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Rip in Time

ENJOYABLE Time travel love story. However...
This was a typical, almost, Hallmark movie. Not the time travel aspect of it obviously, but as usual the stranger or new man or someone different comes into a single woman's life and a gentle love story unfolds.

I would have loved to have see a bit more about his reactions and the history he would have wanted to see about the past he missed. Particularly the world wars and the horrors they were. But as was to be expected it was all glossed over. Nonetheless it would have been nice to see it expanded on.

A few things did bother me. His easy adjustment to something that would genuinely have shocked someone from that era. He one that stood out was his easy transition to modern casual clothing.

I think it would have been pretty cool if they did a test on the clothing he showed up in by the professor and maybe he and his scientist colleagues would have met up with him and maybe one of them would have taken the trip back or they would have gotten together with him to discuss what life was really like. So many possibilities of where this could go to and still stick to Hallmarks ideals.

AND his name WOULD have been in the military archives since he did serve and we have the records of everyone who was in the military back then. Really. AND of course I would have liked to see that deputy get his comeuppance. AND in true Hallmark fashion be a gentleman about it all; losing Sarah to Rip but still having been shown it wasn't going to be.

AND then is a bit of solidarity to keep him from becoming a sideshow to the world when his journal is found in an old section of an old building in the local countryside and the town would not talk about him in order to keep the media and internet having found out they now all believe him and protect him from the idiots in the above-mentioned media and web.

I enjoyed it but would love to see this particular Hallmark movie have a couple of sequels.


Just awful SPOILERS
I thought okay a good last stand we will see the world saved and blah blah.

We apparently the only people left on Earth are this few hundred people in Africa as it is explained briefly and how would this small town in the middle of Africa know the entire world has been exterminated but them.

Now the direction was awful. It was all over the place and I am sick to death of flashbacks. There should be no more than TWO per movie. After that the writers and directors are forbidden to ever work in the film industry throughout the world. This one has so many cliché style is split second flashbacks and it looks like there were hundreds of them. NONSTOP throughout the movie.

But no one on the ENTIRE PLANET figured out these alien killing machines which were incredibly lame looking, could be stopped with a huge EMP? NO ONE? OUT OF BILLIONS OF PEOPLE? Some small backwoods local town in the middle of Africa?

And of course the use of cliches is beaten to a pulp, Others have listed them.

AND one of the sins of movie making to me anyway is you get the heroine back from the bad aliens or whomever takes all these people by sucking them ujp into a mothership? WHY?

Where did they come from? Aparently not important to us.

Why did they want to invade us? Not important to tell us.

What did they want with the people? Not worth explaining to us. At least Tom Cruise got hauled up and took one down.

And of course the ultimate cliche. HE is how the aliens keep finding people. NO ONE ON EARTH ever figured this out?

And one more thing I hated...not getting the girl back.

This was not worth a sequel as it was so badly written and I realize it had a budget in the mid 4 figures but at least give us some closure.

Did this end the war? Are all the aliens dead? Who knows.

Does this small town of people in Africa represent the last of humanity? Who knows.

This is the kind of writing and directing where you just want to run the writers and directors out town.

I'd say don't waste your time but you will. You can watch the entire thin in about 30 minutes though. Just skip forward ever so often. You won't miss anything.

They are robots so they have to be controlled by someone? OH RIGHT we saw this in BATTLE: LOS ANGELES.

Awkwafina Is Nora from Queens

I really do. Great humor, love grandma and dad and all the characters. I hope it runs for years and they make it a 22 episode show.

Direction is spot on.

Her nonstop job hunts are great.

The side trip to the commune was pretty funny and a bit that managed to maintain its humor.

The King's Man

SPOILERS this is GODAWFUL It's biggenst sin

I kept waiting for THE KING'S MAN movie to start.

Instead we got this long drawn-out boring nothing. IT went on and on and on and I kept waiting for the movie about the Kingsman to start. And it of course didn't ever start until the last five minutes.

Seriously who wrote this garbage.

And what is it about the English always killing off characters you like?

SPOILER again.

The movie starts with a killing.

And of course the diversity thing raises its head AGAIN. Getting very tiring to believe this sort of thing happened during that period of time.

Nanny's actually saved the world. REALLY? It was a cute plot arc but come on.

The directing was almost as though the director never left his hotel room and directed from there. The writers wrote the movie high. They had to, to come up with this garbage. They had not one original thought and it just as I keep saying, DRAGGED ON AND ON AND ON.

The costuming was straight out of every English upper class stiff upper lip old boy movie. Very well done.


The killing of his son ABSOLUTELY RUINED the movie for me. It left such a bad taste in my mind and soul the rest of the movie just plain meant nothing to me any longer. WHAT idiots thought that was a good movie plot arc. I wish the English would STOP KILLING CHARACTERS WE LIKE. They do it all the freaking time.

BUT WHAT was the point in the storyline of the son of the duke anyway?

Seriously since they simply killed him off in a horrific way WHAT was the point of having his character??

WHY was he in the movie as he does NOTHING FOR THE PLOT.

Not one danged thing.

He sees mom killed, sees other people killed. He has no useful part of the movie in any way shape or form.

THEN for no reason as the English always do, the blow his head off.

SO WHY his character even in the movie?

Shock value to see his head blown off as he just had to go to the front line. It made no sense to have him in the movie. He added nothing to it.

So in the mean time I am going "WHEN DOES THE KING'S MAN MOVIE START.

We see different variations of history leading to the start of WWI. BUT the assassination was carried out in the movie exactly as happened in history just not the reasons portrayed in the movie. Just like the insane moron in the Kremlin starting a wary for no reason. Well none that make any sense in a war weary world.

So the bad guy sets out to kill millions because he doesn't like how where he lives is what he believes to be badly treated???

This was BORING as all get out. The movie had nothing to do with the start of the Kingsmen for a good TWO HOURS.

Just skip to the last 15 minutes. That is the prequel for the franchise Save your money and judging by how bad the sales were I am not alone. Gods above I just cannot get over how boring and bad it was. Wait for it to hit cable.

ONE last thing. WHY wasn't the ahole who killed his son not strung up and strangled slowly. WHY did they leave that out? I really wanted to see him executed for what he did slowly and painfully.

Raised by Wolves

I am sick to death of writers and directors just starting a film with NO explanation of what is going on. Then we are supposed to hear a narration or flashbacks.

NO. Just start at the beginning. HOW did anyone greenlight this disaster?

