nothing is explained in the end, leaving you guessing, but some discussions gave interesting ideas that probably lead to what the authors meant (no spoilers, sorry - read for yourself).

nothing much to argue about quality of the movie - it is good! well shot, with good thrilling moments; nothing much to note for the actors in my view, but i guess this means they did their job well too :)

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