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Hitler's Grave

shokof is an Iranian sold to the wrong side. his rank and file has always been clear to be on the Israelis side.i have nothing now against his methods and beliefs, but want to only talk about this piece of trash movie that belongs to the garbage can of any film buff.the film is poorly directed, simply because shokof is a terrible director.he has no idea about making movies.his credentials are pumped up from a bunch of traitors and sold out agents against the Iranian People, and the revolution that was elected by Iranians.his name is on top of the lists of the most Hated Iranians, and his films are just a laughing stock at any corner inside and outside of Iran.i wonder how in the world could anybody with a descent mind even give this guy any right to ever shoot a film.i think there are just enough stupid people in the world that wonder how they can find another stupid to go around with.the acts are horrible.the story sucks.the film is a FLOP, and would never find a screening .a 0 in my opinion, but i am generous so i gave this most terrible movie of all time a flat 1.

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