As well I am sick of more than 2 flashbacks per movie or series. No matter how many episodes there are, TWO is enoughh.

As for the series itself: Boringly written with almost all of it.

AND when did killing children for entertainment become a thing.. Recently in Birds of Prey they showed children being murdered.

I'm sorry but when did that become something we want for entertainment.

Further it starts out depressing and goes down from there. More depressing writing and children dying.

So far this is really a bummer of a series.

AND what is it with movies taking place on desert type planets?

And of course diversity must be there or someone will start crying they are offended.

THEN the writers have no problem calling atheists such but in stead of sying christian, or Islamic or whatever religion took over Earth (they believe) is called by some ancient obscure nothing religion so as not to offend any current bunch.

WHY are they so frightened of offending current religions.

Good gods above and below have we become so thin skinned and fearful?

This kind of writing turned me off to the show which is really nothing new. No new ground.

But the worst offense? IT IS BORING.

The filter is depressing.

The look is depressing...lets make everything have a blue look. Wonderful The writing is boring.

The directing appears to have been done by phone.

Seriously exactly what is this supposed to be about???

I keep falling asleep trying to watch one entire episode. Great way to fall asleep if you are have problems in that area.

A Christmas Carol

It might be corny, but I will always prefer the 1938 version with Reginald Owen as Scrooge. He is mean but not as evil as this one is.

I am not sure how to start this other than the opening sequence was vulgar and not needed under any circumstance.

The overall feel of the movie was creepy and very very well, it was extremely dark, from beginning to end. The blue filter was annoying used as it was. Which was the first indication this was going to be a depressing movie.

Mr. Pearce made for an evil Scrooge. I mean EVIL. Well written and acted.

The spirits were not the usual version we are used to in almost every incantation of A Christmas Carol and were not your usual spirits but rather dark and menacing to a large degree.

Bob Cratchit looked like he would fit right in today. Not very well costumed at all.

And of course, diversity had to rear its unpleasant head in this version. They had to come up with one and as such had Mary Cratchit black. As though that would ever happen in Victorian England. Of 1843 She was perhaps the most unpleasant person in the movie irrespective of color. We are expected to believe a white man in 1843 Victorian England could marry a black woman and not be arrested. Interracial marriage at the time of this movie was illegal and both would have been put in prison.

And she, as written, RUINED the ending.

The spirit of the Past showed some of the more explicit horrors in the movie of which I doubt many humans on Earth can relate to is the work in coal and other kinds of underground mining. Thousands have died and they were very explicit in showing this as proof of Scrooge's evilness.

As well they presented an extremely tragic reason for how he became soulless. His father selling him to the private school's administrator for his own evil purposes to avoid paying school fees. ALSO, nothing to do with the original book.

A plot arc which had NO business in this version had her selling, her virtue to Scrooge although he never does anything to her just wanted to see if she would show up in order to save her child which in this version has already had the operations as it starts. ANOTHER part which had NOTHING to do with the original story.

Further believing just how evil he was, her speaking to him the way she did would have landed her in prison and had he pushed it accusing her of stealing the money she would have been imprisoned and possibly hanged. Not believable but as I said we are supposed to be shown diversity whether it belongs or not.

At the end (and further spoilers) as Scrooge wakes up on Christmas day having salvaged his soul, he goes to Bob's house to say things not in the book or movies past. BUT Mary becomes completely unhinged and as mentioned speaks as no woman would in those times irrespective of color unless very wealthy and privileged.

The worst ending of this version was this nonsense of Bob and Mary accepting Scrooge's FIVE HUNDRED POUNDS which then would have put them in the upper class overnight as the average working man was lucky to make 4 pounds A YEAR. Scrooges giving them that much money would have changed their lives forever and at that time they would never have seen that kind of money in their lifetimes if they lived to be a hundred. You think she would have seen he had changed and at least shown some grace, but nope.

Then as Scrooge leaves the Cratchit household, she gets the last word as though She was the one responsible for the spirits and then turns to the camera with a smirk. WORST ENDING EVER for A CHRISTMAS CAROL and one movie I will never watch again.

I would have given this a one, but the idea overall was different, and Mr. Pearce's Scrooge was a step above all others in showing how evil he was.

Home Sweet Home Alone

Good gods above it is AWFUL. SPOILERS all over.
FIRST. IMDB you must come up with NEGATIVE ratings. I and others are serious. Second you have to ban obviously paid studio shills trying to pretend this is a great film and raise the ratings.

I decided to start this review 20 minutes into the "move" and I use the term loosely as it should be called an ugly disaster and huge waste of film stock. HOW did it get a rating as high as 3.5

Whoever the writers were obviously wanted to be blacklisted from Hollywood or why else would they have written something this god awful.

The director as well was obviously not on set and directed this from home using ZOOM. It was written he was in negotiations to direct the movie. I'd be negotiating one thing: KEEP MY NAME OFF OF IT AND I GET TWICE MY USUAL FEE.

Every single person in this so far is incredibly unlikeable and the characters. All of them come across as having a COMBINED IQ or 23.

The English mom and chubbo English brat, er I mean yung kid start arguing in a strangers house and you know the kid is a thief. AND this English kid is so freaking horrible and unlikeable I am rooting for whoever takes has his pranks backfire IN THE MOVIE and sends him to the hospital where they declare this franchise DOA.

He is NOT funny, he is a rude little creep and the family should have sold him. I detest him beyond belief and has anyone EVER met a ten year old who talks like this?

FURTHER...Hollywood STOP making every kid in movies rude, sullen and stop making them running amok funning into adults and pushing them out of the way, throwing things at the adults and each other, yelling and screaming. I have NEVER seen this and as a military brat and later family man we saw a lot of parties, large families. Once upon a time children were portrayed realistically. Not anyore.

STOP making kids like this. I know it is SUPPOSED to be a comedy but all it does is make the adults and most kids think WHY are they raised to be total little monsters in every movie.

FURTHER stop making the dads so freaking stupid.

AND this little bit really ticked me off. WHY is the family afraid to tell their own children they are selling the house and why? WHEN did kids run households in movies.

Further when the kids ask who the real estate agent is, IF they wanted to make up a story WHERE THE HELL DID THEY COME UP WITH HE IS DAD'S PERSONAL TRAINER. How about just saying he is a new fried of the dads????

The kids would not care at all. They would be introduced and both would say nice to meet you and the kids would be off.

