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Hitler's Grave

Oscar worthy
the best film of 2011 the best acting in a leading actress role by Taies Farzan best director is Shokof best original script is a must win in 2012 this most underrated and barely screened masterpiece.the story is amazing the film is a delight from the start to the very end do not miss this masterpiece, and ignore all you have seen from directors inside of Iran as they have only performed as a propaganda machines for that ill mannered Regime. this is the real deal that would put many faces to a shame for having sided with the evil for so long. great 10. when watching this film i was questioning myself whether i was really seeing a film in 2011, as all the other over 30 movies i watched this year had all the same usual ending, and or even same lines were almost repeated only by different faces.Hitler's Grave deserves to be screened all over the world and most specifically in all universities that teach religion as a major course. i just loved it.

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