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Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

It's not often I want to leave in the middle of a movie
Pros: Outstanding special effects and cinematography. Very high production values.

Cons: Everything else. Bad acting, unlikable characters, absurd/corny dialog, Avatar wannabe. This is what happens when a Disney Channel type movie gets a big budget. I can't possibly see how anyone over 17 would like this. This was the worst movie I have seen this year.

Atomic Blonde

Clever cool movie
I enjoyed this romp set in the cold war 80s. Theron really gave everything she had in these fight scenes. The score was perfect and added a great backdrop to the action of which there was plenty. The story was a bit of a reach and the ending a surprise (perhaps too much so). I'm hoping there will be a sequel.

Now You See Me 2

Meh so-so
This movie is a decent night out if you have nothing better to do. Great talented cast, but the writing was boring, predictable and corny. The plot was a bit interesting however it was bogged down in silliness and college level 101 writing. The love interest was never developed which was a good thing since it didn't belong in this mess, The background of a main character was interesting. The ending too fantastic and overdone to believe when they outlined everything they had planned to bring this plan to fruition............ Did they really need a twin brother in there? What a waste of talent this movie was for the award winning cast. Again, if you need 2 hours to kill or something on the TV to eat pizza with, then fine. Still better than a lot of the sequels that you see out there, I guess.

Everyone Says I Love You

god when is it over
Ed Norton, Barrymore, Roberts, Hawn, Alda, Portman... what's not to love? Well the boring, plodding, banal and mind numbingly worked story line that is as intricate as a cereal box. How can anyone like this? Did they get awards because of the cast? This proves to me that pretentious nits make a good market for an inane movie a college student could have composed. It reminds me of those self-indulgent "I am melancholy pay attention to my deep thoughts" of the 70s genre, which is how old you have to be to find this mildly entertaining. Woody Allen should just give it up. Then again, people will pretend he has talent because they are suppose to. Kind of like people paid a zillion dollars a ticket to see washed up Streisand in concert.

Pop Punk Zombies

Garbage - good effort, but garbage
I joined IMDb just to pan this movie. It was low budget trash. It desperately tried to be cool, kitchy and also looked to start a cult following, but it was an epic fail on all counts. Let's make no mistake, it was not so bad that it was good. It was not a Plan 9/Killer Clowns/Surf Nazi movie, it was a waste of 30 minutes before I shut down the video on demand. I wish I could say if it got better but even if it morphed into Night of the Living Dead, the initial half hour would have destroyed any positive sentiment in this lame zombie flick. They tried to make fun of their own movie by making reference to the gimmick which fell flat literally within moments. Don't waste your time on this. The ratings over 1 that I saw must be from the actor's friends.

Edit: Apparently, I struck a nerve with a reviewer who saw fit to insult me rather than comment on the immense shortcomings of this film, while choosing to rationalize the third rate job instead. What he clearly fails to mention in his ridiculous ad hominum attack is to point out that if you pay for a 30K SUV you should not get the 20K Hyundai instead. As far as I can see, the cost of this waste of time was the same as many good movies on VOD. No one was expecting the Godfather with a name like PPZ, but I wasn't expecting a high school quality movie shot on a camcorder either. And I don't recall it stating in the advertisement that it cost only 5K since apparently you act like it is common knowledge. It would appear the vast majority agree with me - and if you take out the fake "10 ratings" this movie would be ranked at 3/10.

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