Besides my son, I also raised my two nieces and we moved three times to better homes for my extended family over the years and not ONCE did the girls or my son throw temper tantrums to make the family afraid. Moving is a part of life for most Americans and every kid I've known besides my three charges, first thing was 'Where we moving to" When we moving and it became and adventure.

This movie is a prime example of making those two points WORSE THAN EVER. Why does Hollywood INSIST on doing this. Just like they make ever man in the movies and TV have a permanent 4 day beard growth and they ALL look alike now I always thought it made them look like bums who needed to wash their faces. BUT I DIGRESS.

The plotline is a weak as anything Hollywood has ever come up with. It makes PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE look like Star Wars.

The plot is beyond stupid. Seriously. The first family selling the home, think the obnoxious little English brat stole a valuable doll and head over to where the brat lives. They see the family all getting ready to leave.

AND INSTEAD OF JUST WALKING UP AND SAYING "We think your kid may have taken one of our antique dolls and would like to get it back". AS ANY ADULT WOULD DO...except in lame Disney movies.

NO they plot to break in and steal it back and as a result the English brat pulls all the usual BUT idiotically different stunts as the original movie to thwart the "robbers"

BUT like all Disney movies the whole thing is cleared up and everyone hugs and kisses and they all have holidays together and like all Disney movies dad gets a new job with AND God I just cannot go on.

All I can say is.


Red Notice

LAME, every plot arc from the last century. Predictable every step
There was absolutely nothing new in tis. Well obviously.

200 million budget? You know 70 million went to the three stars. No wonder they cost so much.

Call it Oceans 2? Raiders of the predictable script?

Nothing new. I am sorry but I am tired of seeing Dwayne, in every other freaking movie. He plays the same character in every one of them.

Which makes watching his movies now...boring. He has absolutely no depth. None. If I see his name as star I don't bother as I know what the movie will be about. I'll wait for it to be on cable TV.

Ryan's repartee if you will, grows increasingly annoying. Same character as in Deadpool and basically everything he has done lately. Tired.

Gal is a beautiful woman and in the brief shot, looks great in a swimsuit but she is not much of an actor. Really. However, She is hot right now so they put her in the movie instead of someone who can actually act.

I've seen her in numerous movies and nope.

Want to know how a "light" villainess supposed to act? Watch RED 2. Catherine Zeta-Jones is perfect as the villainess. Gal just cannot pull it off.

At first I thought well maybe this might actually be different...but alas it was no different than all the other heist movies for the last 70 years.

Double cross, triple cross. Whatever.

By the end of the first 20 minutes I know...SPOLIERS...

She and Dwayne were in on it together. OH geez was it obvious. BUT she took a huge chance he wouldn't be killed by the Russian. To me a plot arc fail.

Further no chemistry between Gal and Dwayne. They both looked uncomfortable kissing.

The direction was almost as if he literally called it from his hotel suite.

The writers probably took all of about 19 minutes to write the script.

The bit about trying to put in the Lost Ark Failed as we know it was in American hands during the Crystal Skulls major fail. The bit about whistling the Raiders March was cute.

The treasure trove in the Nazi cave would have made bigger headlines all over the world than a couple of thieves.

I think I laughed once and I have already forgotten what is was for, and I just finished watching the movie 20 minutes ago.

As I said the entire thing was highly predictable. Watched in 47 minutes.


Spoilers...not bad but not great either
Problem as I see it was the movie was boilerplate.

AN 8 day shooting schedule pretty much confirms it as not needing any kind of real character development.

Seriously every aspect of the movie telegraphed itself an hour in advance. The acting was wooden with the exception of. Ms. Hensen who did a great job of becoming a woman who goes over the top to get her revenge on he man cheating on her after she spent years supporting him when no one else would.

Having done something similar a long time ago I can tell you it can ruin your trust and make you mad to the point of imagining all the things you would like o do to the other person after supporting her and then she graduates with honors and drops you within months of signing with a top firm.

Difference is Ms. Hensen's character gets a ten million dollar check which should have helped her get over it but one can see why her character was not happy about it being dumped for a younger hotter model who gets to enjoy the success he is having AT HER EXPENSE.

NOT to mention she cannot have children and he gets his lover pregnant right away which had to be the icing on the cake for Melinda to see not only Robert having in incredibly wealthy life with a younger hotter woman and having his baby when she is incapable of having children.

So she did terrific job of showing her character losing it. Everyone else just walked through their lines.

WHY I didn't give it a higher rating was besides the boilerplate script I did not like the ending. It was also boilerplate. IT was obvious the writers had no clue how to have a better ending so they simply SPOILER ALERT... .

. .

Knocked her off. I think she should have lived as the whole anchor thing was pathetic. THAT is not how anchors are done on boats like that.

So she should have lived and I would have given her amnesia from having almost drowned and her friends take her in and destroy all things reminding her of Lyriq's character Robert, until she meets someone else and becomes happily married to another wealthy man and after their honeymoon she sees Robert and family and her friends panic and she says, what a what a beautiful family letting them all know (or think) she has no idea who he is.

Everyone relaxes and she says under her breath...'someday I'm going to get that 'B word' for stealing my man" and then smiles at her friends as though nothing has happened.

Fade out.


The show started out pretty good. The first three episodes I liked. The acting throughout is good. The writing in the first three is good.

SERIOUSLY....spoilers. Don't read further if you don't want to know all the pitfalls of this over hyped show. And I do mean over hyped.

Where it fell down and fell down badly was when he contacted a former journalist who had a video tape (yes VHS TAPE) of the bad guy making a deal with terrorists.

Now our protagonist is a very smart fellow and has all this digital audeo and video equipment. Twitter accounts etc.

SO what does this idiot do? Walks into the TV station to show the world how corrupt their richest and most powerful man is. AND HANDS THEM HIS ONE AND ONLY COPY. NO backup, no nothing. JUST ONE COPY. So of course the studio is controlled by the bad guy and we see an EDITED copy with so obviously made edits that a five year old could spot them. And THAT was when I went...


Even my two 11 and 12 year old nieces were saying the same thing. NO ONE IS THAT DUMB to give their ONLY copy without having made backups and should have released it to the press the same time as well as youtube and Instagram.

From there on the writing gets worse. I am so tired of old cliches being used over and over.

Like the Cliche of the son or daughter or both being sullen and acting like jerks to dad. TIRED TIRED TIRED.


HOW many times have we seen the good guy knock out or think he has put the bad guy either out of commission or even dead and walk away only to have them come right back at them??

