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Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga

Can't believe I am saying this! But I really enjoyed it! It was exactly what can be expected yet it brought tears to my eyes from laughter and pleasant emotion! Easy Sunday family movie!

Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made

Enjoyed it!!!
Easy movie. Odd but enjoyable! Maybe not for everyone. Mistakes were made but it was easy to over look due to Quirkiness of the characters&story.

Little Fires Everywhere

Oh so annoying
Well I started it, will try to finish it out of respect for Rees. But oh boy how I dislike both of these annoying character! I am hoping the writer will redeem him/her self and make an amazing twist. So far the story Just doesn't do it for me. overly enthusiastic altruistic annoying characters who are both equally full of double standards!


Simply amazing! One of the best movies I watched in 2019. Keeps you on the edge all the way. Great flow. The end was something.

Sex Education

Mixed feelings
Definitely having mixed feelings. I Enjoy a Bit of crude and sexy stuff, but this one makes me wonder if its all a bit too much?! "saved by the bell" days are gone hahahahaha!

Frozen II

enjoyed it
We enjoyed it very much. Could say more than the first one!


Loved it loved it!
Oh breath of a fresh air. Perfect with it's imperfections! It's hard to not to love main character. Side looks in to the camera are perfect. Second season really gripped my attention. Thumbs up👍🏼


Unfortunately a little weak and all over the place. Good story, good start and than just fell flat. Watched in cinema, couldn't wait for it to finish.

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