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Someone Great

Two hours wasted
This came up as a 99% match on Netflix. I'm curious to know what algorithm predicted that, because it was more, like, a 99% mismatch. A total waste of two hours. The plot never picked up, and it seems like a female version of all the cringe-worthy bachelor party/Las Vegas/hangover movies out there. Except it wasn't even remotely funny. I mean, I didn't smile even once the entire movie. How on Earth did it get so many 8-10-star reviews?


Silly just as expected
I don't like the genre, and I didn't expect to like this, and I was right. But since it's a bit unfair to give a bad rating just because you don't like the genre, I gave it an extra star. And TBH, it could've been worse. It was silly, but not as cringe-worthy as expected. It had several really good actors (and I don't get why they agreed to this), and I was happy to find out they didn't make them over-act (too much, anyway) as I would've expected from this genre.


Worst main character ever
Christina Hawthorne is the most selfish, manipulative, condescending main character I have ever seen! The way she thinks she's always right and won't ever take no for an answer, and the way she constantly breaks rules because SHE thinks the rules are stupid... Just... UGH! I can't stand her. I added an extra star for Bobby and Kelly. Oh, and the show itself is uninteresting at best.

It Had to Be You

This is such an uninteresting and boring movie. The main characters have no chemistry at all, and the subplots make no sense. The minor characters are ridiculous, and the only good thing about this movie is Michael Vartan's adorable face.

The Arrangement

A nice surprise
This was a really nice surprise. I had no idea what it was when I started watching, and at first I thought it was gonna be another sappy, romantic, fanfiction-y sort of thing, but I'm so happy it wasn't. I actually really, really liked it. The amount of romance and suspense combined was right up my alley, and I think most of the actors did a really great job. I didn't really know any of them beforehand, and so I also didn't expect a lot from them. I could've, though. They had me convinced. I watched all 20 episodes in 1.5 days, and my only regret is that the show got cancelled. I'm a fan.


Probably the most cringeworthy movie of all time. It's not the slightest bit funny. Took me three attempts to get through it.

La La Land

I hate jazz ...
... And everything else about this movie. I have no idea what all the fuss is about. The longest movie ever!

Dirty John

Terrible acting/good storyline
The story itself was really good and I watched the eight episodes in two takes, because I had to know what happened next. What made me cringe, though, was the terrible, terrible acting. Debra, Terra, and specifically Debra's mother were all so terrible actresses that I thought about DNF'ing it several times per episode on that account alone. Their lines seemed forced, and maybe I just don't know the accent, but to me it sounded extremely fake. That's why I can only give it five stars. Harsh on the storyline, but generous on the casting/acting.

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