And this one really bugged the heck out of me. First time I saw this stupidity was in TERMINATOR when the one girl is dancing with headphones on and doesn't hear AHNALD come in. And how many times have we seen that same old tired cliche used since then?

This time our hero who knows the cops and bad guys are out to get him. So what does he do? Makes dinner and turns up the music REALLLLY LOUD. So while he is dancing and NOT ONCE LOOKING BEHIND HIM a bad guy shows up right behind him as does another one. AND even the dog does not notice the bad guys. WTH? THEY ARE RIGHT BEHIND HIM. BUT as usual the music is so loud and he never once while cooking looks behind him. Bad writing again.

And the usual fight sequences where they start out equal and then the bad guy gets the upper hand and IS THIS IT FOR OUR CAPED HEROES? NOPE! As ALL fights go right when it looks like they are done for TA DAH the hero get up and wins the fight.

THIS is old and tired writing. I've gotten to the point where I just fast forward through the fight scenes. Too many fight scenes just show the writers have no idea of how to write so they just say "INSERT FIGHT SEQUENCE" I did this with ENDGAME and the movie was 8 minutes long without the fight sequences.

NOW the second worst thing about this.

TOO MANY FREAKING FLASHBACKS. I mean come on....that is real lazy writing I thought I'd seen movies with too many flashbacks but this one has about 200.

NO MORE FLASHBACKS IN MOVIES. MAYBE ONE. I'll even put up with 2 but after that you get a 1 rating. Just tell the story briefly of how he came to be.

Sorry but I watched the last 5 episodes in 90 minutes.

I won't watch anymore of this dreck.

Or at least until I read they got NEW WRITERS AND NEW DIRECTOR.

The acting was fine.

Oh and one more thing. And you can say what you want about me but I am tired of this bit of the second a white woman sees a black man they instantly fall for them. If you believe TV and Films white men are worthless and weak and white women always take one look at the black men and are head over heels behind head for them. You'd think there were no black actresses in Hollywood. In fact if I was a black actress in Hollywood I'd be P. O.d at this stereotyping f black men with blonde women. And want to know why they are not with black women. I don't think this is "Racist" to point this out but come on Hollywood and European writers, give it a rest okay.

The Handmaid's Tale

Great show worth watching but time for it to wrap up. Starting to drag.
HOWEVER I know it is a cash cow but how long are they going to drag this out now. At first it was new but they are starting to do the same thing every season with some differences.

Seriously wrap it up. You all went WAY off from the book in ways that Hollywood showed it was bowing on bended knee to the diversity loudmouths and as well kept the same plot line storyline after storyline.

Time to wrap itup.

Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans

Good flick but lame ending. Seriously. SPOILERS
YEAH SPOILERS DO NOT READ FURTHER if you don't want to know.

They have all been reviewed by others and I really have not much to add to them.

I have enjoyed the series of episodes and the movie was going okay until things went haywire with all the deaths but up until then, a really good flick with a terrible ending.

WHAT is with Del Toro and this terrible ending? Seriously? None of it actually happened and the four chapters which includes the movie are not real. They never happened?

What the...

I mean what is it with people lately putting out terrible endings. The worst are lately TV shows like 2 1/2 Men terrible ending, How I met your mother AWFUL ending, and so many more.

You can add this movie to the list.


Awful. Unbeivably awful. Spoilers
The title Abigail was followed by a description saying STEAMPUNK so I thought MAYBE it will really be a steampunk movie.

NOPE Just a horribly acted, directed, written and dark depressing movie. I mean depressing. IT was shot mostly in the dark and you had to strain to see what was going on. I am tired of blue filters to "set a mood'. Enough of filters. They are usually used to present a dark cloudy depressing feeling. And it worked. I started watching the movie quickly. JUST to see something happen.

The so called magic was at best rarely shown and some made up idiocy of a machine that could suppress magic. Uh yeah sure I'll buy that.

Steampunk? HAH. We got glimpses a couple of times lasting maybe 90 seconds.

The rest just came across as East Berlin before the wall came down with the bad guys a cross between Nazi's and Soviet bad guys FAR too much killing going on as well.

Everyone skulking around to hide from the Secret Police. The lead actress giving one of the most unexciting speeches about freedom to the point I am surprised has it been real the oppressed didn't fall asleep.

It relied way too much on flashbacks ENOUGH with flashbacks. Should be a law relegating movies to no more than TWO flashbacks.

The acting was subpar and I am being generous. The lead actress could not act her way out of a paperbag, she said her lines as though she was reading a cue card just out of camera. And if you can't act at least be attractive and she was anything but.

Further the bad guys were boilerplate. Seriously, picked for looking like bad guys and of course murderous. Geez lots of being carted away in 30's style black sedans. Bad guys wearing full length black overcoats and some sort of robotic bad things??

I just was ticked off that we didn't see any steampunk style ships until a brief shot shortly before the end and then during the credits we something coming across as steampunk. The Golden Compass had real steampunk and it was sadly never given the sequels it deserved.

It was awful. Just awful.

It COULD have been good had they actually made a good steampunk movie but this was just boilerplate East German escape movie except in another dimension.

Do not waste your time.


Well I just wrote a review on the show a few days ago and now it is sadly another one about Mallory Archer's voice Jessica Walter.

While I have my problems with the show she deserved a TEN.

I have to admit I always liked whatever she was in and she played this character to the hilt. I know it would be sacrilegious to recast her but I hope they come with a character as maybe a non identical twin with the same brash character.

Nonetheless she cannot be recast.

Wherever you are Jessica Break a leg.

Tragedy Girls

And unpleasant awful movie with two leads I could not care less about. Don't bother.
As others have said there are better versions of this. The two so called school juniors both look like they should have been doing this as post graduate students. They looked at least ten years older than their characters were supposed to. One apparently was TEN years older and looked it.

But mostly it was UNPLEASANT. The leads came across as people you just don't care about other than hoping they meet as extremely unpleasant end and are found out.

The two leads were just awful. The attempt at black satire fell flat on it's rear. WHY?

There was absolutely NO humor at all. There has to be a sense of suspension of disbelief for even satires and high comedy to work. Airplane, Blazing Saddles were high comedy beyond reality.

This was 5th basement level satire, sad attempt at humor and the two leads were so typical in their high school meanness. IN reality they would have been caught so fast as to make the movie 30 minutes long. Who wrote thinking killing pets was just so hilarious it had to be included.

Black satire has to be able to work and this was just awful. The writing was third rate. The director probably actually did this from home.

One of the worst was whoever did the sound editing. Good god that was enough to drive you crazy. Really soft then REALLLLY LOUD and all over the place.

I just cannot get over how awful it was.

IF I didn't love my GF as much as I do I would have turned the channel but she wanted to see how it ended and even she said the ending sucked. They should have been done in Dexter style.

Hated it.

Doom: Annihilation

GODAWFUL (yes spoilers) Just the worst. HOW did it get as high as 3.9
A great many of the other reviews have this down for the complete and utter garbage it is.

Horribly written. The director and writers should be ridden out of town on a rail with their names and faces plastered everywhere so they cannot get anywhere near a movie or camera or anything related to entertainment.

This used every BAD CLICHE Hollywood ever put out.

AND did anyone NOT know the female lead was going to be the only survivor because you Hollywood now only women survive these things. FIRST who hired an actress who is not a bad actress but no one would ever believe she was a Marine. She looks like she belongs i ROM COMS not a tough Marine.

AND who didn't figure out the guy who SHOULD have retired but took one more job and tells his wife and children he will be back is NOT going to live?


THEN one of the things is the writers make EVERYONE STUPID. We have all seen this countless times since the dawn of silent movies where you are screaming at the screen. STOP DOING THAT.

The hero or heroine SHOOTS the evil person/alien then immediately turns their back on them. WHAT A SUPRISE they come right back to life. It worked in ALIEN but after that it was a lame way to do this arc.

Another thing, MARINES and any special ops and just about any soldiers it taught when you go face to face and the other guy does down YOU SHOOT THEM IN THE BODY AN DHEAD to make sure they stay down.his was shown perfectly in ZEOR DARK THIRTY. YOU ALWAYS PUT ONE IN THE HEAD AND ONE I THE HEART.OR more.

THESE idiots don't do that. The evil Dr. stands right back up ala ZOMBIE life and says you can't kill what is already dead. YES you can. And she along with the others forgot the single most important part of killing bad guys. ALWAYS make sure you put at least one in the head if not more.. Make sure you kick the weapons away. Not these idiots.

FURTHER in the movie ALIENS there was one gigantic major flaw. YOU NEVER take everyone with you. There has to be someone at operations to oversea everything and be back on the ship.

Same thing here. They should have told the pilot to lift off and stay close as something ahs gone bad on the base. NOPE the same stupidity you always see with poorly written movies and shows.

These were hardly real Marines. More like weekend warriors.

AND this is ALL the fault of the writers and directors. BUT as bad as all of this was and it was horrible the ending was the worst.

The ending made no sense in any way shape or form. What the hell kind of evil aliens are these as well as the other kinds in movies. Where they are mindless killing machines with an evil overlord out to kill all of humanity.

THEN WHAT? Lets say they make it to Earth and kill all of humanity and all living creatures.

THEN WHAT? Everyone get together and kill each other?

OR play long games of Monopoly? I mean seriously these kinds of evil creatures and aliens MAKE NO SENSE. They have no purpose other than to kill. You cannot have any kind of existence if that is all you do. They make no sense. Same with Lord of the Rings. Is Sauron had won and they wiped out everyone...then what?

FURTHER in the last ten minutes or so all of it made no sense either. She jumps into the fire and ends up in the lab on Earth.

The dialogue and looking around at that point is where it is the worst. They look at her with all her cuts, bruises, injuries and that she is military and act like hey she is fine where is the Dr.

She acts like an idiot not saying anything for what seems like an hour then says shut it down WITH NO EXPLANATION. .

THEN we are supposed to believe these idiots in the lab immediately grab her and knock her out saying she is hysterical ( or words to that effect)

She says nothing about evil aliens immediately and they act like all those cuts and injuries are...what? Part of the transfer? THEY ARE ALL THAT STUPID AS SHE IS BY NOT IMMEDIATELY SAYING..."You have aliens who have taken over Mars Station and are trying to get through to Earth to invade.

In Stargate SG 1. The general LISTENS to everyone that comes through saying SHUT IT DOWN NOW. And does so. In every other scenario the same thing would happen.

IN THIS. THE writing is HORRIBLE. and STUPID. She looks around like "uh what is going on and says NOTHING"

The idiot director/doctor whatever says stupid things too.


I hope in all sincerity the writers and directors are fired and run out of town.

A good science fiction evil alien plot HAS to have some semblance of INTELLIGENT WRITING. The plot would have this.

A would lead to B would lead to C etc

IN this nothing of intelligent writing exists. Not one thing.

I cannot believe anyone greenlit this garbage.

That money could have been used to make something REALLY good like two more seasons of DARK MATTER, for really well done science fiction.

Still cannot believe this got a 3.9 when it should have gotten a .9

Dead to Me

Lifetime Saturday Movie stretched out over 20 some episdes. SPOILERS EVERYWHERE
I LOVE Christina as she is a great actress and vastly under used by Hollywood so I was happy to see her in this.

The show is billed as a black comedy. WELL I waited and waited and laughed all of ONE TIME.

The series uses every bad cliche EVER done in movies since the dawn of of moving pictures. I mean EVERYONE and they all make NO sense because of how badly they are done.

The big one which we have seen for over a hundred years is when one of or bothcharacters are doing something, kissing, picking up the gun, etc RIGHT when the spouse, boyfriend, police walk in. Just want to throw rocks at the TV shouting ON COME ON. Been done to death.

THEN of course the misunderstanding which could be explained in one minute but due to constant interruptions never gets done

I have to admit Ms Cardelilni is a great actress because by the 6th episode she was so annoying I was praying she would be killed off soon. You knew she was going to be the weak link and blow the whole thing eventually AND SHE DOES.

It was so telegraphed you knew she would by the 5th episode and that was when I was praying she would be offed.

Christina's character comes across as just so dumb sometimes you think she is channeling Kelly Bundy. The machinations they go through to hide and dispose fo the body are enough to make you think the writers were so so stoned they thought everything they were writing was original and had not been done since the Talkiies came into being..

BUT the show really sucks unless you are intel really long drawn out CHICK FLICKS with a lot of crying.

AND THE CRYING...oh god so much crying I wanted to throw rocks at the TV. Wailing and crying in every freaking episode.

HERE is why I gave it a one. The The main plot line has more to do with Christina's character killing the ex fiance of Judy. It is shown in bits and pieces of hw it happened You DO NOT see how he is actually done in until the very last episodes of season 2.

MAJOR SPOILER HERE. I DO MEAN MAJOR. So don't read if you really don't want to know.

AT that point you go WHAT THE HELL??? Had we known how he died right away we'd have all collectively said JUST CALL THE COPS AND SHOW HOW HE WAS THREATENING YOU AND IT WAS SELF DEFENSE.

NOW for another pet peeve WHYNHELL do they ALWAYS make the kids such unlikeable BRATS. Her oldest son is so awful you want HIM to be the one that gets runover by the Mustang. It is the same in ever movie. The oldest daughter/son is a rebellious JERK. The little ones are always cute but they have a problem mommy cannot help them with.

As I said they use every bad cliche used in movies and especially SOAP OPERAS.

Had the way the ex fiance of Judy was killed been revealed in the beginning then we would have gone ballistic in that anyone with a lick of sense would have seen how to get out of it THAT NIGHT..

OH and lets not forget the TWIN brothers. One shows up when NO ONE knew he existed

I could go on but I think you get the idea. When y ou watch it and you will, you will see every bad cliche ever dreamed up.

Lost in Space

Was fun but got tedious. SPOILERS
I watched the show when it was on TV in the mid 60s. And to be honest because at that age back then I had a crush on Angela Cartwright.

AND I loved Science Fiction and couldn't get enough of it. I watched the Invaders and Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea and just about anything and of course the game changer was Star Wars but until then I watched anything I could.

BUT as I watched the show I began to get angry at the show for keeping Smith. They said he was the popular character of the show which I really find hard to believe as he was so detestable and frankly the actor Mr. Harris pulled off one of the most loathsome characters in TV history in my not so humble opinion.

Billy's character became annoying as well for being the dumbest kid on Earth or should I say in space.

I understood they had a shoestring budget as evidenced by the seriously terrible effects and even worse writing. I was hoping it was going to be like the comic book with real adventures and flying between planets trying to find their way to Alpha Centauri.

BUT is was a joke of TV show by making it all about the murderous Smith and the idiot kid.

I stopped watching about 4 episodes into the second season because I kept wanting to throw rocks at the TV screaming KILL THAT $#&)_& Smith.

I can only believe anyone would put up with someone who in one episode alone almost cost them their lives FIVE TIMES. HE SHOULD have been airlocked the time he tried to get back to Earth in S 2 ep 2. where his antics almost got them killer several times.

WHY the women kept saying "Oh it's alright if he keeps almost getting us killed lets save him"

NO NO NO. They had so many chances to get rid of him and in real life he would have been left on the planet in the first season to rot.

I HATED THAT CHARACTER and I am sure the repetiveness of him almost getting them killed and the kid being an idiot got old and viewers bailed on the show. As a result the rest of the characters got shoved into the background because for some odd reason they felt the audience wanted more of him.

In school I got the same response from everyone "GET RID OF HIM" so they could have a more interesting show rather than the same thing every danged week.

Mr. Harris himself was apparently an extremely nice man and was well liked but I think had they killed him off about halfway through the second season and gone off to great adventures it would have done better in the ratings.

BUT it became unwatchable because of the character of Smith who, as I said, in real life would have been thrown out of the spaceship while in space.

Airlocked and the show would have gone up in IQ by at least fifty points.

So I have stopped watching the reruns on cable as of now. I just keep hoping beyond hope THIS will turn into an alternate universe and we see them finally throwing him out and as he freezes to death they raise a toast while waving to him and singing 'NA NA NA NA, NA NA NA NA, Hey hey hey good bye."

War of the Worlds

Redefines boring and plodding. SPOILERS
How many of these kinds of movies are they going to make. SURVIVORS OF ALIEN ATTACK WANDER THE COUNTRYSIDE TRYING TO FIND SOMETHING TO DO.

Isn't this like the 19th version of this?

READ A BOOK. Anything would be better than this dreck. The writers, director, and music writer/director should all be run out of Europe on a rail.

And they all turn out the same. Eventually the aliens are defeated by something and leave. OR as usual turns out there are rogue factions that believe these invasions are wrong and are working to overthrow the dictator(s) from the home planet.

OR are from another planet in the galaxy working to stop THESE aliens.

It is all just the worst.

While I understand British productions have a lot of emphasis on dialogue and character this has none worth a tinker's dam. They mumble a lot, wander around a lot lost and dazed, hardly do anything and just kind of come across as brain dead most of the time.

FAR too much staring into the distance or wall or feet or out windows.

AND that monotone music has GOT TO STOP. I got to the point where I turned the sound off and would read CC unless it seemed like I should hear what was going on but that GOD AWFUL "MUSIC" just does NOT LET UP. GOOD LORD I wanted to just scream stop it, and I'd rather have silence in the background than that godawful droning depressing "music".

WHO thought that hearing a droning single tones "music" was what we all needed to hear for hours on end.


The acting is wooden beyond all sane rationale. Not even Byrne can save this dreck.

The first alien robots look like something a college robot team would put together. Easily destroyed which seems unlike something from such an advanced bunch of killer aliens. Heck you could just kick one over. REALLY CHEESY. All it tries to do is poke you with a needle. they are all of about 2 feet high and a 4 year old could outrun them.

It is just boring beyond belief. No plans from anyone with what to do about the invasion as you just know millions must have survived but we are supposed to believe only a few dozen people in the whole of London made it? OR EUROPE?

AND of course nothing from the rest of the world? At least in ID4 we got glimpses of the rest of the world.

I am not asking for an action packed shoot em up blammo action flick but for god's sake MOVE IT ALONG. Let us know what is going on, is anyone working to fight back, have we actually been invaded? WHAT THE HE L L IS GOING ON?

You can actually watch the first episode and then skip to the last two episodes and skim through those and miss nothing from the intervening episodes.

IF the producers and directors simply wanted to show what some under average people would be like in a real alien situation like this they should have called it something else.

Can you see WORLD WAR TWO with no airplanes, no soldiers, no Navy, no Air Force no guns going off no battles no planning by military leaders

NOTHING and then wonder why they called it World War 2?

Same here. So watch their first one and part of the second one then skip through the others. That can be for all 6 other episodes before episode 8 in less than one hour. THAT is how little you miss.


Altered Carbon

WHAT happened to the great show of Season 1 in Season 2? Nothing but gore and blood SPOILERS
I was floored at just how bad Season 2 was. Season 1 was brilliant. I rewatched it twice. Great everything. I gave it a 10.

I would be willing to bet the farm if IMDB allowed ratings for season 2 you would see a VERY low number. It was awful. I ended up not bothering with watching fully and just fast forwarded it and saw the whole season in less than 2 and half hours.

LOUSY story line and seriously convoluted. The WORST part was the dialogue. WHO wrote that garbage. It was all cookie cutter boilerplate. Almost every single scene was telegraphed in advance. We knew what they were going to do and even what they were going to say.

AND the acting was like they had no idea what the plot was either so they just read the script and spoke the words and got their checks. Didn't even bother to try.

THEN of course PC raised it's ugly head and the show began to resemble and big budget Blaxploiation movie. LOTS of fighting with some Kung Fu fighting going on.

THEN of course so much killing and blood NONSTOP. THAT is the sign of writers who have no clue or more likely no ability to write an engaging story without spending so much time with nonstop fighting, torture, killing and more fighting and more blood splatters and on and on and on to the point of "GIVE ME A BREAK". Was it really necessary to hear the woman screaming constantly and the bad guy being shown puilling her teeth out with all the blood while he was smiling?

And the bad guy woman was just as cookie cutter as they come. All you needed was for her to say "Welcome Mr. Bond to my liar, let me explain all I am going to do to you...bwahahahaha" while petting her kitty.

IF you tske the actual story dialogue and got rid of the awful fight sequences, they could have done the whole thing in about 2 episodes but they used the nonstop killing and TORTURE as a way to spread out the time.

If you are into blood and torture porn this season 2 is for you.

and WHAT THE HELL IS THIS WITH SHOOTING THE D***ED THING IN THE DARK ALL THE TIME. Why are so many films and shows being shot at nighttime. I get so tired of backing it up to see what the hell was going on. STOP IT.

Overall it was a waste of time and overly violent and bloody along with being predictably politically correct diversity.

Avenue 5

I don't know where to begin but and be aware again there are spoilers here.

Well first off the premise sounded GREAT. A Starship Spaceliner. There was a great couple of books, if memory serves correctly, about a spaceliner and their travels through our galaxy. It was GREAT. Humor, problem solving, different planets with different tourist ideas and problems. Getting passengers out of various trouble due to local customs that make any of our customs seem simple. The books were highly entertaining AND NOT "the love boat in space" the books were intelligently written BEFORE TLB.

So go find writers who know how to write humor because to be honest these writers were high on coke, whiskey and probably ground up asphalt and never once met each other and just sent in some sentences and waited for the check so they could get high again.

One of the worst. .


NOW I guess they couldn't get Jack Black (he probably read the script and called a priest to save his soul after reading it and then burned it while throwing holy water on the ashes) so they got a Jack Black look and act alike and he blows badly. FIRE HIM and get someone who can play the kind of part the script was hoping for.

AND while you are at it, fire the director. Did he even show up or was he directing from home Some reviewers have said 'well Americans just don't get British humor'. THIS is not a British production. It was shot in Vancouver but was an American production. IT JUST IS NOT FUNNY. I LOVE British humor. From Monty Python to Fawlty Towers and ever since. You want British humor then hire the writers from real British comedy shows. Others saying Well Married with Children wasn't funny in the beginning.. YES IT WAS.

It is not even black humor.

What kind show, which was presented as comedy, starts out with killing people and pets? SERIOUSLY.

We are supposed to believe this gigantic space liner has ABSOLUTELY NO WAY TO COURSE CORRECT?? SERIUSLY STUPID. There is no rockets, no air rockets. It was just launched into space with absolutely NO WAY TO MANUVER? NONE? BUT has artificial gravity etc?

The couple constantly fighting violently towards each other got old by the 100th time they showed them constantly being mean to each other.

The character of Karen got old as well. ENOUGH is enough of MEAN ANNOYING characters.

The Jack Black wannabe character brought up a point which was just as stupid. He said when they got near earth they would have to use shuttles to get people off. It was beyond suspension of belief a ship that HUGE could land on Earth SO HOW DID THEY GET AT LEAST 7 THOUSAND PEOPLE ON IT?????

The idiocy of the crew, the idiocy of the ground crew, the meanness supposed cost of helping save everyone. The idiocy of saying lets kill five hundred passengers to save time.

The copying of every ocean liner problem that cost lives and created misery Backed up toilets, loss of movement. I mean COME ON.

There are science fiction shows and movies that are hilarious. FIND THOSE WRITERS and take these writers out to the public square and put them in stocks and ban them from even GOING to the movies. JUST AWFUL.

There are so many great ideas for making a funny science fiction show and I have been waiting for literally decades for a STARLINER show and instead we got this horrible dreck. I'd give it a MINUS ONE THOUSAND.

AND then to find out they already gave it a SECOND SEASON???WTH??

Just the absolute worst.

American Assassin

i RARELY GIVE A FI VE. Usually it is 1 or 10. MAJOR SPOILER
I watched this and thought okay it is a pretty good action flick.

Well directed (Mostly) and the acting was pretty good and I would have thought so anyway as I have a great deal of respect for Michael Keaton. Thus if he is in it, it will be worth watching. AND it was.

The plot of the protagonist being the good guy who plays by his own rules and always gets it done while the boss yells at him. YES we know he is going to do the right thing when they tell him to stand down.

WHY? Because viewers expect it so in that respect it is just plain boilerplate writing and the actors do what they are told to do.

The saving grace in all of this is, as I said Michael Keaton. Hell at one point when we first meet him he has that look of "I'M BATMAN" and I even half expected him to say it. HE ALONE is worth watching and in this movie he plays a top notch badass. For that reason alone I gave it a five or else without him I would have given it a one.

WHY? Because at some point you know how it is all going to go down. These are all the same. You know how each part is going to go.

Boilerplate writing with more saving grace than most have.

Oh by the way this permanent 5 day beard growth is getting REAL OLD. I mean seriously STOP IT. When every single ()&&)# TV show and Movie has the good guy with this same old look of not shaving for 5 days PERMANENTLY it gets old. What ever happened to clean shaven good guys???

So the movie is worth watching and pretty good.....

Too a point.

Here is where it lost me.

I am so sick of this BS of the guy holding the hostage while the hero has a rifle less than ten feet away. The girl is screeching while the bad guy has a gun to her head. WE have learned a long time ago, just like cars do NOT explode in an accident or if they fall off a cliff or whatever but the idiots directing the movie STILL think we are either stupid or don't care. I believe the average movie watcher these days is not that bright.

I get ticked every time they show a car BLOWING UP.

WHY? They don't do that in real life. So give it a rest and save some money too.

SAME thing here. We all KNOW a well placed shot to the head stops ALL MOTOR FUNCTION. There is no such thing as the trigger finger will pull. NOPE never happen.

So why to they always let the bad guy get away when all you need is one square inch to the head and game over.

SAME thing here. The girl was being held and the hero had TWO CLEAR SHOTS. One straight to the head and bad guy dead OR shot through her shoulder area and he goes down and maybe alive AND still gets away so the movie can continue with the girl alive.

THAT she put a bullet in her own head was STUPID beyond belief. I HATE WRITING LIKE THAT. "I kill myself so bad guy dies"

EXCEPT it didn't work. She died and he STILL got away. TERRIBLE writing.

It assumes viewers are THAT STUPID. And we aren't. We have seen enough movies to know either shot would have saved her (think LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD) and stopped the bad guy. THIS stupidity of how they did it was an INSULT to our intelligence.

I first watched this in the original MIAMI VICE (loved that show) when Crockett was in the same situation BUT HE TOOK THE SHOT and the bad went down and HIS character explained the girl had no worries and told us all motor functions stop and the bad guy was not going to impulse shoot .

So up to that point when the girl put a bullet in her own head to save the day, it was a waste of writing, time and mostly an insult.

WRITERS have to stop doing this.

And the movie was doing so well.

So watch it but remember the writing has some great points and some really terrible ones.

I think it would make a great series so long as they stop insulting us on these kinds of points. Cars don't explode, And you can shoot the bad guy if you have just a tiny little area to put a bullet into their heads or THROUGH the hostage.

So it got a five. Without that one idiot move I would have given it a 10.

Lost in Space

Season 2 total garbage SPOILERS SPOILERS
Actually the writing on this show is pure garbage. The ENTIRE season can be ignored and just go to the last 15 minutes. WHY? Because all the work done by the crew gets destroyed every 15 minutes or so. I watched all ten episodes in less than 2 hours and MISSED NOTHING. THAT is how bad the writing is. I saw the first episode and realized that all you have to do is every 10 to 15 minutes at the beginning there is a SERIOUS CRISIS. HOW WILL THEY EVER GET OUT OF THIS ONE!! WILL MAUREEN SURVIVE? WILL JUDY SURVIVE (ah yes diversity once again or risk the wrath of the people who will scream and screech racism if you don't have a black person on the crew no mater how contrived it is) Will WILL survive? WILL DAD SURVIVE, WILL DON? AND of course they will. WHY? BECAUSE THEY ARE THE STARS. So it becomes tedious to see them constantly put into harms way as a waste of time since we know they won't die or even be seriously injured. Then go ahead 10 minutes or so and you see how they survived THAT death defying crisis. And every single episode has 4 to 6 crisis. None of them make any sense. Turning the ship into a sail boat? REALLY? Then an ocean with a waterfall in the middle??? Uh no. Then well it just goes on and on and on. It gets tedious when writing is so bad they cannot write a story line all they can do is have an "Action packed crisis" every ten minutes. And all the episodes show the crew and then the crews when they get back to the main ship working to getting the main ship ready to hit the road. BUT WAIT there is another crisis. The water will only be good after a year of cleaning it. BUT WAIT, first we find out the planet has a metal eating virus. HOW WEILL THEY SAVE THE SHIP! Well they find a way BUT WAIT the kids are trapped in that section HOW EVER WILL THEY ESCAPE!!! They escape because they are the stars BUT WAIT, there is not enough room in the box for all 4 WHAT WILL THEY DO? They figure it out. BUT WAIT now they have another crisis. They figure it out BUT WAIT now they have to leave right away and leave hundreds of crew behind on the planet. HOW EVER WILL THEY BE SAVED. They figure a way. WHAT happened to the horses by the way? BUT WAIT. Now there is another crisis. Not just a mutiny but a BAD guy out to get the Robinsons. They get around him. BUT WAIT, now they find a way to get clean water and Mrs Robinson comes up with a way to get it. USING MATH. BUT WAIT there is a serious problem and she has to risk her life to fix it so they can get the water. She is trapped...they figure a way to save her. BUT WAIT now the parents are wanted criminals. HOW WILL THEY GET OUT OF THAT ONE. And of course the kicker. DARTH SIDIOUS shows up in the from of an army of 4 armed killer robots out to kill all humans (why?) BUT WAIT how will they defeat the robots. Well by blowing up the ship they spent 9 episodes fixing and filling with water and oxygen??? Are you freaking kidding me? The entire season could have been done in 2 maybe 3 episodes and that is all. AND no one said lets put a few adults with the kids just in case? And of course guess who is in charge of a small ship full of kids? So what next? Lord of the Flies on a strange planet? OH but WAIT it is blown up but they find the long lost Fortuna. This show is such junk and they passed over DARK MATTER FOR THIS GARBAGE????

A Christmas Story Live!

What an embarrassment to the original story
First all they did was use SNL people for the stars

Then they completely destroyed the story.

They made the husband dumber than dirt.

The dance sequence with Jane had absolutely NOTHING to do with the story. And of course diversity that didn't exist in the movie because you know if you don't people start screeching to change the story line.

And sorry but Matthew Broderick just read his lines. nothing in it to even make you think of the original narrator who had he right voice inflections and emotion. Matthew was probably thinking if I do this fast I can be out of this travesty and collect my check.

The whole thing was embarrassing to watch with a few friends who said lets give it try and even they were squirming in their seats until I said lets see what else is on. We all agreed. Total trash.

I later watched the recorded at mostly high speed stopping every five minutes or so and even then it was painful.

AND of course they didn't want to offend the Chinese community so one of the funnier bits was changed ONCE AGAIN to not offend and show how diverse they were with no offense allowed because you know...showing it how the movie did would make someone somewhere screech they were offended and well you know the rest....

The story is perfect like it is in the movie. And to change it to fit someone's agenda of what it SHOULD have had is almost criminal.

IF you see it advertised, seriously, do not waste a second of your time.

The Witcher

OUTSTANDING. Only one major complaint...big spoiler
Others have written about this and how great it is so I'll let those stand.

It is terrific. Cavil is perfect for this role and VERY well built for it as well.

Took me several episodes before I realized it was showing different time periods all coming together at the end...I think.

BUT one major complaint.


I miss 20 to 26 episode seasons.

I think waiting this long is a huge mistake.

If you haven't seen this then you need to.

AND stop with the GOT comparisons. Really lame idiots who say that.

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